Two Gymnasts and Ziggy

The girl is full of nervous energy, literally bouncing up and down, smiling and strongly muscled. You’d think she was high on something, but she and her step-brother who stands beside her, are both Commonwealth Games athletes, so you’d expect the energy.

The three of us stand in the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s premiere brothel, beneath the soft lighting, opposite the large flat screen television that is playing that 80s song “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton-John.

I catch hold of the brother’s strong hand and give it a squeeze, “I’m Ziggy, and I’m pleased to meet both of you.” The step-sister giggles. There’s an unspoken agreement that this will be kept hush, hush, given the fact that the two are sort of related.

“You look like my mother,” the step-sister giggles again. The brother looks at her disapprovingly and says, “No, she doesn’t, you’re just saying that because of the beer you had, now keep quiet.” He looks at me and smiles, then unabashedly checks out my look, the purple lace lingerie, the string corset, and half-cup brassiere that supports my fulsome breasts; the G-string with transparent crotch, the purple garter belt, stockings and high heels.

I toss my auburn hair and catch his gaze with seductive brown eyes. He looks back approvingly, shuffles his feet a little. He fancies my appearance. I’m curvy, not quite voluptuous, but certainly sexy and my legs are athletic, full and firm.

We make our way past the reception area where Hayley our manageress gives us a small wave and a smile while she talks to a client on the phone. I lead the two gymnasts up the stair-case; we are heading for suite one, the deluxe boudoir with a king-sized double, a dancing pole and podium that is set in front of a mirrored wall, marble spa and gold luxury shower stall.

Being an athlete and pumped full of testosterone the brother barely gives me a moments pause before he descends upon me and encircles me in strong, strong arms, starting to kiss my neck and inhale the perfumed scent on the flesh. “Hang on tiger, I’ve got to make the bed.’ He releases me but the crotch of his pants are bulging and I felt the thick hardness of his shaft through the fabric. I think he must have a stringent training schedule.

As I make the king-sized double with the soft, satin sheets the girl comes up to me and says, “I’ll help you,” but I’ve just finished tucking the last corner and then she starts kissing me, deeply, mouth open, on my lips. She is nearly as strong as her step-brother, her gymnast arms encircling my waist, pulling me close, continuing to kiss me, now tongue on tongue.

The step-brother has undressed and has moved behind me, kissing my neck from behind, feeling my breasts and pulling down the brassiere to expose my firm, erect nipples. He is rubbing his throbbing erection up against the small of my back, and the girl, has slipped her hand into the front of my G-string, stretching my wet pussy lips, fingering my clitoris. I am moaning a little.

The brother undoes my string corset and tosses it onto the floor and the girl is still fingering my moist sex, plunging three fingers into the opening, still fiddling the clitoris hard and erect.

While the girl undresses, taking her track-suit pants and top off, they both move me onto the bed, and once the girl is fully unclothed, the brother starts to eat my sex through my sopping wet G-string. The girl is kneeling on either side of my face, her hairless pussy positioned above my mouth as she faces in the direction of her step-brother, who continues to eat my sex, tasting my pussy juices and moaning and stroking his thick hard erection as I start cunnilingus on the female Commonwealth gymnast, sucking her pussy lips and licking her clitoris stiff and hard.

The ménage-a-trois continues from moment to moment, and I shudder with mini-orgasm after mini orgasm, and I think the brother wants to plunge his manhood into my tight, wet pussy now because he rises up onto his knees. “Condom,” I hiss huskily at him while simultaneously continuing to eat the gymnasts sex. She moves back a little to let me rise, and I reach for a ribbed, strawberry flavoured prophylactic from the bedside table.

I fit the large sized condom onto the brother’s throbbing erection with squeezing pressing fingers as I roll it onto his length, and finish the job with my mouth. I think he might want fellatio so I start to suck down onto his manhood but he has other ideas.

I see him glance at his step-sister, and without saying anything they both move me off the bed and onto the carpeted floor. The girl is a little taller than me, and strongly built, broad through the shoulders, and muscular beneath her breasts. She sits on the floor, lies back, and then pushes upwards with both her hands, feet and legs, into a back arch that exposes her pussy, which is glistening with sex juice.

I’m thinking this is so kinky, as the brother manoeuvres me over the girl, so he can penetrate my pussy from behind. It is awkward, and I don’t know whether she’ll support my wait, but as I lie over her, with my own legs as added support, I find she is not only flexible, but hard and strong, and I place my hands on the bedside table for more support.

The brother positions himself behind me and grabs my buttocks, then pushes his length into my tight, pussy, and starts pounding me, thrusting his manhood deep into my sex. I almost laugh at the ridiculous position we are in, and I think, my God, all that training must have done something to the two.

The brother thrusts back and forth into me, deep, and deeper until he hits my G-spot and I moan, the bedside table is rocking with the movements of our entangled sex-machine, and the whole scenario reaches a level that is surreal and ultimately pleasurable.

For a moment I don’t feel him penetrating me, and I know he is plunging his engorged manhood into his step-sister, because she is moaning while still holding a perfect back arch, and then he is back into my pussy again, this time his thrusts have a sense of urgency as he quickens to a climax, and in three final stabbing thrusts I feel him orgasm, and I have unknowingly climaxed as well, because my body shudders and I feel a warm bliss erupt from the centre of my sex, spreading outwards throughout my whole body.

I push up from the bedside table, standing up, and the girl doesn’t collapse in exhaustion, she settles onto the floor, collapsing her back arch in a practised manoeuvre, and gets up, smiling at me, perspiration through her brown hair. “Let’s try it in the shower,” and they both move me towards the luxury shower stall, their strongly muscled physiques either side of me, the looks in their eyes lascivious and with a mutual understanding that this is all to be kept hush, hush.