The Art of Woman

One thing a large portion of my clients have in common with each other is their struggle with women; they often feel lonely and don’t know how to attract the right woman.
These clients think it’s because they aren’t good looking enough or funny enough or charming enough; which is why I have been inspired to write this, because I can tell you right now, that is not the reason why.
So, I am going to tell you about a very special client of mine, Jason, in the hope that his story may shed some light onto this matter.
Jason is like the Woman Whisperer and if it weren’t a breach of privacy, I would totally give you his phone number. But as they say, one must adhere to ethics, morals and codes…. yada- yada-ya.
Perhaps though, I could convince him to leave his million-dollar business and take up a career in teaching men the secret of his ways.
Before you assume, the secret must be his million dollar fortune, think again because he isn’t the only client I have with lots and lots of money; so I can tell you right now, it’s got little to do with the ‘Mulla’.
At this point, you might be asking yourself,” If Jason is so great with women, why is he seeing a prostitute?”
I’m not at liberty to disclose personal info too deeply but I will say, he has some emotional blocks that stop him from allowing himself to settle down.
Can we get back to the story now?
So, let me tell you about Jason.
He doesn’t take himself too seriously, which for a wealthy entrepreneur, is an admirable quality. He could quiet easily waltz around with an air of egotistical superiority. He has consciously chosen not to, which I think, shows a great strength of character.He is down to earth and he comes across like your everyday regular guy.
We have a sizzling connection and when we are together all we do is laugh and have fun. There is never a dull moment between us. He is funny, friendly and totally 100% himself.
When we he first started booking me, I was immediately attracted to him but also intrigued by the effect he was having on me. I noticed, I would change when I was with him.
I consider myself a nice person but I became aware that when I was with him, I would be nicer, friendlier and a bit sillier too. I felt comfortable to be myself with him and I found, I wanted to go out of my way to do things for him; because get this, I wanted too.
That’s the part that intrigued me the most, the part of me that wanted too. I couldn’t help but begin to wonder “What the hell is this man doing, that is m
aking me feel like I want to go the extra mile for him?”
I mean, don’t you find that fascinating?
I know I have a lot of other clients that are rich and charming and they don’t have this effect on me.
And if you’ve been wondering, Jason is a normal looking guy.
He dresses well though, in mostly smart casual attire. He wears Paco Rabanne Aqua and he always smells mouth-wateringly phenomenal. If I go to his apartment for a booking, I can smell hints of his sexy cologne up the hallway which leads to his front door.
But his body is normal and he doesn’t go to the gym, he does eat relatively healthy though.
He has a naturally muscular body type but because he doesn’t exercise he is soft all over. His face is regular and if you saw him in a photo, you wouldn’t think much of him. You wouldn’t think he is cute and you wouldn’t think he is ugly.
I’ve been analysing this cluedo-like mystery because while in our current day society, we put so much emphasis on materialistic qualities, it seems that they aren’t the ‘be all and end all’ after all.
It goes deeper than the surface level.
Which Jason has clearly proven to me because like I said, it’s not his looks and it’s certainly not his money that I’m attracted too because I have a lot of handsome clients with money.
What I also find fascinating is that in the case of your Mr Gosling or Mr Tatum types, you know the ones, you could melt butter on their abs and women would swoon at the chance to be with them; the only reason women want to be with them is because of their looks, not because of who they REALLY are.
But after you’ve spent an hour with Jason, you do become ooey-gooey-girl mush and you can’t help but entertain thoughts about ripping his clothes off but it’s for a whole other reason entirely. It’s because of his personality and the way you feel about yourself when your with him.
And to prove my point further, this phenomena isn’t isolated to myself either.
A few months back, another client of mine booked me for a business trip to the Phillipines. Jason wanted to book me over the weekend that I was flying out, so I recommended ‘Amina’, a colleague and friend of mine, to him.
Amina was besotted by Jason and this is not an understatement.
It was this that finally confirmed my ‘Jason Theory’ because although I adore Amina, she is very into the Gold Coast Materialistic hype and her type of man is the fake-tanned, six pack, gym membership kind of guy.
This is when it finally dawned on me, that there is a formula to women and somehow, in some way, Jason has cracked the code. Whether it is intentional or accidental, that part is beyond me, but one thing he sure as hell knows is how to treat a woman.
He is charming, respectful and above all else a gentleman. He makes me feel special, beautiful and appreciated. (It’s ironic, that it’s mostly from my clients, that I have learnt how I want to be treated in a relationship)
I think by far the one of the sexiest things a man can do is treat a woman well, it separates the boys from the men. It speaks a thousand words when a man treats a woman with high regard; it tells me he is confident, emotionally mature and most of all, that he is self aware. All qualities which invoke a deep sense of respect.
Self-awareness is such an undervalued quality, so when I come across a man that possesses that quality, it turns me on so much, that I find myself gushing in a puddle of horny wetness.
He knows how to speak ‘woman’.
And don’t get me wrong, he isn’t pulling any tricks either. He isn’t doing this in a calculating, fake-charming way because those snakes are easy to spot, even from a mile away; my senses have become so finely attuned to fake BS, that it’s almost like a super power.
No, this is something else.
He is an all round great guy for no other reason other than the fact that he wants to be the best human he can be. Like he legitimately said those exact words to me.
He also knows that the way to a woman is through her heart. So with a bit of insight, awareness and genuine goodness, this guy has actually nailed it.
He is genuine, caring and kind but then at the same time he is also self assured, fearlessly honest and unashamedly self-expressed. There isn’t an ounce of fake or inauthenticity about him.
Let’s be honest, we all wear a mask; we do it to keep ourselves safe; for protection from the world because sometimes the world is just a little bit shitty and we’ve all been hurt and we don’t want it to happen again.
But when you’re with Jason, you feel safe to be your real self; the self underneath the mask you wear. This isn’t just women either, he has this effect on men too. People not just women change around him, they smile bigger and they laugh more.
I am by no means easy to turn into mush either, but Jason is so skilled in this art, that he could just about get me to do anything.
Imagine if you had this effect on women? Imagine if you could make a woman want to go above and beyond for you?
Jason has well and truly proven that anyone, ANYONE can do it.
So go and get them tiger.
The best part is, all you need to do, is be yourself.