Sweet Strap-on Sex

She’s about my age, just-turned twenty, young enough to be his daughter. He’s the sugar daddy. This is obvious from the long mink-coat she’s wearing, the diamond bling bracelet, black pearl ear-rings, and his gold Rolex watch. He’s wearing a leather bomber jacket, too young for him, and designer jeans, too tight for him. 

He wants me to make love to his ‘wife’, with a brand new Fuze Tango dildo and harness strap. “You’ll get pleasure out of it too,” he says, “The dildo is designed that way.” He smiles and hands me the expensive looking shopping bag over to me, black with a set of hot-pink lips embossed on the surface.  

I haven’t said yes yet to his request to ‘do’ his wife, still thinking about it. She’s about my height and build, standing at 5’ 7” with a size 8 bust, and while my hair is long and platinum blonde, hers is lustrous black and cut in a bob, and while my eyes are sweet baby blue, hers are a fiery green.  

I turn to face her, place my hands on my hips, tilting them slightly, hoping the way that my diaphanous black G-string sets off the length and V-line of my lithe thigh; and the way my tight lace up corset high-lights the shapeliness of my figure and firmness of my breasts, catches her attention. 

She remains disaffected, not saying anything, then she moves her hand to scratch the inside of her thigh, and when she opens her long-mink coat to do this, I see that she is completely naked underneath. 

We move single file past reception, and up the stair-case, heading for suite one, one of the deluxe boudoirs here at Le Penthouse Suite. This grand and reputable bordello has been host for decades to celebrity and locals, the notorious and the famous, people from all walks of life coming to a pleasure palace where they can realize their most erotic fantasies. And myself, Indy, high-class escort companion here feels like Le Penthouse Suite is my mansion, and the two guests that are following close behind me have come to me like they were old-time friends coming for the most intimate of get-togethers. 

Once we are inside suite one, I place the bag with dildo and harness beside the king-sized double bed, and begin fitting the clean satin sheets and pillow cases. My guests sit for a moment on the nearby love-seat, engaged in quiet conversation, and then she giggles and walks over to me, dropping her fur coat as she crosses the short distance just as I fit the last pillow case.  

Her sugar-daddy starts undressing, he stated before that he’ll just ‘watch’, but now I’m not so sure. She gently turns me around, confronting me with her full nudity, and places a sweet kiss on my lips. I respond back with a kiss and tongue. She reaches around behind me and unfastens my corset, which drops to the floor, and then she unfastens by black lace brassier, which also falls away. We press our breasts together so that our nipples brush hard against each other, and start tongue-kissing. She reaches around and grips by buttocks, hard, and pulls me close, so that our vulva’s are pressed together, separated only by the fabric of my G-string.  

She starts moaning when I reach down and play with her pussy lips and clitoris, probing inside her sex with my fingers, finding that she is wet already. She hisses into my ear, “Put the dildo on,” but she won’t let me out of her embrace when I move to get the bag. I have to struggle out of her surprisingly strong grip, and when I grab the bag she is holding me from behind and kissing my neck and burying her face in my hair.  

I pull out the package that contains the Fuze Tango dildo, and open it, pulling out the black shiny toy, noting the glossy, flexible but firm feel of it. Then I reach into the bag and pull out the package with the harness it, and she starts pulling my G-string down, and I step out of the transparent black lingerie piece. The harness is made like briefs with an O-ring section in the crotch for the dildo. I try to slip these on, but the girl makes it hard to do this, fingering my pussy, pinching my nipples, kissing and sucking my neck from behind. I can smell her perfume, and when she kisses me on the side of my face I can feel her lustrous black hair and my platinum blonde locks weft together, the competing fragrances combining in an exciting aroma.  

I can feel her hot-breath in my ear, and she starts cursing me, “You bitch, stick it in me, do me like your sister,” and I slip on the harness, and then I fit the dildo through the O-ring, and the base end is rippled and shaped so that it presses against my pubic bone and stimulates my clitoris to give me pleasure. I find a bottle of lubricant in the bag as well, and this time I become a little aggressive, and turn and push the girl onto the bed. I lube up the dildo, and climb onto the bed, between her legs, placing the glossy black length along her clean-shaven pussy lips, rubbing it up and down the groove until she moans. 

Her sugar daddy, has come over to the bed, and stands where her head is positioned. He drags her back, cross-wise on the bed, drags her over so her neck arches over the edge of the bed. 

I rub the dildo one more time along her groove, find the opening to her wet, wet pussy, and then I push with my hips, and penetrate the girl with a powerful thrust. I feel the base end of the dildo stimulating my clitoris. I adjust my positioning, and then I begin thrusting into the girl trying to find the right point where I can pleasure myself as well as her.  

She is moaning as I pound her one girl to another, and her sugar daddy, with his hand holding his thick and throbbing erection, places his manhood against her mouth, and then inserts his length past her lips and into her throat. 

We spit roast the girl for endless moments, and the positioning is just right, and I’m finding mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm from the base end of the dildo rubbing against my throbbing clit, pushing hard against my vulva and pubic bone; and the girl is bucking and arching, unable to cry out because her sugar-daddy is stuffing his thick pole deep down her throat, and then I start to feel a major climax beginning to crescendo in me, so I start to pound her harder, thrusting the dildo as deep as I can into her, droplets of sweat from the love-making mixing with pussy-juices as she bucks under me, and our timing is perfect because as I orgasm, she bucks up hard and pushes deep onto the dildo, deep enough so that our vulvas press against each other and our pubic bones collide, and her sugar-daddy blows a full load of cum into her mouth, pulling out to send the last droplets  onto her sweet breasts and face.