I Want to Kiss the Bride

The gold chain cross around his neck gleams in the soft light that illuminates the introduction area here at Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite. He is a 1.00 am walk-in, dressed conservatively, light-blue polo shirt underneath a tan jacket. Grey slacks, brown leather belt and brown sandals. His hair is curly and he is wearing glasses. A little nervous I think, because of the way he continuously bounces one knee up and down.

I am the last of three high-class escorts to introduce themselves to Tom, that’s his name, that’s what our manageress told us. He smiles when he sees me, stands tall and grasps my hand gently. He has gentle blue eyes; intelligent behind thin rimmed gold glasses. A man of about thirty.

We sit on the luxurious maroon couch in the centre of the introduction area. Elton John is playing on the large flat screen television, singing something about kissing the bride. We chat for a while, my leg is pressed against his thigh, stops the nervous shake of his leg. I can tell he is checking out my body, barely concealed in my lavender lace lingerie. I can tell he is looking at my full breasts, inhaling the scent of my sandy blonde hair, checking out what he can see of my pussy through the thin G-string I am wearing.

The last two girls are as hot as me. What usually captures the walk-in client is a moment of connection during conversation. I laugh as he tells me this is his first time visiting a bordello. I tell him Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite is the finest bordello on the Gold Coast, and I place my hand on his thigh. That does it. He coughs slightly looks at me, and our eyes meet. My bedroom gaze has ensnared him. I can tell, because for a moment there is something like wild lust hidden behind his seemingly innocent gaze.

The walk-up the staircase is foreplay. Tom is watching the sway of my hips, his eyes entranced by the curvature of my sexy ass, the curves of my slender body. He is bathing in the scent of my feminine allure, the soft perfume I have put on after a cleansing shower before this dark hour rendezvous. I catch his gaze again in the reflection of the mirrored wall as we walk down the hallway to room one. I am carrying fresh white linen under one arm as I open the door.

It is part of the service that we make the bed while the client watches the girls at Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite. Usually it turns them on. Sometimes it fires them up to uncontrollable levels. I smile at the thought. That housemaid type thing. Domestic bliss and all that.

Tom stands a few feet behind me and is already starting to undress. I continue making the bed, making sure I am showing my smooth tanned ass, hoping he can see some of my hairless pussy. He hasn’t taken his eyes off me yet. He is fully undressed now, and his erection is already throbbing. He is stroking himself, and there is glistening precum on the head of his manhood. All he is wearing now is his glasses and gold cross.

I finish making the bed, grab a condom, lay back on the bed, spread my legs, and motion to Tom with one finger, “Come here lover boy.” And that’s all it takes. He literally

descends upon me. I move back a little as he starts first with cunnilingus. He pushes aside my G-string and starts eating my sex. A little clumsy at first, hungry, sucking the vagina lips, tongue circling my clit. I groan a little, shudder a little. My sex juices are flowing. He is stroking his shaft as he is eating my sex. I take off his glasses and gently toss them aside. Endless moments upon moments of this man eating my tight hairless pussy and I think I want this man inside me.

I put my fingers in his hair and grasp the curls, and I pull him up and he understands what is to come next. I tear open the condom, and Tom kneels on the bed and my legs are spread either side of him, my wet pussy waiting to be pounded hard. I fit the condom over his length with my mouth, gazing up at him, trying to catch his eyes, but he is looking up at the mirrored ceiling, lost in bliss. His eyes are closed but for a moment he opens them and our eyes meet in the reflection.

We’re like first time lovers in an exclusive porno movie. But this male actor is a little shy, but he is starting to warm up as I suck harder and deeper, and then he puts his hands around my head and pulls my skull onto his erection. He says something like, “Take all of it baby. And he is pounding into my mouth down my throat, and he pulls my blonde hair away from my face, and holds in it in a bunch. And I am gagging, and he is thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster and then he orgasms and groans up into the mirrored ceiling. But now I want my orgasm, and thankfully Tom is still hard, hard as a rock, hard as blue steel.

It is double bang time, and I lay back and it is classic missionary position and for a moment I think of the gold cross around his neck, and then he is positioning his erection at the lips of my pussy, and I hook my ankles around his buttocks and I pull him into me. And he penetrates my tight pussy, and my lace camisole is lifted up and pushed askew, and my full firm breasts are exposed and Tom is grabbing them hard and I know they will be bruised, and now he is pounding me, pushing his length into me, all the way, deep into me, searching for that sweet sex spot, that G-spot. And he is adjusting and re-adjusting himself, because he can’t get deep enough into me.

He grabs the tops of my thighs and tries to pull me deeper onto his length. And he is cursing and swearing, sweating. He is calling me all sorts of dirty names, and I love this dirty talk, and now he is leaning over me, whispering those sex words into my ear, and he is hating me, killing me, pounding me. And I am pushing my hips up to meet his downward thrust, and still hooking my legs hard around him. And I am scratching his back, clawing this client hard enough to leave fine blood scratches. And he doesn’t feel this because his pounding becomes even more urgent, and then he twists my body a little and there, he has found my G-spot and I tremble, and shudder and stiffen and orgasm. I moan out into the room, and then he orgasms for the second time.

We rest for a little bit in the after-glow of our first sexual entanglement. We don’t talk much. He doesn’t reveal anything about himself. I start to toy with his gold cross.

He says, “A gift from my fiancee.” He says this a little remorsefully. I laugh at the small smile of guilt that crosses his face. And then he laughs as well. Not enough sex I think to myself.

And then we are heading for the shower stall. And underneath the hot stream of steaming water we make love again, for the third time. He is inside me while in a standing position, supporting my full weight with his hands and arms, and I am biting his neck and he is groaning, and he is thrusting his hips up, lifting me up, and dropping me onto his erection, and this time every thrust is penetrating my G-spot, and my sugar walls are tightly clasped around his thick shaft, and now he is pushing me against the glass wall.

And the shower stall is all steam and heat, and the love-making is endless and time-less. And I am bouncing up and down onto his shaft, my petite body meeting his powerful up-thrust, my blonde hair all wet and honey gold, and my face is beaded with droplets of water and sweat and we are kissing each other. Deeply, tongue on tongue, drinking each other’s saliva, and then his pounding up-thrusts become so powerful and fast that I shout out, and then with three hard thrusts he orgasms and shouts out and I orgasm, and collapse into his grasp, cradled in lust, cradled in his arms. I am his baby, I am his lover, where is his fiancee?

He dresses quickly, giving me a sweet kiss on the cheek. He smiles one last time and says, “I better get some sleep, the wedding is tomorrow.” And I know he is not joking as he leaves the room. I stand in the room, a little exhausted from the hot sex, a little energized too, myself, Ally, high-class escort here at Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite, the premiere pleasure palace on this East Coast Glitter Strip, and gentleman’s delight.