My Secret Life as an Escort

There’s nothing more exciting or thrilling than having a secret life. Something that is special, and just for me, that nobody else knows about. Sometimes when I go off to work, I almost feel like a spy. Like I’m going off to save the world. It’s like I’m a secret agent and nobody else can find out about what I do.

My family think that I’m a Nanny. As far as they know, I work for wealthy family, looking after their two young ratty children who never do as they’re told. That covers me in case I have a client who wants me to stay the night, or even one that wants to take me away for a weekend. I have a very active imagination, which is great for inventing stories about my fake job. I go and visit my parents with a handful of stories about my kids, which makes the whole thing seem believable.

Just last week I was telling my parents and their Neighbour, John, about how I lost one of the kids at the zoo. I had a whole backstory planned about little James who wanted to see the giraffes so bad that he’d snuck away when I wasn’t looking. They didn’t doubt my story for a second, and why would they? I’d even invented which two kids I was looking after once, when my mother spontaneously met me in the park with coffee one day. I was lucky the playground was crowded that day.

Things were going great. My job was my dirty little secret that nobody else knew about. I got to do what I loved doing, without all the questions that I knew would follow if people knew I was an escort at one of the most prestigious brothels on the Gold Coast. I’d been leading my double life for nearly a year without any close calls at all, but I knew someone was bound to discover the truth eventually. I just didn’t expect it to be my parents neighbour, and I didn’t expect to like it so much.

When I opened the door for my eight o’clock client last week, the last person I expected to be standing face-to-face with, was John. I’ve known him for quite a while. He was a nice guy, always polite and friendly, and a few times he’d helped me fix my car. He was fit, attractive, and in his late forties. He’d been happily married for years, until his wife ran off with her best friend, Linda. He was devastated, and I felt sorry for the guy, but lately he seemed to be moving on. He was back to his old self, always outside, working on his cars, and evens seemed to be going on dates.

I stood there, panicking, and just staring at him. A range of expressions moved over his face, starting with shock, then confusion, and then excitement. I glanced down at the lacey pair of panties and bra that he’d requested I be wearing, and almost laughed. Me, standing half naked at the door,

wet and ready to play, was clearly a fantasy coming true for him. I blushed, not sure what to say. Did I try and explain this whole thing away?

“You’re my date for the evening?” he mumbled.

I nod my smile widening. “I hope that’s okay.”

“Of-course it is. I mean, you’re beautiful.” His face went red, which made me giggle. “I’m sorry, it’s just when the door opened, I didn’t expect to see my neighbour’s daughter standing in front of me in some very sexy lingerie…” He swallowed, and shifted uncomfortably on the spot.

I glanced down and noticed the bulge in his pants, and bit my lip. I took his hand and led him inside, closing the door behind him. I walked him over to the couch, placing his hand on my arse on the way. His fingers twitched. He was so nervous, like he couldn’t believe this was happening.

“So, what do we do now?” he mumbles.

“What do you want to do?” I asked, grinning. “This is your show. I’m up for anything, remember?”

“Then do you want to take your bra off so I can see those beautiful breasts?” He asked. He sat down on the couch while I stood in front of him, straddling his legs. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra, and then leaned forward.

“Why don’t you do the honours?” I murmured, raising my eyebrows.

He took a deep breath, his fingers shaking as they lowered the straps over my arms. He removed the bra and mumbled something under his breath as he stared at my full breasts. I straightened myself up and pushed my dark brown hair aside, then rubbed my nipples between my fingers until they were nice and hard.

Climbing into his lap, I gently grinded myself against him, trying to work him up. Not that he needed much encouragement. His hands moved over my body and I groaned softly, guiding my nipple into his mouth. He sucked gently, rolling his tongue around it, which sent shivers through my body. My pussy ached for his attention, so I reached down and unzipped his pants, creeping my hands in his boxer shorts to free his cock.

He was very hard, and as I ran my fingers up and down his shaft he gasped. I grinned and pressed my mouth against his, kissing him as I played with his dick. How many times had he thought about

this when talking with me outside of my parent’s house? It felt so dirty and sexy. I was incredibly turned on.

I reached for a condom, and rolled it on, then push my panties aside, and guided him inside me. I rocked forward, at first slow and gentle, then I wrapped my arms around his neck, and thrust myself against him, pressing my lips against his.

Gasping, I laughed as he flipped me over onto the couch and climbed on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he thrusted inside me. I let out a groan as his fingers cupped my breasts while he licked my neck and trailed kisses down my stomach.

“I need to taste you,” He muttered.

He pulled himself out of me so he could lick my pussy. I cried out as his tongue hit my wetness, my thighs clenching around his head. I wrapped my legs around his neck as his tongue flicked inside me, thrusting and massaging my pussy, as my climax continued to build.

“Oh yeah, that’s good,” I cried out.

I rubbed my nipples between my fingers, pinching them hard, then I ran my fingers through his hair, trying to force his tongue deeper inside me. My pussy aching and on the verge of exploding, I was about to beg him to let me come when he suddenly rose back up my body and thrust his cock back inside me.

I reached down and rubbed his dick as he slid it in and out of me, massaging it in rhythm with his thrusts. My fingers strayed to my entrance, and I began to touch myself. His expression intensified.

“God, yeah. I love watching you touch yourself. It’s so fucking hot,” he mumbled, his eyes on my fingers as I worked my pussy, along with his cock.

“Have you thought about fucking me before?” I asked, panting.

“I think about it all the time,” he gasped between thrusts. “Every time I see you parading around in those tiny little dresses you wear, it’s all I can do not to drag you into my house, rip your clothes off and fuck you senseless.”

“I wish you would’ve,” I grinned, stroking my wetness. “Because all this time, I’ve been imagining what your cock would feel like, filling my pussy.”

“Oh God, I’m going to come,” he mumbled. He let out a groan, his thrusts becoming more frantic. I locked my ankles around his back and rocked against his rhythm, loving the feel of him sliding inside me.

“You feel so amazing,” he whispered. He kissed me, his mouth searching mine as his dick filled me. I cried out, unable to hold on any longer as my body convulsed. Before long, he was coming too. We climaxed together. He gently rubbed my pussy as he released inside me, my pussy contracting around his length.

He pulled himself out of me and collapsed on the couch next to me. I climbed onto his lap and kissed him, while his hands cupped my arse. Being with him felt so wrong, like my dirty little secret had come to the surface. I couldn’t wait to see him after this, because I just knew he’d be thinking about his cock sliding inside me, and I’d be thinking about it too.

So, while my real life and my secret life rarely cross paths, everything eventually comes out in the end. This was my first experience of someone I know finding out about my secret, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. I just wonder who will be next time? Maybe it’ll be my dentist putting something else in my mouth, or maybe my high school teacher will have a new lesson to teach me.

Either way, I can’t wait until my dirty little secret gets discovered again.