Trench Coat Play Time | LePenthouse Suite

Once we’re inside Suite One, the finest Gold Coast Brothel, this middle-aged entrepreneur tells me his story and why he’s holding a five thousand dollar Versace trench coat; and why he has such a troubled look in his faded blue eyes. The luxurious furnishings, king-sized double bed, gold shower stall, marble spa bath and dance pole podium make this boudoir the best here at the glitter strip’s premiere and longest-established bordello.

He tells me has a young trophy bride, sweet and slender like me, Dasha, with the same soft brown eyes and shoulder length golden blonde hair, the same gentle smile and cover-girl looks, same gorgeous body, and in her early twenties, like myself. I like the complementary comparison and adjust the way I’m standing there, pushing out my breasts so that the nipples press a little harder against the transparent white lace brassiere, tossing my golden blonde hair a little so that it frames my face in a halo, placing one long and lithe leg forward so that the foot is elegantly balanced on the gold stiletto heel and the V-line at my thigh highlights the tightness of my pussy and the way it is barely concealed by the transparent white lace G-string I’m wearing, and letting my baby brown eyes give him the most seductive bedroom gaze I’ve given in a long time.

He tells me he watched the limousine driver bang his wife against the black vehicle, in the long drive way of his mansion, while she was wearing this Versace trench coat. He tells me his wife was only wearing lingerie underneath the beige trench coat and was returning from the yacht club. He tells me the limousine driver ate his wife’s pussy for nearly an hour as she lay sprawled on the bonnet of the limousine, then banged her so hard up against the side-door that she broke off the side-view mirror and there was a dent in the door. He adds that the limousine company sent the bill for the damage to the limousine, to the entrepreneur a week later, and his young wife never mentioned the incident. She never said anything, so he never said anything. And he says right at this moment, the limousine driver is probably banging his wife again instead of taking her to the yacht club.

He hands me the trench coat, telling me he had it dry cleaned, and I slip the soft silk and cotton garment over my body, feeling the fit as a gentle warmth around my petite shoulders, tying the belt to enclose my slender waist, and I look up at the entrepreneur and there is strange look in his blue eyes, a mixture of uncontrollable lust and a hint of brooding anger.
He moves upon me now, enclosing my waist in his strong arms and pulling me hard against his massive erection, throbbing hard through the fabric of his pants, the trench coat a barrier to his unbridled lust. He starts kissing me along my neck, inhaling the scent of my hair, and leaving suck marks all along the flesh of my neck. He opens the front of the trench coat, but doesn’t undo the belt, and he presses his crotch, first against my belly, then moves himself down so he can press his hidden shaft against my tight pussy.

I reach down and undo his pants and they drop away and already his throbbing erection is thrusting out of the top of his black briefs, and he starts to move me towards the dance pole, not the bed, while he rubs his member against the front of my G-string, rubbing it till the fabric is set askew and the bare flesh of his rock hard erection is pressed hard against the flesh of my tight pussy.

He pulls open the top of the trench coat, pulling down the shoulders so my breasts and brassiere are exposed and he pulls the brassiere down so my nipples are easily accessed by his slavering mouth, he starts sucking my nipples and we step up onto the dance podium and suddenly I’m pressed hard against the metal dance pole. He reaches down and clumsily undoes the belt of the trench coat and it falls open and he has better access to my body.
He rubs his shaft along the V-line of my thigh, rubs it against my pussy so it gets caught under the G-string and the length of his meat pole is rubbing against my pussy lips and I’m moaning with pleasure. He pulls both my arms up and makes me hold the dance pole with my hands above my head and he starts sucking my nipples again, and reaches behind my back and clumsily unfastens my brassiere so that the strapless lingerie piece falls to the dance floor.

He reaches down under me, inside the trench coat and grabs handfuls of the soft swell of my buttocks and lifts me up off the dance floor and I hook my legs around his waist. He starts to search for my pussy opening with the sticky head of his erection, leaving traces of pre-cum all over the inside of my thigh and I stop him by squeezing my thighs into his waist and setting my feet down again. He is startled for a moment and then he sees me reaching down for a condom packet amongst those splayed out on the floor nearby.

I start to fit the condom onto his length as he steps out of his black briefs, all the while he keeps sucking and kissing my neck and breasts, sucking my nipples as I roll the prophylactic onto his shaft without looking. I make sure the fit is secure and then he moves into me again, wasting not a moment but rubbing the head of his erection up and down along the groove of my sex, up and down along the wet furrow of my pussy lips, finding the opening to my sex and then penetrating me with a pop that is so pleasurable I shudder in bliss.

Once again I reach my hands above my head and grasp the dance pole and this solid fifty year old is banging me hard against the dance pole, so hard that I have to push against him with my thighs hooked around his waist so that my back doesn’t bruise. He thrusts his length up into me, lifting me up and then letting me drop down hard onto his manhood, up and down, up and down, looking for deeper penetration and suddenly finding it as he pierces my G-string and I wail out long and hard, arching my back and neck.

He keeps sucking my neck and breasts and nipples, keeps banging me deep and long, and then his thrusting becomes faster and harder, and his urgency is irresistible and suddenly he orgasms deep inside my pussy, deep inside my G-spot and we both tremble in ecstasy, in erotic sexual delight and he remains inside me, pausing for a moment, supporting me with his hands under my buttocks, rocking me like his girl, the trench coat still on my body; and then he starts to carry me over to the king-sized double bed.
August, 2018