The Most Erotic Revenge

The Most Erotic Revenge

I sip chardonnay from an elegant crystal flute glass and listen to the warm seaside breeze tinkle the wind chimes that hang from wide bay doors opening out onto my 10th floor balcony in Tweed Heads. It is four am in the morning and I’ve just gotten home from my shift at Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s Premiere Bordello.

It is just after New Year’s Day and the January flow of high-end clientele keeps the best escorts at the discreet and extremely classy establishment busy. We often entertain fantasies that range from the porn-star experience to step-daughter role-plays to submit/dominatrix S&M lovemaking that makes us girls laugh to each other quietly in those moments between guests.

I look at the bright-red suck mark on the inside of my smooth and shapely thigh, so close to my pussy, as I sit there on the couch in a lime green two-piece bikini. I am thinking of relaxing in the spa bath at our complex after my chardonnay, and then some light breakfast and a much-earned sleep. The suck-mark is unwanted but was compensated for by the client with an extra crisp one hundred dollar note, an apology, and a promise not to do it next-time.

The client was an older gentleman who was aggressively passionate, running his fingers through my long, chestnut brown hair, placing a rain of kisses upon my face and neck, sucking my nipples and fulsome breasts until I forcibly moved his face to my pussy so he could lick and suck my hairless sex and clitoris until I bucked from a mini-orgasm; all in preparation of him penetrating me with his raging, blue-steel hard-on and hopefully giving me an all-consuming climax that would make the love-making all the more worth-while.

He had a special request this client. Most of the men do. And a lot of the time it concerns their partners at home; whether us girls are to role-play sexual manoeuvres their too conservative girlfriends or wives won’t do, or whether we resemble a partner they just broke up with, or look like a girl they love but have been rejected by.

This forty-something corporate executive was wanting a bit of revenge on his cheating partner. His wife was a successful solicitor and apparently had been having an affair with a junior partner at her firm. My client was alerted to the fact of his cheating wife when he observed a suck-mark deep enough to cause a bruise on the inside of his wife’s thigh. He had seen this when he went to perform cunnilingus on her, knowing that he had not put the love-bite there. He sensed that his wife knew that he was aware of her infidelity, because she was reluctant about having sexual intercourse that night, let alone oral sex.

So now this client came to me, Bree, lovely and curvacious sex siren with an angel’s face and a body that was reminiscent of full-figured celebrities like Jessica Beal or Kim Kardassian. He brought his wife’s favourite Prada business dress, Armani Suede Heels, and Sass and Bide bodysuit lingerie, wanting me to wear the clothing so he could role-play his revenge.

I accepted his request with a gentle smile on my sweet lips and undressed before him in Suite One, watching his gaze move all over my body, watching his pants and briefs drop away from a bulge to reveal a lengthy, throbbing erection that glistened with precum.

The transparent lace bodysuit fit comfortably, except my full breasts pressed hard against the cups enough so that my nipples were already erect at the touch of the fabric. The wool suit dress also fit well, and so too the classy suede boots.

The client had browsed LePenthouse Suite gallery list to find a suitable escort, and he told me his ‘lust’ fell upon me, because I was similar in appearance to his partner, except twenty years younger.
And then I recall, in the boudoir …

He descends upon me ravenously, his naked body pressing hard against mine, his arms wrapping around my waist as I wear his wife’s favourite suit. His erection rubbing against the fabric of the olive-green business dress, and all the while he is kissing me, sucking my face then lips, and rubbing his manhood hard against the dress.

He hikes the dress up to my waist, exposing my creamy white thighs, exposing my hot wet pussy in the lingerie body suit. He drops to his knees, and starts sucking my pussy through the transparent lace fabric, He sucks my pussy lips through the fabric, trying to push his tongue under the V-line. He bites me once or twice but I forget in the passionate rush.
Then he rises up and stands again, pressed against my body. He moves the head of his hard as steel erection along the V-line of the lace lingerie body-suit, trying to find access to my pussy, and for a moment I let his throbbing manhood brush against my pussy-lips, but then remember to find a condom.

We move together to the king-sized double bed, and he unzips the back of the dress and pulls down the shoulders to expose my upper body, and he starts sucking the flesh on my neck, sucking the faint perspiration and perfume there, then finding access to my nipples with his mouth, and all the while whispering, “Why did you cheat on me? Why did you cheat on me, you slut.”

I turn him around so he is lying on the bed, and I start to fit the ribbed condom onto his full erection. I use my mouth, and as requested I start sucking and biting his groin area and inner thigh hard enough to leave love-bites, so his wife will see them. I roll the condom down over his length and finish fitting it close to the base of his erection with my mouth. And I am so turned on now, that I start biting his erection, gentle bites at first, then a few hard bites so that he cries out in painful pleasure. “Don’t stop.”

So, I drag my teeth along his erection, holding the condom hard at the base of his thick manhood with fingers that circle his manhood hard enough so more blood further engorges the throbbing length. And then I move upwards along his body, still with his wife’s business dress on, all bunched together at the waist, the lingerie body suit underneath, askew at the top so my full breasts are exposed to his touch and taste.

I position myself so that my pussy is over the head of his erection, and now he finds access to my sex under the V-line of the lingerie body suit, and he moves past my pussy lips, penetrates me once, twice a little further, and then a third thrust and fully into me. He starts rhythmically pounding me with upward thrusts that soon find deepest penetration into my G-spot, and I ride him, rocking back and forth, and let him suck my nipples as my long chestnut hair falls upon his face.

We ride for endless moments, just on one point, just deep into my sex-centre, and I feel his climax building, rising until he grabs my ass cheeks hard and pulls me down onto three final stabbing thrusts that end with an ejaculation that causes him to moan deep into the mirrored ceiling.
Now I ride him as hard as I can because I haven’t orgasmed yet, once, grinding my pussy hard down onto his erection, twice, as deep as possible into my G-spot, three times and I shudder in a climax that rocks my whole body …

And my mind comes back to this present moment, at my apartment in Tweed Heads, and I absent-mindedly think of the love-bite on the inside of my thigh, the forty-something client, the cheating wife, and finish my chardonnay as the sun begins to rise.