The Sweetest of Sweets with Viv – A clients perspective

Her two-piece lilac-coloured lace camisole and G-string perfectly fit her athletic yet oh so feminine body as she sits there, knees-crossed and casually checking her lacquered nails in the reception room of Le Penthouse Suite on the Gold Coast I stand there at the entrance to the tastefully decorated room, after being shown which way to go by the sweet receptionist who had stated “Take your time, I’m sure you’ll find all our girls more than meet your expectations.”

There are perhaps four girls in the reception room, two are engaged in quiet conversation with other clients, all of them are the hottest babes the Gold Coast has to offer, but the girl I have first seen is the one I want. She rises to meet me on electric blue high heels, as I awkwardly walk towards her across the plush carpeting, thinking of what to say to her when she smiles warmly, grabs my hand with her two hands and says “Hi, I’m Viv.”

Our eyes connect and her blue eyes are endless and deep with emotion, framed in a fine boned face and this Mediterranean beauty hasn’t stopped smiling and I think of the Aegean Sea, and stucco villas, and gypsy folk dances, and in my mind I can hear flamenco guitars and fast Italian cars, and I’m walking in vinyards and orchards and olive groves. And outside the Gold Coast glitter strip seethes with heat and passion.

We sit and she holds our conversation aloft with gentle laughter and a casual grace that is offset by her erotic body language; her knee touching my thigh, her delicate hand never letting go of mine. Her ample firm breasts press fully against her camisole and her nipples are hard and her decollete reveals skin that is a dusky bronze. Her words are spoken just centimetres from my face and strands of her chestnut brown hair tickle my face as I inhale her sweet warm breath, enclosed by her subtle perfume and it is all about chemistry.

She senses my growing, uncontained lust, her hand falls away and brushes the bulge in my pants and then she is leading me away and we walk down a softly lit hallway to a room at the end. I’m painfully aware of her gorgeous buttocks and the sway of her hips and the way her G-string exposes a behind that is so young and petite, yet curvaceous and sexually promising all at the same time. I wonder about her history, this Gold Coast beauty, this high class escort.

The gold-trimmed door opens as she turns the large handle and we step through into her boudoir; the décor lush yet not overly gauche with a marble spa bath in one corner with gold faucets shining in the muted lighting and reflected in the high-mirrored ceiling. This is the height of Gold Coast decadence. There are modern Picasso-esque paintings on the walls which are papered with lilac coloured prints that match the colour of her lingerie which now falls to the carpet as she undresses before me, revealing a body that could be fresh out of high school. Evenly tanned and waxed Brazilian-style, and toned showing a body that is strong and supple and I wonder if Viv practices yoga or pilates

I stand there in awe and she giggles and starts to undo my shirt and I fumble to help her but she gently slaps my hand away and says “uh, uh, let me do it handsome.” She is pushing me back on to the emperor-sized bed, which is oval-shaped with blue satin sheets and pillows, a large gold-trimmed wall mirror displays our every move.

Even as my pants fall to the floor she is slipping a ribbed-condom over my throbbing erection with her sweet cherry lips and I have to think of nothing for a moment to stop myself from cumming in her beautiful face. This is why the Gold Coast is the place to be I think to myself.

I’m barely aware of my own moaning as she sucks up and down, fast then slow, fast then slow, and it feels like my manhood has grown even larger and threatens to split the condom and then I’m indicating to her that I want to eat her sex, so she positions her sweet hairless pussy over my face and I start sucking and licking, going directly for her clit and tasting her sex juices, drinking in her essence and she gasps for a moment, then continues fellatio as I engage in the best cunnilingus I have ever done.

The oral love-making stretches into endless moments of clutching her naked buttocks and waist as she sucks and sucks and her soft hair brushes my groin and thighs as her action becomes wilder and more frenetic and I’m burying my face so deep in her wet, wet pussy and then I blow and she continues sucking as if she could suck the cum through the condom. And I’m fired up to fuck and pull her backwards as she positions her pussy over my groin and puts another condom on.

I push my erection into her tight, tight pussy now so moist that we don’t need lubricant and now I’m thrusting into her and she is riding me and I can see the toned muscles of her delicate dusky brown back as she shudders with mini-orgasm after min-orgasm, and there is light perspiration on my forehead and light perspiration on her neck and back and strands of her chestnut hair are wet and I want to lick that perspiration off her delicate neck and I pull her back as I fuck her in reverse cowgirl. Outside the Gold Coast night begins to crescendo.

I suck her neck and clutch her sweet breasts and her back is arched and we are making love so wild and hot and I can see us in the mirrored ceiling above and we are moaning and gasping and panting and I blow for the second time and she clutches the satin bedspread and I slip out of her tightest of pussies. Oh Gold Coast honey I think I love you.

She lies beside me, a smile on her lips and her face is nestled in my neck, her damp hair in my face and the combination of her sweet perspiration and fragrance is like a balmy Gold Coast night but once again I’m thinking of the Mediterranean, of Etruscan architecture, or Spanish conquistadors, of Venetian palaces, and gold and jewels and diamonds and pearls.

We talk quietly about nothing in particular, about Gold Coast night life, Tweed Heads beaches, the warm weather, the thunderstorm we had the other night. She tells me that she is part Spanish and part Italian. I tell her I’m getting over an ex-lover who cheated on me. “Can I be your boyfriend?” I say this to her, only half seriously.

She smiles and looks up at me, laughs gently and says,”Let’s try the spa bath, boyfriend.” And she moves her gorgeous body over me and I admire her sweet young pussy and full firm breasts and erect nipples, then follow her to the spa bath.

We kiss passionately as the water jets fill the spa, and our bodies first brush against each other, then press closely together as I clutch her to me, holding her slender waist and firm back. My manhood grows large, huge again and the pulsing head rubs along her pussy lips and I can see a glistening strand of cum linking her stomach to my erection and then she is leading me up and into the spa bath.

She starts soaping my body with a sponge as we sit in the bubbling warm water, starts soaping my erection, occasionally pulling and tugging with her delicate fingers. I can’t control myself any longer and pull her close to me and she positions her glistening body over me and nearly forgets to put another condom on. Outside the Gold Coast night climaxes.

We stand up out of the bath for a moment as she slips the condom on, and settles down onto my erection. I push deep into her tight sex and we are fucking again and this time I’m sucking her nipples as I pump, pump my sex into her. The sound of the bubbling water can’t compete with our gasps and groans, our panting and whispered babbling. And she moans and cries out “Oh, fuck!” and the sound of her voice sets it off and I blow again, for the last time into this Gold Coast babe, on this most wonderful of nights.

We have time to exchange a glance and a gentle kiss as Viv sees me out the door, now with a full bath robe on and her soft brown hair is still damp and framing that fine feminine face of hers, this Mediterranean honey called Viv. This Gold Coast beauty I’ve just lost a piece of my heart to.

And I have never felt so satisfied and alive as I walk through the foyer of Le Penthouse suite situated in Tweed Heads, at the southern end of the Gold Coast. I walk out through the doors of this finest of bordellos and into the cool night and a breeze greets me and I can almost hear flamenco guitars in my head, still smell the scent of her perfume, still smell the fragrance of her sex. And all I can think about is Viv, the girl I’m walking away from now, but will definitely come back to, most definitely.