Trophy Bride Blues

He says he put a concealed camera in the main shower of his mansion so he could watch his trophy bride, his second wife, wash herself. He didn’t tell her. He says she wouldn’t have agreed even though it turned him on. He then says he caught on camera his 18 year-old son, who was living with them, making love to his wife so ferociously that she had to bite her hand to stop from screaming out too loud, while he was reading a book in the study. 

Now he says he doesn’t know what to do, but the ‘shower scene’ turned him on so much that he decided to unload all that pent-up lust and anger here at Le Penthouse Suite, with me, first-class escort-companion Amber. 

‘Anger’, I think to myself, and tell him I’m not into rough sex and he tells me neither is he, it’s just that he hasn’t made love to his wife ever since the ‘shower scene’, and he needs a little sexual healing. 

He shows me some of the video of his wife and son, seems to get perversely excited as we watch it together on the plush king-sized double bed, here in the deluxe boudoir of this elite and longest established bordello on the Gold Coast, Le Penthouse Suite. The son looks like a younger version of the father, this middle-aged man lying half-naked beside me in Ralph Lauren briefs, absent-mindedly stroking his manhood as he presses his body against my barely concealed, 20 year-old physique, in a two-piece white lingerie set from the Victoria’s Secret Pink range. 

My client’s wife looks a lot like me; similar long platinum blonde hair; similar slender but busty figure; similar high cheek bones and sweetly innocent face. His wife has blue eyes though, and mine are green, and I’m guessing she’s about five years older than me but still in her twenties, and very naughty. 

I get bored of the video and decide to shake my hair loose so that it splays out across this man’s broad chest, so that the waft of my fragrance enters his senses with some intensity. He laughs gently at this, but continues to watch the video for a little longer, but he’s pulled his now erect shaft out of his briefs; the thick length is already throbbing from his stroking it, and there’s a trickle of pre-cum from the engorged head. 

He turns his face into my neck and inhales deeply. “Your scent is beautiful,” he murmurs this appreciatively and then says, “I bet you taste just as good too.” And that’s when I know what he wants first because the last scene on his phone is that of his son eating his wife’s pussy as she is pressed up hard against the tiled wall of the shower. 

My client begins with a kiss on my lips, hard, intense, and then a second-kiss open-mouthed with tongue. He’s straddling either side of my slender waist, again stroking his member with one hand and grabbing a fistful of my silken blonde hair with the other, and he starts to kiss a line down from my neck, onto my décolleté, along my breasts where he pauses to pull down the white brassiere to suck my sensitive nipples painfully hard, then proceeds further down to my belly, then further to my hairless mound, my legs set wide apart, and the lips of his mouth finally fall upon the lips of my tight, moist pussy pressed against the diaphanous fabric of the crotch of the G-string. He pulls the G-string aside to gain access to my bare sex, to taste my scent. He opens my pussy lips a little wider with both hands and starts sucking my clitoris, sucking and licking it so that it stiffens, then makes tight circles around it with his tongue so that I arch my back and neck in ecstasy, and my whole body quivers with pleasure.  

He begins ever so gently to nibble my clitoris and my body shudders this time and I grab fistfuls of his curly hair, but he keeps nibbling, and sucking and licking until I clamp my legs around his shoulders and dig my heels into his back. So he decides he wants me to respond to his voracious cunnilingus by sucking his rock hard member. He rises up, moves his body around so that his knees are either side of my face, and his manhood is stiff and glistening and sticky, and it dangles downwards against the lips of my mouth while his face is between my thighs, but from the other direction as we begin that classic sexual number, 69. 

He begins to suck and lick my pussy again, this time sucking my pussy lips for a few moments, tasting my juices, tasting my sex and then he starts sucking and licking circles around my clitoris again. He buries his face as deeply as possible in to my tight, wet pussy, , and I take hold of his dangling erection, and push it into my mouth, starting to suck his throbbing length, sticky traces of pre-cum lace my face, and I take his shaft deeper into my mouth, nibbling on the firm flesh with my teeth, dragging the teeth along the length and then suddenly biting once, not too hard, then again to let him know he shouldn’t nibble on my clit without getting to know me better. 

He grunts at the not-too-hard bites, and adjusts his position so that he can thrust his length deeper into my mouth, so deep that it presses against the back of my throat, making me gag saliva mixing with his pre-cum. I keep sucking and he thrusts into my mouth a little faster, I can feel his urgency rising, his manhood getting even harder, and now he wants to consummate our lust, wants to be inside me because he pull his face away from my pussy, pulls his erection out of my mouth and shifts position again so that he is kneeling between my thighs, placing his pulsing member against my pussy lips revealed by the bunched up G-string.  

I quickly grab a condom from the bedside table, tear open the packet and begin to fit the prophylactic onto his erection before he can penetrate me. His lust is becoming uncontrollable and no sooner than I have rolled the condom down to its full length, he places the engorged head of his shaft against my pussy lips, rubs it up and down along the groove once, twice, finds my opening and pushes into my sex with a silent pop. He penetrates half-way, pulls back just a little, and thrusts deeper, he does this again and this time he pushes his length all the way into my sex, to the base of his erection, and piercing the centre of my G-spot. I shudder in pleasure riding mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm, and he starts pounding me, thrusting in and out, in and out, and grabbing the inside of my thighs so that there will be small bruises. He mutters, “You let my son make love to you,” and his thrusting becomes more intense, more rapid, more aggressive, and I fully orgasm on an endless moment of erotic bliss, and he suddenly lifts up my buttocks, pulling my pussy as deeply as possible onto his throbbing pole and orgasms, roaring into the room, and letting his climax radiate outwards from our union. He’ still hard though, and as he leads me to the shower stall in this deluxe suite, the last image I see on his phone is his son penetrating his wife hard against the tiled wall of the shower.