Yvette, Honey-Dripping Bikini Babe

I glance over my shoulder as we ascend the stair-case and see that my client is still holding the plastic squeeze bottle full of honey, and I kind of know what it is that he wants. I’m Yvette, first-class tender young escort companion here at Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s premiere bordello and pleasure palace. 

Following me up the stair case is a thirty-something hipster dressed in beach theme, and I myself am wearing a two piece lime green string biking, upon request from my client who took a liking to my image in the gallery website. 

He is wearing loose-fitting cargo shorts and a red Hawaiian shirt with white flowers and he has a tan, probably from a salon given that it is the colder end of Autumn. 

We walk towards suite one, the deluxe bordello, with king-sized double bed, shower, Jacuzzi, and luxury furnishings, and just for fun I stop suddenly about three feet from the door and let my client collide into me. 

He mutters an apology but his hands slink around my bare slender waist, and his face buries itself deeply in my dark brown hair, and he presses his erection through the fabric of his pants against the top of my butt cheeks, so sparingly covered by the skimpy bikini panty. I giggle, and then move forward through the doorway and already he is chasing me and trying to kiss me. He must be high on something. He’s still holding the squeeze bottle of honey. 

I turn around to face him once we’re inside the room, and straight away I pull aside my bikini top to expose my full firm breasts, expose my nipples to this blonde, goofy hipster. 

He gasps and moves quickly to me, immediately craning his neck down so he can suck my nipples, immediately slinking his arms around my waist and pulling me into him. I reach down and grab his stiffening erection through his cargo shorts, and then I start to pull the shorts down. He continues to suck my nipples and pull my body hard against his. One of his hands slips into my bikini panties and I feel his fingers part my pussy lips and start to play with my clitoris.  

We stumble over to the love-seat, and already he has taken his pants off but he still has his black briefs on, and his erection is bulging out and over the top of the bunched up fabric, and we collapse onto the love-seat. 

I unbutton his shirt and now he is kissing me on the lips, his tongue making circles around my tongue, his hands are playing with my nipples and he is pressing me hard into the love-seat.  

He pulls one hand away and he leans down to grab the honey bottle which has fallen to the floor, and he flips open the lid, pulls back for a moment, and then he starts to squeeze honey onto my nipples. The feeling is a little cool and sticky and once the golden liquid has coated my nipples he leans forward and starts sucking my nipples hard, lapping up the sugary sweet honey. I moan a little. He picks me up, he is naked now, and his erection presses against my butt cheeks as he carries me over to the Jacuzzi, which is bubbling away like a babbling brook. 

He places me down onto the tiled wall, wide enough to allow me to lie flat on the surface. My bikini top has been lost in the short transit, and once I am lying on the tiled wall, he starts to squeeze more honey on my nipples and breasts, then down along my torso, onto my belly button, and onto my pussy which is exposed because the bikini panties have become set askew. 

He tosses the honey bottle aside and starts to feast on the golden liquid lacing my body, lacing my breasts and pussy, and when he has licked and sucked most of the sugary sweet honey off, he gets up on the tiled wall and straddles my waist, moving down a little so he can position the head of his thick, hard erection against my pussy lips. 

I remember we need protection and say, “Stop.” Then I find a condom packet down by the side of the Jacuzzi and sit up on the tiled wall, my face pressing into his lower chest. His hands are cradling my head, mussing up my long dark brown hair. My body is sticky with the honey, and tingling from his sucking and licking. I fit the condom onto his throbbing shaft, leaving sticky traces of his pre-cum on my fingers, and then I adjust my position and start to finish the fit with my mouth, sucking the prophylactic all the way down onto his long, erection. I start sucking him, deeply, repetitively, over and over until he shudders a little and moans into the ceiling.  

I can feel his urgency rise and then he pulls my head away from his manhood and instead of pushing me onto the tiled wall, pulls me into the bubbling warm Jacuzzi. The feeling of floating engulfs us, and I am suspended on bubbles of water, and  I drift into position, drift into his arms, and then position my tight hot pussy above his thick throbbing erection, my bikini panties are still on and still askew. I settle lower into the water, and rub my pussy lips up and down along the head of his shaft and then finding the opening, push myself onto him. 

He feels his length penetrate me, and grabs my slender body and pulls me hard onto his throbbing pole, and starts pounding me in the Jacuzzi, making ripples and waves on top of the Jacuzzi bubbles. And his thrusting is ferocious, and he kisses and sucks my face, and he grips my love handles and butt cheeks under the water, and he keeps adjusting my body trying to find deeper access into my cervix, into my G-spot, and there, he pierces the deep and tender sweet spot inside me. I cry out, and start moaning and whimpering as he continuously thrusts into my G-spot. His pounding becomes more rapid, more forceful and his jolting stabbing movements become faster and harder, and then I feel him orgasm deep inside me, and I soon respond with a quivering climax, and we slink together in each other’s arms in the Jacuzzi, the honey bottle somewhere on the floor near the bed