Suck Mark to Love Bite

He has a special request. Says he’ll pay extra for the privilege. I wonder what he’s planning to do to me, or have done to him, this gentleman sitting in the plush maroon couch beside me. We’re facing the opposite, mirrored wall in the introduction area adjoining reception, here at Gold Coast Le Penthouse Suite, the most elite bordello on the east coast glitter strip. I glance at my reflection as I turn my head, so he can whisper his request into my ear. My hot pink lingerie makes me look sweet and sexy all at the same time, and underneath the mood lighting I see my own cheeks blush just a little when I hear what the client wants.

I look back at him, this thirty something body builder with a muscle t-shirt on, and those parachute track pants that obviously hide muscular thighs; and hopefully also something just as manly and more useful to me. He’s smiling a sheepish grin but his eyes are wolf-like, blue and suddenly eager as I say, “Sure, I think I can let you do that to me.”

We ascend the staircase, and I feel like I’m trying to escape this brute following close behind; chasing Emily, high-class escort at Le Penthouse Suite, dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty, whose curvacious body is making her client almost drool with expectation. The fresh linen under my arm is cool to the touch, and smells crisp and clean; a contrast to the hot and heavy breathing at my neck, and the masculine cologne that overpowers my own gentle feminine fragrance, as we step into suite one. The tastefully decorated room with the king-sized double bed, mirrored ceilings, and gold trim shower stall calms my nerves with its sophisticated and elegant design, and I start making the bed, a service that often begins an encounter with a client.

His hands are strong upon my smooth skin, cupping my breasts through the pink-lace, transparent brassiere, as he embraces me from behind. He descends upon me just a moment after I finish tucking the last sheet under the mattress corner, and now his mouth is sucking my neck and face, strands of my hair falling around his hard kisses, then falling completely loose from the bun it is tied in. I feel his naked torso, and chest, and then his naked pulsing erection pressed against the small of my back, now finding the pink cord of my transparent G-string, and fitting itself under the material, rubbing precum onto the top of my buttocks.

I realize I am moaning a little because his strong fingers are feeling my pussy lips, and finding entry into my sex, just a little, touching my clit, making it stiffen with lust and excitement. I have forgotten about his request as I lose myself in the manly assault on my senses; and perhaps this client is not such a brute after-all because he is surprisingly gentle for a large man. He turns me around and kisses me passionately before pushing me onto the bed as I lift up my brassiere, exposing my nipples for him to suck, but that’s not what he’s after as he moves his head towards my sex, and immediately starts eating my pussy, sucking and tasting the lips, sucking and licking the clit, and my moans now reverberate slightly off the mirrored ceiling, and his strong fingers are pinching my nipples, and this continues for endless moments.

He moves up onto me now, urgently, wanting to put his shaft into me, and I stop him for a moment and fit the condom onto his erection, doing this with my mouth because it turns clients on, and now he is moaning as I drag my teeth up and down, biting on the thin rubber between my teeth and the flesh of his manhood. And then he rises up a little, establishing his strength and pushes me back, and places the head of his erection against my pussy lips, rubbing it up and down, and then he plunges it once, twice a little deeper, then thrice all the way in.

He starts pounding me, my transparent G-string bunched to the side of his thick shaft thrusting deep, deep and deeper so he penetrates my G-spot and there is the bliss. And now I remember his request, and as if he has read my mind, while he continues to stab his erection into my tight pussy, he pulls me up and close, so he can crane his neck, and place his mouth against my soft flesh, and he kisses and sucks on my neck, as he continues to pound my sex.

He keeps sucking hard on my neck, hard on the soft flesh, and he keeps thrusting his shaft deep into my G-spot, pushing past my sugar walls as they clamp his thick shaft inside me, fighting his assault on my pussy. And I think, his request isn’t so bad, and then he pounds me harder in three final thrusts and orgasms, and groans through his lips still hard against my neck, and I release my poised climax as well just a moment later, and we collapse onto the bed, my client on top, his lips still against my neck. And I know I’ve already granted his request.

There will be a hot red suck mark, love bite, hiccy on my neck, so I remember the moment he came in me.

That’s all he really wanted.