He Wants to Do Me On His Boogie Board

He says he’s a body-boarding champion with a promotion from a top surf company and smiles at me while holding his ‘Mach-10 Pro’ under one arm. He’s typically dressed  like a surfer, with long black and white broad shorts, and purple Billabong T-shirt, but so out of place here on a cold Autumn midnight, in Le Penthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s premiere elite bordello, the longest established pleasure palace on the coast. 

I stand before him, Bianca, gorgeous dark-haired beauty and first-class escort-companion, wearing a light purple two-piece string bikini, only because I got called in on a special request and had no time to wash any of my lingerie. This golden blonde surfer made a special request for me, actually saying to the girls at reception, “man, that chick is so hot,” when referring to me. 

“Cool, that bikini is so hot,” He is still smiling, and his blue eyes twinkle as he checks out my body, all 169 cm of me, from my red painted toe-nails to the top of my long, dark hair, paying special attention to the way my full firm breasts perk up the skimpy bikini top, full and heavy and inviting, and the way the tiny bikini panty reveals the V-line of my thighs and the tight mound of my hairless pussy. “All the dudes down at the beach would cream their wet-suits if they saw you, you’re babe-licious.” This is when I laugh, and take him by the hand, wondering if he’s high on something, with his body-board under his arm. As if he’s read my mind, he says, “I want to make love on my boogie board with you.” 

The trip past reception, up the stairs, and into suite one, the deluxe bedroom, is a blur because already I’m riding on cloud nine at the adoration from this surfer champion; and he’s an attractive young man, looking a little like a young Kelly Slater. 

He’s actually quite shy for a surfie, I think to myself, as we start to kiss and fondle each other just in front of the king-sized double bed, which I have just finished fitting, and facing the luxury shower stall and marble spa-bath. 

His kisses are deep and strong, and we start to tongue each other, the French-kissing becoming heated enough so that he starts fondling my pussy under my bikini-panty, while pulling me against his body with his other hand around my waist and on the small of my back.  

I reach into his broad shorts and grab his thick semi-erection and squeeze it a few times before I start to pull and stroke his shaft. We keep kissing, and I unfasten the knot of my bikini top so that it falls to the ground to reveal my full breasts and dark erect nipples. He immediately descends upon my nipples, pulling away from our face sucking to start to suck my nipples. He groans as I squeeze his thick length hard, and I wonder if he is about to orgasm but he manages to control himself. He pulls me down to the floor, and places me onto the boogie board, face up, my back against the firm material of the Mach-10. He’s managed to slip out of his board shorts, to reveal he’s wearing black speedo ‘budgie smugglers’, and he unfolds his thick long erection from the speedos  not bothering to take them off.  

He gets onto his knees, as I lie before him, and he finds the arm rope, but instead of attaching it to my wrist, he puts both my arms up above my head, and ties the wrists together in a firm but not painful knot.  He takes off his t-shirt to reveal a powerful chest with the tattoo of a wave on his solar plexus, brings his face to my pussy, pulls aside the bikini panty and starts to eat my sex, to growl my pussy. He sucks my pussy lips and licks my clitoris while opening my legs wide, spreading my thighs with his hands while continuing with his voracious cunnilingus, licking and slurping my sex juices, even nibbling my clitoris until I’m moaning and quivering, and experiencing mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm. I leave my tied hands above my head, the boogie-board is firm and comfortable under my back, and my hips are up-tilted into the surfer champion’s face. He growls me sex for what seems like an eternity, and then he decides for the final move in this surf contest. 

He moves up my torso, and starts to place his thick blue steel erection against my pussy, when I remember protection and say, “Condom,” so he looks around and finds a packet from a strategic place beside the bed and starts to tear it open, but I sit up and say, “I’ll do it.” I quickly tear the packet open with my teeth while holding it with my two hands tied. I fit the prophylactic onto his throbbing shaft and roll it to its full extent, and he immediately pushes me back onto the boogie board, places the head of his erection against the furrow of my tight pussy lips, rubs it up and down along the groove a few times, finds the opening and penetrates me with a pop that is felt more than heard. 

He plunges his shaft into me, finding depth first time, finding even deeper the second, and penetrating my G-spot with the third thrust. Now he starts pounding me on his boogie board, pounding my pussy into the carpet while my back is on the board. We adjust our position, so that our sex connection at our waists is now supported by the boogie-board, and my back is arched a little, and my tied hands are lying back behind my head. 

He pounds me and pounds me, always hitting deep into my G-spot, and then his urgency becomes manic, becomes uncontrollable, and he is lifting the boogie board off the floor so he pull my sex, pull my pussy as deeply as possible onto his throbbing shaft and in a few deep penetrating stabs he orgasm a blossoming load of cum deep in my sex-centre, the heat radiating out in waves from our most intimate connection. 

We settle back together onto the boogie-board, and he whispers into my ear, “Wait till we do it in the surf,” and I giggle and kiss him on the lips.