His Step-Sister’s High School Uniform

I ask him what he’s got in the Armani shopping bag and let his eyes wander all over my lithe and toned figure, partially revealed in a two piece black lingerie set that is diaphanous so that it showcases my full and firm breasts, the shapeliness of my long legs, my slender waist and the glow of my lightly tanned neck, arms and petite shoulders. 

He coughs and mumbles something about a school uniform and skipping rope. I smile inwardly and think okay, a role play. 

We stand together in the soft light of the introduction area at Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s premiere bordello with a presentation of the finest escort beauties the Glitter Strip has ever known.  

I toss my light auburn hair and smile at him, this time catching his gaze with my soft brown eyes, pouting my lips a little and tell him, “My name is Harper, come on then.” I grab his hand with a gentle squeeze and we walk away to suite one, the deluxe bedroom here at this luxury pleasure palace. 

As we ascend the staircase, and after swaying my hips as seductively as possible, I pause for a moment on a step, and let him stumble into me from behind. The contact is electric and he gasps a little and involuntarily places his hand on my hip. 

“Oh, sorry,” he says, but I laugh and he knows then that I am playing with him. This breaks any residual tension and when we enter suite one he is smiling, positively beaming, this forty-something gentleman who is more than twice my age. 

He doesn’t need to tell me what he wants as I pull out the school uniform, neatly pressed and belonging to some ritzy private high school in Sydney, and the red skipping rope, and the lolly pop. I give him a knowing look, smiling shyly at him, “Why mister? How could you?” 

As slink out of my lingerie set, he moves over to me and starts to kiss my neck, encircling my waist with his hands, and his urgency tells me he is having a hard time controlling his lust. I wonder if we’ll make the role play at all. But he stops himself, and as I step out of the G-string, he starts to take off his shirt and then drops his pants to reveal a throbbing erection unfolding out of his white briefs. His eyes wander all over my body again as I slip into the high school uniform, the check plaid skirt, the white short-sleeved blouse, the small blue tie and then white knee length socks, but no shoes.  

I say nothing to my guest as I take the wrapper off the lolly pop, put it in my mouth, then pick up the skipping rope, and start skipping slowly, with half steps, giving him a look that turns him on so that some kind of lustful madness enters his gaze. 

He is fully naked now, but easily moves into the role play, saying, “Hi sis, how was school?” 

I say, “None of your business you perv,” and continue skipping. He moves over to me now, but I continue the slow motion skipping, and he suddenly but gently grabs my wrist, and I drop the skipping rope. “What are you doing brother?” 

He presses his body hard against me so that his erection has somehow found its way up my skirt, leaving sticky precum on my thigh. His right arm grabs me around my waist, and he starts to undo my tie and blouse with his left hand. “You know I’ve always wanted you.” I struggle in his strong grip, “Get away from me,” I pretend to be anxious, but then he kisses me on the lips, then my neck, and starts to strip away my blouse to reveal the transparent lace brassiere beneath.  

He pulls away the top of the brassiere so that it reveals my full and firm breasts and he starts to suck my nipples and flesh lasciviously, leaving saliva marks, and all the while his erection is pressed up under the plaid skirt, now rubbing against my tight pussy through the fabric of the black G-string. 

The lolly pop is still in my mouth, but he kisses my mouth again anyway, looks into my eyes, and grips my hair from behind, grabbing and pulling my head a little to arch my neck. Now we stumble to the carpeted floor together, and I manage to grab a condom from near the bed, because his urgency is uncontainable. My brassiere has fallen away beside us, and he is sucking my breasts and nipples with big drooling gulps, but the skirt is still on, now hiked up around my waist, and my G-string is now pulled askew to reveal my tight wet pussy, so that he begins to place the engorged head of his erection against my pussy lips. 

“Hold on,” I say this and push him away. I tear open the condom packet, and then begin to fit the condom onto his throbbing length. We are both sitting on the floor. He shudders for a moment as I finish the fit with my mouth, and start sucking but he wants to go all the way immediately. 

He pushes me back onto the carpet and my breasts are fully exposed; and my skirt is up at my waist, G-string bunched aside. Now he places his length along the groove of my tight sex. He rubs it up and down, finds the entry and with a pop penetrates my tight sex. He thrusts partially in, then a little deeper, then penetrates to the hilt, his hips pushing his manhood all the way into my tight pussy.  

He pounds me ferociously on the carpeted floor, trying to lift my hips up so that he can get even deeper, and my legs are either side of him, classic missionary position, my feet flat on the floor, knees bent, supporting my hips so that my pussy meets his thrusting into my sex. And his thrusting begins to crescendo, moving faster and harder; and then in three, four, five furious stabs he orgasms, his climax causing him to moan and stiffen above me.  

He remains rock-hard however, because he hasn’t finished with me yet …