Rhiana, the Boss, and the Secretary’s Strap-On

They look like a couple because they are similarly dressed; he wears a charcoal grey Armani business suit with blue silk neck-tie; and she wears a  grey business skirt, knee-length, a white blouse with silk blue bow-tie, and a tailored grey business jacket. They both wear fashionable tortoise-shell spectacles and his hair is combed back ‘boss’ style, and her hair is held back in a tight bun, it matches the severe look on her face.

As he takes my hand lightly with a smile, I lean in close and peck him on the cheek while she adjusts her grip on a wide brown leather brief-case and checks the time on her diamond-studded watch. The three of us stand together in the soft mood lighting that brings atmosphere to the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, and I tell them my name is Rhiana, their first-class escort-companion here at the Glitter Strip’s premiere bordello and pleasure palace. I put both my hands on my hips and tilt them erotically, push my full firm breasts out so that the nipples press hard against the tight fit of the transparent black brassiere, pout my pink glossed lips, and put one leg forward so that they can admire the length and shapeliness of my thighs and calves, my leg delicately balanced on a black stiletto heel.

I can tell he likes the way my shoulder length light-auburn hair casts a halo around my face because when his blue eyes meet my gentle brown eyes he smiles again, and then gently brushes a lock of my hair away from my shoulder. She seems to become a little jealous at this gesture, but I catch her light blue eyes and wink at her, and this breaks the ice, because a small smile turns the corner of her plain glossed lips, and I think to myself, this could be quite entertaining.

I lead the pair away from the introduction area and we head for suite one, the deluxe boudoir with marble spa, luxury shower stall, dance podium and dance pole, and beautiful king-sized double bed awaiting the obvious ménage-a-trois the three of us are about to engage in.

I emphasise the sweet swell of my curvaceous bottom with a swaying of my hips as we ascend the staircase, the curvature of my buttocks fully revealed by the black G-string I’m wearing, and then I look over my shoulder and ask him, “What’s in the brief-case?” He smiles up at me and says casually, “You’ll soon find out.” I smile to myself and a thrill of anticipatory excitement courses through me, a rendezvous that has an element of mystery is always a turn-on.

We walk single file down the hallway and when we arrive at the entrance to suite one, he moves in front of me and opens the door in a gentlemanly gesture. I trace my finger across his cheek and brush my scantily clad body against his when I step through, and notice that there is a sizable bulge in the crotch of his business pants. She follows close behind me, and just for fun, I stop suddenly so that she bumps into me.

When we collide, she grabs my waist involuntarily with her free hand, and before she can say anything, I turn around and kiss her gently but deeply on the lips. She doesn’t pull away, and before we can continue I move quickly to the king-sized double bed and start to unfold and fit the clean satin sheets that are piled on the corner of the mattress. This is part of the girls’ protocol at Le Penthouse Suite, a small service that turns most clients on with hints of erotic encounters in a domestic setting, especially when the girl puts on a show when fitting the sheets and pillow-cases.

I slip my feet out of my stiletto heels and place one foot on the mattress and unfold the last sheet over my raised knee and when I glance over at the couple I see them groping and undressing each other. She is already stripped down to her white two-piece lingerie set and her breasts are fully exposed above the brassiere that has been pulled down to her waist. He is stripped down to his black briefs and his thick throbbing length protrudes out above the waist line of the briefs, and he is kissing her ferociously and fondling her breasts and fingering her pussy. He manages to look over at me and our eyes meet and I unfasten my black lace brassiere so that it falls to the floor exposing my fulsome, young breasts and firm erect nipples.

This is a cue for him to stop tongue-kissing his secretary and for him to move hard and fast over to me. I’m taken aback by his predatory advance and I fall back on the king-sized double, spreading my legs in anticipation of his body weight; but he pulls up before my legs, and moves me back fully onto the bed, and leans his face down to my pussy and starts to suck and lick my sex through the transparent fabric of the black G-string.

He sucks my pussy lips and clitoris until I am so wet that my pussy is secreting sex juices that smear across his lips and cheeks; and I am experiencing mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm that make me buck my hips so that my pussy is pressed even harder into his face. His hands are pressed down onto my thighs, and with his mouth he pulls aside the crotch of my G-string so he can taste my sex with flesh against flesh. He begins to make circles with his tongue around my stiffening clitoris and he sucks each pussy lip so that I start to quiver in delight.

I manage to catch a glimpse of what his secretary is doing and I see that she is fully naked now, her long blonde hair no longer held in her tight bun, and I see her open the brief-case and pull out a purple dildo strap-on. I see that the erotic toy has two ends to it, each end about eight inches long and a harness to fit the strap-on onto her waist.

As I watch her fit the giver’s end of the double dildo into her pussy and secure the strap on harness to her buttocks and waist, I feel the boss start to move up my body, starting to suck my breasts and nipples, wanting entry into my tight wet pussy. I push him back and say, “Condom,” and I quickly grab a packet from the bedside table while he starts to slap his throbbing erection against my exposed pussy, the G-string crotch bunched into the high V-line of my thigh.

I barely have time to fit the condom onto the boss’s pulsing thick manhood, and want to finish rolling the extent of the prophylactic onto his pole with my mouth, but he pushes me back onto the bed hard, places the head of his erection along my groove, rubs it up and down along the furrow of my pussy lips and then penetrates me with a silent pop that sends deep quivers through me.

As he starts to pound me, finding more depth with each thrust, the secretary comes over to us, climbs onto the bed, the strap on swaying a little and obviously giving her pleasure from the end that is deep inside her pussy, and starts to suck my breasts and nipples while slapping the receiver’s end of the strap on onto my thigh and belly.

The ménage-a-trois continues for endless moments, and then the boss and secretary swap places, and the feel of the strap-on dildo penetrating my tight pussy is a lot harder but still somehow warm, and then the secretary starts pounding me with moves she has obviously done many times before.

As the secretary penetrates me over and over, the boss moves behind her, gripping her breasts with hands that have encircled her torso, and I see him place his length between her legs, and penetrate her from behind. I see the boss fit his thick length into her pussy so that the receiver’s end of the strap-on and the boss’s erection are side by side, making for a tight, tight fit.

The ménage-a-trois rolls continuously on a wave of ceaseless bliss , and then I sense the pair’s urgency beginning to rise as the thrusting and pounding becomes manic, becomes furious, and suddenly, the boss pulls the secretary away from me, and moves forward to quickly place his thick length against my pussy lips, finding my wet opening and penetrating me hard and deep all over again; and with three, four, five deep, deep stabbing movements he orgasms and brings me to a climactic orgasm that rocks me into my G-spot, rocks me into a pleasure zone I wish would never end.