The Taste He Has for Tany

He says he loves how lustrously dark my hair is and how it shines even in the soft light; and then slips his arm around my slender waist.  

We start to walk away from the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s premiere bordello. I press my hip and thigh against his body as we walk together, letting his leg brush against my exposed flesh, making sure I let him know that I’m ‘into him’. All the escorts here are first-class honeys and their clientele, who are attracted to the level of high-class companionship we offer, generally reflect the quality and standard of the pleasure we provide. 

“So Tany,” my client looks to me, into my deep brown eyes and smiles, “what makes you so beautiful?”  

I don’t answer him, taking his remark as a rhetorical question, but instead let the sway of my hips as I ascend the stairs in front of him, demonstrate what makes me so beautiful. I think, maybe my legs, my slender body, my full breasts, my jet black hair, my dusky skin, my exotic heritage, or maybe the session of lust-making we’re about to engage in, are part of what turns men on.  

I can tell he’s enamoured with my figure, so erotically revealed in the black lace two-piece lingerie set I’m wearing. The G-string is sheer and the diaphanous crotch reveals my hairless pussy, tight and ready for what this gentleman has told me he is after, cunnilingus before a full consummation of this momentary tryst in time. 

We step into suite one, one of the deluxe boudoirs here at Le Penthouse Suite, with a king-sized double bed, plush furnishings, a dance pole and podium, mirrored wall, Jacuzzi and shower. 

I start to make the bed, which is what all the girls here begin with, but as I begin to fit the sheets, I feel his arm encircle my waist from behind, and his hand find its way into my G-string crotch. His other arm encircles my upper body, his hand starting to fondle my breasts. He starts kissing my neck and unties my hair, so that the lustrous black locks fall askew around his face and mine. 

He whispers, “Shower first, Tany.” And he starts moving me towards the gold-fitted shower stall, all the while sucking and kissing my neck, and somehow undressing himself as we move the short distance, dropping his pants and briefs, his shirt, and now pressing his thick, pulsing erection against my buttocks.  

He spins me around to face him at the entrance to the shower stall, and starts kissing me on the mouth, deep tongue kisses, and moves down to my breasts, sucking my nipples so they become hard through the diaphanous fabric of the brassiere. I can sense his urgency mounting, and wonder what happened to his request for cunnilingus, because he starts to hook my leg up and position his thick length at my pussy lips, but I stop him. “Condom,” I say this in a husky voice, and look to the tiles near the shower stall, where a few condom packets are splayed out like candy. I start to reach for a packet but he stops me, and he opens the shower door and says “Cunnilingus, then fellatio, then we can use the condom.” 

The stream of water is hot and strong, and as the glass walls start to steam up, the gentleman starts to eat my pussy through the sopping wet G-string I have kept on for this encounter. My brassiere lies outside on the carpet, and his tongue is probing into my pussy, circling my clitoris, sucking the sensitive flesh until it is hard and responsive. He is squatting in front of me, backing me into the corner, and the jet of water turns his blonde hair honey dark as he searches for the honey in my sex.  

He is stroking himself as he eats my sex, supporting my slender thigh with one hand, as one of my feet rests on his back. His cunnilingus is savage and ferocious; and I moan and whimper continuously, as he brings me to mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm. I suddenly buck, and shudder, and decide I have to return the favour, so I pull him up, gripping his manly shoulders, and we change positions so that now his back is against the corner, and I squat and I start to suck his thick length, drinking in the rivulets of water that cascade all over the rock hard shaft of his manhood, drinking in the pre-cum of his erection as well. 

I suck him deep, and drag my small teeth along the length, occasionally biting, a little hard, so that he grunts in pleasurable pain, and then finally I reach outside the shower stall and grab a condom packet. I tear open the packet with my teeth, and he moves forward out of the stream of hot water, and I fit the condom onto his thick pulsing erection.  

After I roll the prophylactic to its full extent, not quite to the base of his manhood, he lets me know how much he wants me, by grabbing me by the arms and pulling me up, spinning me around so that once again I am in the corner. He pushes in close, and lifts up one of my thighs, then he places the engorged head of his pole against my tight pussy lips, finds the opening, and thrusts into my sex with a sudden pop, and then he starts pounding me. 

His thrusting in and out, in and out, is like the melody to the background sound of the rushing water, and the cascading steaming heat that surrounds us is like clouds of bliss as I ride his length for endless moment upon moment. I experience more mini-orgasms, and his pounding becomes more furious, and then he lifts me completely off the tiled floor of the shower stall, and I wrap my arms and legs around his body, and he lifts me up, and drops me down onto his length, lifts me up, and drops me down onto his sex, trying to find the deepest penetration possible, already having pierced my G-spot.  

He continues to perform this manoeuvre of lifting me up and dropping me, and continues to thrust in synchronicity to the down drop, and then in three penetrating up thrusts he orgasms, bellowing into the echoing shower stall. I feel blossoming heat in our united sex but I have already climaxed, when, I do not know. I lie exhausted against his chest, still supported in his arms. Totally spent, but he is still hard, so hard, and he carries me out of the shower stall, ready for our next round.