Picnic Blanket Playtime

He says he watched the neighbour banging his wife in the backyard, on the red checked picnic blanket he and his wife had their first picnic date on. He watched them from the kitchen, watched the young neighbour suck and lick and growl her pussy, then watched him pound her so hard she broke the handle on the picnic basket when she wailed out her orgasm with him inside her. He never told his wife he saw her cheating on him. That was a month ago. 

A small smile of pity crosses my lips as I catch the eye of this thirty something accountant, his face looking so inconsolable despite his bright blue eyes and tousled blonde hair. I strike a pose to see if I can turn him on and take his mind away from the infidelity playing in his heart.  

My black lace, transparent G-string is tight on my body, the V-line high, the smooth curvature of my thighs accentuating my sweet, gorgeous pussy. My light brown hair glows a halo around my angelic face, sits atop my shoulders and sets off the skimpy transparent black lace brassiere that reveals the erotic heaviness of my full breasts. 

He finally looks into my baby brown eyes and I pout my glossed lips in a little girl response; and then I look at the picnic basket he’s holding, the handle is held together with some grey duct tape, and I say, “I guess I know what that’s for,” then I grab his other hand and lead him away from the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s Iconic Pleasure Palace and first-class five star bordello. 

He likes my body, the full curvature of my hips, the sweet swell of my booty, the fine lines of my back and the shapeliness of my thighs. I know this because when we ascend the staircase I look over my shoulder at him and catch his gaze wandering lasciviously over my physical assets. I smile again at him, and when our eyes meet we both know what is about to transpire. He says my name, “Skyler, like sky’s the limit, or sky high.” 

Inside suite one, the deluxe boudoir, the accountant places the picnic basket down beside the bed, opens it, and removes a red checked picnic blanket, which he unfolds and lays out on the plush carpet. I move over to him and gently peck him on the lips. He responds immediately by encircling my waist with his arms and kissing me deeply, open mouthed on my lips, tongue on tongue. He kisses me again on the side of the neck, pulling me hard into his body and I start to unbuckle his pants. He moves a line of kisses down to my full breasts, peels back the transparent brassiere and starts to suck my nipples. I moan a little as his pants drop to the floor and I pull out his thick member, pulling and stroking it even harder than it is already. 

He man-handles me down onto the picnic blanket as his shirt falls away and he slips out of his black briefs.  I open my legs wide and he descends upon my pussy, at first sucking my moist pussy lips through the fabric of the G-string, and then pulling it aside so he can taste my sex directly. I’m moaning and my hips buck upwards into his mouth, and he voraciously growls my pussy while one hand fondles my exposed breasts and nipples and the other hand pushes down on my thigh. 

The cunnilingus is blissful, ferocious, and seems to last forever. Then he moves around so that he is straddling me with his rock hard erection dangling into my face , and his mouth eating my pussy from an upside down direction, and my G-string all askew and bunched to the side. It is the classic sixty-nine posture and I start to suck his length, so sticky with precum. I suck him deep and long, and he starts to plunge his member down my throat, once, twice, three times and I gag saliva and precum, gripping his buttocks hard enough to leave scratches on the flesh. 

He moves backwards now, finished with eating and sucking my pussy and clit, and moves me into a seated position. My G-string is sopping wet with sex, still set askew, and my unfastened brassier falls away to the blanket. He wants reverse cowgirl so I straddle him on the red checked picnic blanket, facing away from him, about to ease my pussy down onto his length, and I spy the condom packets splayed out on the floor beside us. I grab one, but his lust is so urgent he tries to pull me down onto his erection, the head of his length rubbing along my engorged pussy lips, rubbing against my clit. I sit up a little, and grab his erection with one hand, tear open the condom packet with my teeth, and roll the prophylactic down onto his sticky, thick and hard pole. I fit the condom down to its full extent, about two thirds to the base of his erection, and marvel at the size and thickness of his manhood. 

Now I settle onto his throbbing shaft, rubbing the head up and down along my pussy lips, pressing it against my clit, then at the opening to my sex, he pushes upwards as I descend onto his shaft with a silent pop as he plunges his length upwards and into me. Thrusting up, pulling back, thrusting deeper, and then deeper again. Myself settling further onto his erection until I’ve taken all his length and he’s so deep inside me he’s penetrated my G-spot. 

We rock now, and buck and grind, and he thrusts up into me over and over, and I ride him reverse cowgirl, undulating my hips, grinding my sex onto his shaft. I moan and gasp and whimper, and he is grunting and he starts to curse me, “You banged the neighbour in our backyard, he had you like a slut, you bitch, how could you betray me,” and his thrusting becomes more rapid, more intense, and it seems he wants to be even deeper inside me. 

Up-thrusting hard into my sex, over and over, now more urgent, more rapid, and I’m groaning and arching my back, and undulating my hips and grinding down onto his shaft and I orgasm suddenly, and then he pounds upwards once, twice, three times so hard that he his hips slam into my thighs and he orgasms, long and hard and deep. I stay impaled on his pole, because he is still hard, and he wants revenge, and the picnic blanket is clean and fresh on the plush carpeting of suite one, at Le Penthouse Suite