Sugar-Mummy, Toy-Boy and Sweet Ruby

For a moment I think they might be mother and son, because they are both blonde, blue-eyed and attractive; the woman is probably in her fifties and the young man looks like a twenty-something Ryan Gosling, that Hollywood actor in that ‘fifty shades’ movie. 

I’m a little surprised when the woman casually states, “I want my friend to try someone young, he’s only ever been with me.” She is wearing designer jeans that accentuate a full but shapely figure, a Gucci belt buckle, solid gold bling around her neck and wrists, and brown calf-skin boots. She looks even more attractive up close and instead I think she might only be in her forties. 

The young gentleman seems embarrassed and says to her, “We don’t need to do this.” She looks back at him adoringly, places a red-nailed finger against his lips to shush him and says, “It’s your birthday, my treat, besides I want to watch for once.” 

I toss my auburn hair and place my hand upon my hip, put one leg slightly forward and start to play with a lock of my hair with my other hand, hoping to catch his attention; and he looks over at me. It’s then that he begins to acknowledge how scantily clad I am, in a designer two-piece string bikini, with purple mosaic bikini top that accentuates the fullness of my breasts, and matching bikini panties so tiny that the V-line of my lithe thigh is fully revealed, and there is more than a hint of my tight hairless pussy. 

His eyes rove approvingly over my body, and settle on my innocent brown eyes and then he smiles; we have a connection, this young man who is maybe four or five years older than me, and myself, sweet Ruby, first-class escort companion here at Le Penthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s premiere bordello. 

They both follow me from the introduction area, the sugar-mummy and her toy boy and I smile quietly to myself in anticipation as we glide past reception and begin to ascend the staircase to suite one. 

I look over my shoulder as we walk upwards and catch him looking longingly at my buttocks. The bikini panties are G-string style and the swell of my butt cheeks always turns men on. I decide to stop suddenly before we reach the top of the stairs and he bumps into me, brushing his hand fully against my ass cheeks then grabbing my hips and mumbling an apology. I say nothing, but a playful smile crosses my lips and then I wink at his sugar-mummy; who seems to be suppressing a laugh at my tactic. 

In suite one, the sugar-mummy and her toy boy start to ‘get it on’ immediately as I move to the king-sized double bed to fit the clean white sheets that are a standard part of the service. 

The sugar-mummy and toy-boy’s kisses turn into heavy petting and fondling and reach a point where the mummy has stripped down to her black lace lingerie, and the young man is standing in black briefs, his thick erection bulging out of the crotch piece. 

I finish fitting the bed and turn around to face the couple, wondering if I’m going to be needed after all, when they both pull apart from each other, and face me. All it takes is one seductive look from me at the young toy boy, a beckoning curl of my forefinger, and a “happy birthday lover boy,” to bring the blonde Adonis rapidly moving towards me so fast that I think he might bump me this time, but he pulls to a halt just in front of me, encircles me in both arms and starts sucking and licking and kissing my neck. The carry-over lust makes him seem like a love-sick puppy with two mistresses as he pulls down the top of my bikini brassiere and starts sucking my breasts and nipples.  

He starts fondling my pussy, pushing one hand down the crotch of my bikini panties so he can finger my pussy lips and clitoris. His other hand is gripping my buttocks and he pulls me harder against his body, now pulling his hand out of my bikini panties, reaching around and clutching my other ass cheek and pulling my mound onto his throbbing length. 

He rubs his shaft against my bikini panties until they begin moving aside, and not satisfied he hooks his thumbs into the back of the purple mosaic bikini panties, and pulls them down to expose my tight wet sex, allowing the flesh of his member to make full contact with my pussy lips. 

The sugar mummy is fingering her shaven pussy, having fully disrobed into nakedness, and is sitting on the love-seat, watching her toy-boy have his birthday present. 

The toy boy pulls his entire cod piece out of his briefs, not bothering to take them off, and keeps rubbing the full length of his shaft all over my pussy and lower belly, leaving sticky traces of wet pre-cum all over my flesh. 

He’s panting in lust, and I’m moaning and quivering in pleasure, and he pushes me back onto the bed, ready to penetrate my tight sex, already placing the engorged head of his erection at the opening of my pussy when I remember we need protection and I say, “Wait, condom.” He doesn’t hear me or even pause, so I pull away a little and I see his sugar mummy walking over to us, tearing open a condom packet. She crouches over her toy boy who is on his hands and knees around me on the bed, crouched lustfully over my prone body. 

The blonde mummy reaches around her toy boy’s waist and he is distracted enough to turn around and kiss her once deeply, as she fits the ribbed prophylactic onto his throbbing manhood, knowing his size and girth without even having to look. 

‘So much for just watching,’ I think to myself, but then he turns his attention back to me, moving quickly into position, and placing his thick length along the groove o my tight, wet sex. 

He rubs his manhood up and down, probing the pussy lips, lingering on the clitoris, then finding the opening and penetrating me with a tight pop. He eases his throbbing member into my tight sex, finding greater depth with each thrust, until he is pounding me rhythmically, savagely, three fast movements, two slow, three fast, two slow, and then his urgency becomes increasingly uncontainable, and his sugar mummy is tongueing his balls from behind, and his thrusts become harder and faster, and deeper and in three, four erratic stabbing movements he jolts me with a climactic orgasm that sends a shuddering buck through my body as I reach my own orgasm in response. 

He collapses momentarily on top of me, looking into my eyes, kissing me tenderly on the lips and nose; and he is still hard, rock hard, and I see his sugar mummy moving onto the bed, moving to position her pussy over my face; so much for only wanting to watch.