Sister Act at Le’Penthouse Suite

She comes to me alone, without a partner, carrying a brown leather Gucci shoulder bag. She wears her dark brown hair in a bun, demure, like a librarian. She is slender and petite, size 8, like me. She could be my sister. She wants to have sex with a female, for the first time, to see what it is like, to see if she still loves her boyfriend.

I’m not a lesbian, but as Scarlet, high-class escort here at Gold Coast ‘s premiere bordello, Lepenthouse Suite, I can swing both ways. And this girl is beautiful. It’s like looking in a mirror, with just the slightest of distortions to separate our identities. There’s also the fact that I’m wearing a red lingerie ensemble, transparent brassiere and transparent G-string, with red retro pump sandals, and some of the sexiest parts of body are exposed. My ass cheeks are plump yet firm, with bruise marks from sex that was a little rough; my slender shoulders and decolette are partially covered by my long dark hair; and the v-line on either side of my sex, waxed hairless, frames my pussy which is hairless as well and so obvious through the transparency of the front of my G-string. The gloss on my lips and the polish on my fingernails are a matching red as well.

She’s wearing casual plaid slacks, low sandals, and a white silk blouse. Maybe not really fashionable, but certainly not plain and it is close to midnight here on the Gold Coast, at Lepenthouse Suite. She has a pearl necklace around her slender neck which she absent-mindedly plays with, like counting rosary beads.

“Come on Michelle,” I stand up, not letting go of her hand, and I lead her from the introduction area, up the flight of stairs to the boudoir at the end of the hallway. This is our room now.

We start with a kiss. Tender, gentle, taboo, testing the waters first. Her lips are sweet like tea with sugar, and we kiss again, a little more forcefully this time, and then a third time, deeper with meaning, now tongue on tongue.

I start to unbutton her blouse and she begins to liven up, reaching down to my G-string, feeling my pussy lips through the soft fabric, and then fingering my pussy while pushing the G-string front to the side.

I start kissing and sucking her neck once her blouse is off and resting on the floor. And now I undo the strap on her white lace brassiere, exposing breasts that are small, but firm, with long, erect nipples that I suck with delight.

She buries her face in my hair, kissing the top of my head, as I suck her breasts while her hand I still fingering my tight pussy, and pinching my clit so I whimper with a painful pleasure. I grimace as her fingers make my clit stiffer than it has ever been, and tremors move through my body as I experience mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm. And now she is pulling down my G-string, which I step out of. And now she is pushing me onto the bed, which I yield to, spreading my legs wide and moving her face to my tight and hairless pussy, so moist now.

The cunnilingus is pure bliss. She sucks the lips of my sex, and bites my clit, reaches her tongue inside my sex, and I’m moaning with pleasure I’ve never felt before. She slides out of her plaid pants, and she has a white matching G-string to her brassiere on the floor. She moves into position with her near hairless pussy above my face. The hair on her sex is trimmed, and short, like a shadow, with a short line above her lips.

And I start eating her pussy, tasting her sex, nibbling her clit and sucking her pussy lips, and she is doing the same to me.

We are both moaning sweet sounds of joy as we eat each other’s sex, and after endless moments of double cunnilingus, she moves away, finds her shoulder bag and brings out a double dildo. The dildo is nearly a foot and a half long, black, knobbled for a rougher ride, and she lubes it up with ky-jelly also from her shoulder bag. I think we don’t need the lubrication, our pussies are so wet, but now the lubed double dildo is between our wide spread legs, and we shuffle close together, and she puts one end in her pussy first, fitting it deeply into her sex. I assist her even as I’m kissing her, and sucking her neck.

And then I do exactly the same, pushing the other end of the thick and heavy dildo into my tight wet pussy, and we move even closer together, and share the mutual pleasure of double penetration.

And we both hold the middle of the double dildo, and in a connection of limbs move ourselves forward just a little bit more, and we are kissing and fondling each other’s breasts, and fingering each other’s clits. We are moaning and our movements are unsynchronised, almost clumsy, as we pursue our own individual speed and rhythm of penetration. Now we are plunging the dildo ends into our pussies, awkwardly, but wildly, like new nymphomaniacs, lustful and we become more and more frenzied until I orgasm first and then she soon follows, a flood of sex juice gushing from her tight pussy. And I squirt my pussy juice too, covering her a little. And now we are riding waves of bliss that carries us aloft, but soon descends and diminishes into an exhausted embrace in each other’s arms.

And she whispers to me, “There’s a strap-on in the shoulder bag …”