Soaped-Up Bikini sex | Le Penthouse Suite

He’s a middle-aged corporate banker who’s flown up from Sydney to do some business on the Gold Coast. He looks a little sad and he’s holding a plastic bottle half full of blue shower gel. He tells me he has a new trophy bride, half his age, who looks a lot like me, Gabriella.


He says his new wife has the same shoulder length golden blonde hair as mine, the same sweet green eyes, and the same toned and athletic physique as I have. As he says this, his eyes wander over my body while I stand there in a pale blue string bikini he requested me to wear; so skimpy that the bikini top only covers the nipples of my fulsome 12 DD breasts, and the G-string bikini panty barely conceals the tight mound of my young pussy.


I find myself subconsciously crossing one shapely leg over the over, but this only accentuates the high V-line of my thighs and I see the look in this banker’s eyes become even more lecherous.


He tells me he’s left his wife at home with his nephew, who’s come to stay with them for a few weeks while on break from university. The banker’s eyes darken for a moment and he tells me he was watching his young wife water the garden while wearing a blue bikini like mine just last week. And he saw his nephew come out to the garden with the bottle of shower gel he’s holding now, watched his nephew playfully squirt the then full bottle of gel onto his wife, while she playfully lathered herself up, and his nephew soaped up her body, starting with her breasts then pussy, then started sucking her nipples and then started sucking and licking, and banging her on the lawn, thinking that the banker wasn’t home. He didn’t let the two of them know he watched their erotic encounter for more than an hour, didn’t let them know he was onto his wife’s infidelity.


The banker tells me his nephew is probably having his wife right this moment, and I notice the bulge in this banker’s pants grow just a little bigger.  I smile and take the banker by the hand, and tell him I know just what he needs. We make our way out of the introduction area of Gold Coast Brothel – Le Penthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s most reputable and up-market bordello, and head towards Suite One, the room with a deluxe shower stall, marble spa bath, king-sized double bed and dance pole podium.


Although the banker seems a little depressed, he’s still as lustful as a teenager, and the way he keeps bumping into my body as we ascend the stair-case and walk down the hall tells me he’s into me, and by the time we step into the room, there’s already a smile on this man’s face.


He barely gives me time to breathe before he moves fast towards me, encircling me in a tight embrace, pressing his crotch against my body, grabbing my bare ass cheeks, kissing me on the face, then on the neck, sucking the flesh there and inhaling the scent of my golden blonde hair and rubbing himself hard against me. I notice he’s still holding the bottle of shower gel as he pushes aside the skimpy bikini top with his mouth and starts to voraciously suck my nipples.


I can barely move in his arms, pinning me to his body, but I reach down and undo his pants and they fall to the floor. I reach into his black briefs and grab his throbbing erection so sticky with pre-cum, and squeeze it hard once and twice, and then I start stroking it in hard jelqing movements, the way they tell men to do to lengthen their penis. He pauses momentarily and rips off his short-sleeved button shirt, popping a few buttons, and manages to step out of his briefs without letting go of me.


He starts to move me towards the shower stall, and I keep stroking and squeezing his thick length, as I take small steps backwards and he starts to press his naked erection against the mound of my pussy, still concealed by the skimpy bikini panty. We reach the shower stall and I struggle in his embrace, opening the door, and somehow his thick erection has found its way under the fabric of my bikini G-string, and I can feel the hot, hard, throbbing head of his erection rubbing itself against my tight and moistening pussy lips. I try to push him away by thrusting my hips against him, and I feel his thick shaft slide against my pussy lips, then against the inside of my thigh. I struggle and reach down to grab a condom packet before we step into the shower.


The stream of water is hot, and the shower stall starts to steam up as he pours the shower gel onto my breasts, and we both lather it up so that my breasts and stomach are all soapy, and I’m still wearing my skimpy bikini top but it is set askew and my nipples are partly concealed by soapy lather.


He starts to lather up his erection by rubbing it against my stomach, then once again against my pussy, the G-string bikini panty is also set askew and my pussy is no longer concealed, and it is all soapy and wet. I haven’t opened the condom packet yet, but when he starts to position the head of his erection against my pussy lips, rubbing it up and down along the groove of my sensitive sex, I rip open the packet and hiss to him, “Not yet.” He doesn’t listen to me and he’s found my opening and he starts to push to penetrate my pussy, but I reach down and grab his length and squeeze hard, stopping him for a moment. He grunts and groans, and I fit the condom onto his soaped up erection. I find it a little difficult to roll the prophylactic to its full extent because of the lather, but finally manage to fit the condom to its full extent.


And then he positions the head of his erection again at my pussy lips, quickly finding my opening and penetrating me with a slippery but tight pop, and thrusting deeply into me, lifting me up a little. He supports my buttocks with his hands, and lifts me off the shower tiles so he can gain deeper entry into my sex, thrusting his erection up and up into my tight pussy, bouncing me up and dropping me down onto his shaft so that each time he gets a little deeper, until finally he hits my G-spot and I moan in lust, and a sudden orgasm causes me to tremble in his arms.


He keeps pounding me hard, and up and down, now that he has penetrated my G-spot, up and down, bouncing me up and dropping me down hard onto his rock hard erection. He keeps sucking my neck and pounding me up and down, and then his lust and urgency become uncontainable and his thrusting becomes manic and rapid, and hard and deep and suddenly he orgasms so deep inside me, an echoing groan escaping him in the sound of running water. Bliss radiates out from deep inside my sex, and the stream of hot water keeps running hot, and there’s still soapy lather on our tightly embraced, wet bodies; and he wants more, so much more.