Vibrating Delight

I sit there listening to him in red lace lingerie that accentuates the sensuous curves of my body, contrasts the light gold of my long hair, makes my legs look long and lithe, makes clients want to make love to me then and there, in the introduction room of Lepenthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s finest bordello.

He says he just wants to watch me play with my pussy while he masturbates and then cums all over me. He has a red leather shoulder bag that belongs to his wife and contains her erotic toys. He says I look remarkably like his partner of 8 years. The same long golden blonde hair, the blue eyes, the slender body, the light tan and long shapely legs. The only difference being that I’m a lot younger. He makes this last statement wistfully, as if he longs for an earlier time.

He lifts the shoulder bag up a little and says, “There’s a vibrating egg-shaped thing in here, and a huge dildo that puts me to shame.” I smile at his honesty, and then we leave the introduction area and make our way upstairs to where the boudoirs are located.

When we are in the room, and after I have made the king-sized double with the linen I grabbed from reception, we sit together and he takes out the erotic toys from the shoulder bag. “I know how they’re used, but I want to see them in action.” And he steals a kiss. I let him kiss me again. He continues on. “My wife never lets me watch. If I can see you get off on them, maybe I can pleasure my wife a little better.”

“I see,” I smile wickedly and he tries to steal another kiss, which I playfully turn away from. I grab both erotic toys from the bag. They are expensive toys, well designed. The dildo is heavy and knobbled for added pleasure, 12 inches long, more than enough for most women. The vibrating egg is a finely crafted pleasuring device, and I select this one first.

He quickly undresses, all the while stroking and squeezing his hard erection with one hand as he unbuttons his shirt and takes off his pants and briefs with the other. He sits close to me on the bed, face to face, our legs both spread so his feet are touching my feet. He watches me as I use the egg first, pulling aside the transparent front of my red G-string, then rubbing the ovoid shaped vibrator up and down along my pussy lips, along my tight groove, making it moist and wet with my sex juice while the speed is set at four, the highest level being ten. It feels good, and then I rub the egg around my clitoris, moaning a little to turn him on, turn the vibration up to six, then pushing the egg slowly into my pussy. It is about as large as a tennis ball, and fits tightly into my wet pussy, the lips swallowing it, and I push it deeper into me, using my vaginal muscles to move it even deeper inside, feeding the first few, smaller spherical baubles positioned on the controller cord, also into my pussy. He is stroking himself hard, squeezing his erection which is hard like blue steel, and leans forward to kiss me, but I turn away.

I play hard to get, and this drives him a little wild. I turn the speed setting on the controller to maximum at ten and feel waves of bliss explode inside me where the egg sits cradled in my sugar walls touching my G-spot. Multiple orgasm after multiple orgasm and I’m moaning, oblivious to everything around. I am not even aware that now he is sucking my nipples while stroking himself. And I get the picture, he wants more than mutual masturbation, so I begin to pull the egg out, feeling the baubles on the cord pop out past my pussy lips, until the egg emerges vibrating at full speed and all sticky with sex juice.

My client can’t contain himself. He grabs the egg from my hands and tosses it to the side. He looks into my eyes and says breathlessly, “Ahh damn, just this once. I’ve gone this far with you, might as well go all the way.” While still masturbating he moves towards me, his erection throbbing and glistening, his gaze firmly fixed on my wet, tight pussy, and the 12-inch dildo is forgotten as his manhood decides to find its way into my sex.

“Hold on gorgeous,” I sit up quickly and reach for a condom, “I don’t want to get knocked up. I don’t think your wife would be into that!” He nearly blows his load as I fit the condom over his glistening, still pulsing length with my mouth, dragging my teeth along the shaft to pleasure him. And he moans, and pushes me back onto the bed, and he positions the head of his shaft at my pussy lips, and I will soon find out if he is better than the vibratring egg …