Winter is leaving the Gold Coast

My name is Winter, but there’ s nothing cold about me. I’m a Sydney girl through and through but every now and then I need to escape the concrete jungle and road trip to the beach. About three weeks ago I sold all my spare junk and jumped in my 1970 Orange Dodge Challenger, driving until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I feel like there is nothing more cleansing for the soul then an open road, windows all the way down, with the music cranked to the point where the speakers crackle. I feel free, like the wind just blows my troubles away. It takes me back to the ski fields of my childhood. I spent most of my teen years gliding down a mountain on my snowboard. Ever since then, I’ve dedicated my life to reaching new peaks of adrenaline. Fast cars, risky sex and an insatiable travel bug.

I had been so into my daydream about the good old days that I hadn’t realised how long I had been driving for. I was shocked when I saw the exit for the Gold Coast but felt a strange level of serenity. I have a few close friends who live out this way and knew would put me up for the night but one night turned into two, two nights into three and then weeks into almost a month. I just couldn’t shake the feeling of contentment that comes with a good beach break. Also the spontaneous root I had had that week on broad beach definitely helped!

I live for my car, which as any car fanatic would know, tends to drain the savings. One night over a few beers I confided to my friend Ivy my situation. Ivy is a beautiful graceful long legged, blonde beauty that I know from down south. She too had enough of the city life, ditching it for the slow-paced life of the Gold Coast.
She just smiled her beautiful smile and said something I never would have expected. “Winter honey, I fuck for money. I literally get to ride men all night and then get paid for it.” I always knew Ivy had a wild side; actually it was kind of hard to miss when there’s a new man or woman, in her bed every night. But I didn’t think she could ever be a prostitute.

“Why don’t you come to work with me? What’s something you’ve always wanted to try?” Ivy asked.

“Well…” I pondered. What did I want to try? I had had a pretty liberal sex life; there wasn’t much I hadn’t done so far. Well except for… “I’ve always wanted to give a guy anal. I bought this strap on for when I meet women but I’ve never met a guy that will let me stick it in. Do you think I can find someone who will?”

Ivy’s face lit up. “Oh honey, I did that last night for two hours. Why don’t you come into work with me? There is so much more you haven’t experienced yet!”

I’ve always had a huge sexual appetite and living in Australia’s sex capital; Sydney, I’ve never had to roam too far from my door to find some dick. I’ve always been a bit self-conscious though as a redhead tomboy I was usually considered one of the boys. I spoke about my fears that I would stand up in the line-up and no one would pick me. In comparison to her blond hair, perky tits and long legs I felt like the polar opposite. I have long black hair, petite size 8 with a round c cup bust.

Ivy just threw her head back and laughed. “Are you serious? Where is this coming from? Six weeks ago, you were having sex with a stranger on the hood of a car that was parked behind a police station! Last night you took your top off and flashed a jogger and then doggy style fucked on the main beach until the tide came in. You only stopped because the waves kept lapping at your arse! What happened to the girl whose tinder profile is literally the words ‘down to fuck any time, any place, any way’?”

She did have a point. There isn’t anything that I won’t and haven’t tried. “Besides,” Ivy added, “Don’t you need that new heat thing for your car?” She was right. I was desperate for a new heat riser for my car, It had been running warm since my impromptu hiatus from my Sydney life. “Fuck it!” I said. Why the hell not!”
“No.” Ivy said. “Fuck them!” And so my illustrious Escort life was born and so far, I don’t see myself turning back.

I have had some of the most passionate sex of my short 20-year-old life. The men who see me seem to sense the adrenaline junkie inside and push the boundaries of my wildest imagination. I have never been more bent and stretched in my life and I love it. Every time a new client walks in and requests something new I burst with excitement. Last night I went from a couple booking where I got to fuck both the husband and the wife simultaneously then this morning I was in a four-hour Bondage and B & D booking. I feel like I have finally found my true calling in life. I get to spend my day tinkering away on my car and my nights loosing myself in the ecstasy of whoever chooses my company. I mean seriously, In what other job can someone say they where paid to orgasm over and over!

It’s a freeing feeling knowing that when my I do have to eventually go back to my mundane Sydney life, I will always have the Gold Coast. When it all builds back up and I need to be free from the shackles of my 9-5 job and my cold lonely apartment, all I have to do is get in my car, crank the music, wind the windows down and step on the accelerator. I know that if I can get to Ivy she will always take me in. We’re building a girl on girl service has been drawing a lot of attention at Le Penthouse Suite. My appetite for lesbian services has grown in the last few weeks; I’m hoping this will be something I get to experiment with further.

I may be a long way from home but I hope to call this place home for a few more weeks. Well at least until I can get that heat riser for my car. I have kind of been putting my money more towards building up my lingerie and toy collection. Besides, I haven’t found a good parts dealer up here yet. If see me in the intro and you can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate that!

If you asked me this time last month if I had thought I’d be working in a brothel I would have said you where nuts now, now I can’t wait to see who is sitting on that leather couch. I can’t help but think, how great would it be to do it right there…