Super-Hero Sex

He’s dressed in a tight-fitting, mesh-lycra Spiderman suit, without the mask, and she’s wearing a Wonder Woman costume complete with gold tiara, gold cuff bracelets, skin-tight lycra short pants, and gold mesh brassiere. They tell me they’ve just come from a costume role-play dinner party with a super-hero theme. He’s high as a kite, on what I don’t know, but she’s stone cold sober. I think to myself, hipsters, and smile at her, then at him and can’t help but notice the large bulge at the crotch of his Spiderman outfit. 

I toss my golden-blonde hair, knowing that the way the long locks fall over my petite shoulders have caught his attention and our eyes connect for a moment, his blue gaze and my green eyes, and this makes him cough a little and he turns to his partner. She doesn’t look at him, but instead moves her blue-eyed gaze over my body, my slender but toned size 8 physique, so erotically revealed in the purple strapless lingerie brassiere I’m wearing and the matching lace G-string that shows off my lithe tanned legs. 

The three of us stand together in the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s longest established and most elite bordello, and myself, Lexus, a first class escort companion to high-end clientele, begins to feel a secret thrill at the ménage-a-trois that will soon occur with this couple, my guests. 

We ascend the staircase, heading towards suite one, the deluxe bedroom with sumptuous furnishings, deluxe Jacuzzi and shower stall, dance pole podium and king-sized double bed. 

I’m in the lead, and the super-hero couple follow close behind me. I sway my hips to accentuate the shapeliness of my waist, the sweet curvature of my buttocks, and the length of my legs, knowing that my guests appreciate this because the girl’s hand briefly touches mine on the railing, and I can hear Spiderman’s breathing deepening and quickening with a sense of urgency borne of desire. 

I sense no rivalry between Wonder Woman and myself, in fact, I think she’s fully appraised me, my pretty face and gorgeous body, and found me more than desirable. This is equally true of her partner, and my intuition is confirmed when I find the couple descend upon me immediately, once we are inside suite one, even before I’ve had time to finish fitting the clean satin sheets to the king-sized double bed.  

The girl is in front of me, and aggressively starts to kiss me, so deeply on the mouth, probing with her tongue while pulling down my brassiere to expose my full firm breasts. Her partner presses against me from behind, reaching around to fondle my pussy and breasts with one hand reaching into my G-string crotch, and the other playing with my stiffening nipples. His face is deeply buried in my golden blonde hair, and his thick length is pressed against my buttocks; and he must have pulled out his erection from some seamless opening because he still wears the Spiderman suit. I can feel the stickiness of his member leaving traces of pre-cum over my firm buttocks and the small of my back. 

Wonder Woman manages to take off her brassiere while still kissing me, now moving her face to my breasts and nipples, to suck and lick, and she presses her pussy against my body, while still wearing the tight hot pants. She soon disrobes herself of the hot pants and is now fully naked except for the golden tiara, the golden cuff bracelets, and the red Wonder Woman boots. 

They both move me onto the bed, the girl leaning back onto the pillows, and turning me around so that my back rests against her breasts and body. She is holding my arms in something like a wrestling manoeuvre, pinning my arms up around my head, and she wraps her legs around my waist, managing to spread my legs by hooking her boots around my thighs. 

Her partner, still in the Spiderman suit, but with his thick throbbing length folding fully out of an opening at the crotch moves into position between my thighs, starting to place the head of his erection against my pussy lips, when I remember we need protection. 

“Condom,” I say this with some authority, and Spiderman looks around and sees some condom packets on the bedside table, grabs one and tears it open. “I can do it for you,” I say this and begin to move to him, but Wonder Woman keeps my arms pinned and says, “You’re not going anywhere.” 

Spiderman fits the condom onto his length himself, rolling it to its full extent, reaching only just over half-way down his thick throbbing manhood, and then positions himself at my pussy again, pulling aside the crotch of the G-string, placing the engorged head of his shaft at my tight pussy lips, rubbing it up and down along my groove, finding the opening and then penetrating me with a silent pop. 

He adjusts his positioning to gain deeper access, and enters half-way, then fully into my tight sex, thrusting deep into my pussy, thrusting in and out. The Girl is rubbing her naked pussy lips against my buttocks, I can feel the pussy lips leaving traces of pussy-juice, even feel her clitoris stiffening against my flesh.  

She is moaning a little and I begin to moan too as Spiderman’s pounding of my pussy becomes more intense, more rapid, deeper and deeper still until he penetrates my secret sweet G-spot, making me shudder involuntarily. His thrusting becomes more rapid, his urgency is undeniable and as his hands clasp around my breasts hard enough to leave red marks, he stabs deeper than ever into my tight pussy with his thick and throbbing member, once, twice, three times and he orgasms. I can feel the blossoming heat inside my sex centre. 

But Spiderman and Wonder Woman aren’t finished with me, I catch them looking knowingly at each other and Spiderman is still hard, still rock hard, and they start to turn me around, turn me over