Second Place is Better Than You Think

His powerful legs are either side of my petite slender thighs and I’m leaning back into him. I’m also wearing the silver medal he won at the recent Commonwealth Games as we engage in some small talk before the encounter proper begins. We sit pressed together on the king-sized double bed in the deluxe suite of Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s finest bordello and pleasure palace, engaging in a momentary courtship of pure lust between myself, Angii, escort elite, and this super-star athlete. 

The medal is oversize, just like this champion, in comparison to my petite frame, and my dark and lustrous hair off-sets the shine of the silver circle, like a moon against the black lace lingerie brassiere I’m wearing, which barely conceals my firm breasts and matches the black transparent G-string I’m wearing, which is also too revealing, showing my tight, small pussy, already becoming moist in anticipation of what is to come.  

He tells me he has missed the last flight home with his team, but downplays the possible repercussions, stating only that he has come here to be with me, to celebrate second place with a first-class fantasy, and then he starts kissing me on my neck from behind, pulling aside the length of my hair so he can suck the bare flesh. I again become aware of the massive size of his erection firmly squeezed between his body weight and the small of my back, because he is fully naked behind me.  

And then his hands begin to circle around my torso, one moving up to my breasts, the other down to my pussy. His upper fingers start fondling my stiff nipples, first pulling down my brassiere to expose my breasts; and his lower fingers find the groove of my pussy lips beneath the crotch of my G-string, and begin to plunge in two fingers, then three, begin to finger my clitoris until I am moist with sex juice. 

I’m whimpering little girl cries of lust now as his kisses become ravenous, and he is pulling me closer and up onto his lap and I think he wants reverse cowgirl but he indicates to me he wants something else, and moves my waist back a little, lying down so that my pussy is now positioned over his face, and his erection is throbbing upwards into my mouth, glistening with pre-cum, engorged and hard as blue steel. 

His medal is draped over his testicles as it hangs from my neck, and I begin to suck his length even harder than it was before. He starts moaning into my pussy as he feasts on pussy lips and clitoris, his cunnilingus so forceful and hungry, eating my sex, slurping my sex juice, his hands gripping the petite swell of my buttocks, my G-string all bunched together, and my brassiere falling away as somehow he manages to unfasten the clasp. 

This magic number sex position continues to crescendo into a frenzy of lust, and sucking and growling, and I suck deep and hard, and fast and long, trying to make him blow his load. And I bite and drag my teeth along the throbbing shaft and this drives him crazy and his tongue is probing deep into my sex, looking for the deepest sex, but he knows he can’t get at it, so he stops and pulls me up again, and his erection is now placed hard against the inside of my petite thigh, precum leaving sticky traces on my tender flesh. He wants my deep sex and he’ll use his sex weapon to get at it, but I remember we need protection so I grab his thick shaft hard with one hand and hold it at bay, and lean over to the bedside table and grab a condom packet with my other hand. I tear this open with my teeth, and then start to fit the ribbed prophylactic onto his manhood, rolling it down to its full extent, over his throbbing pole so it reaches about three-quarters to the base of his thick and long erection.   

His animal urgency is expressed in the way he manhandles me over his length, gripping my petite waist and lifting me into position, my knees straddling either side of his legs and supporting my delicate weight. 

I move my tight wet hairless pussy over the engorged head of his erection, my G-string askew and bunched to the side, and I rub my pussy lips along the groove, over the glans, and then I find just the right point, and settle down onto him, he pulls me down a little too hard, and there is a pleasurable pop as he plunges his meat pole upwards and inwards into my tight sex. And now we are riding the waves of our lust, consummating our courtship, celebrating second place better than first, cowgirl and bull, thrusting hips and deep penetration into my tiny sex, and he has already found my G-spot, stabbing it deep and long. 

His upward bucking becomes more and more frenzied, and his lusting desire moves fast to the pinnacle of a crescendo that finds him exploding his load inside of me, deep into the pleasure centre of my sacred and secret sex, and he groans and I hit my climax and orgasm moments after; wailing into the room, silver medal still dangling and shiny and new around my petite neck.