A High Class Escort’s Dominatrix Dress-Up

At five feet eleven, with legs so long and lithe, a gorgeous size 8 beach-toned body, and lustrously dark hair all the way down to the small of my back, I was probably destined to be a high demand, high class escort at Le Penthouse Suite, the glitter strip’s premiere bordello and palace of pleasure.


Of the many pleasures I offer to clients, occasionally I receive a request for BDSM, with myself as the lead dominatrix.

I consider these requests very carefully, as I’m not the usual pro-domme femme fatale or S& M mistress, and I tend not to enjoy humiliating clients even if they have a fetish for submitting to dominant females. If I do accommodate such a request, the dominatrix role I assume is always a variation on the strict governess style, and usually I relinquish at the end of a session to soothe the erotic pain I was asked to inflict.


I have a special set of dominatrix lingerie I wear, with accompanying props

My three favourite items are a lace bodysuit so sizzling hot it turns me on just to look at it; a leather halter harness playsuit that always makes my submissive client tremble with erotic desire; and a black leather chain link garter belt I combine with fishnet stockings, black leather opera gloves or sometimes 80s Madonna-style fingerless lace gloves, high black latex stilettos, and a black leather chain choker, and completely topless.


Depending on how dominating I feel and the erotic inclinations of my client, I’ll usually use a riding crop or soft leather whip to punish my submissive partner until he begs me to pleasure his hurts and show him some mercy.


The lace bodysuit covers me from the tips of my toes to the top of my neck, and is fashioned from the finest see-through black lace hugging my body tightly so that the shapeliness of my hips and the erotic curvature of my body are accentuated to the nth degree. The body suit is also backless, bottomless, and crotch-less, for immediate access to my sex if I relent and let my submissive client soothe the hurts I’ve placed on him. I’ll start my commanding him to sit on the love-seat, naked of course, and begin a tirade of verbally erotic humiliation. I’ll be holding a riding crop, to ensure he is not overcome by lust at the sight of my smoking hot body all dressed up so tight in the transparent body-suit, and tries to accost me despite my role as dominatrix.


As the session starts to heat up, I’ll spank my client, then I’ll cane him with the crop, continuing to belittle him with verbal remarks designed to titillate and humiliate him at the same time.

Usually the spanking turns him on so much he breaks the rule of look but don’t touch, and when I see his erection throbbing and glistening with pre-cum, I’ll command him to eat my pussy through the crotch-less entry of the lace body-suit.


He’ll place his trembling lips on my sex and growl out my sex like a starving puppy-dog, as I lay back on the love-seat and position myself so I can whip his shaft with the riding crop. Penetration of my pussy is not always guaranteed; it depends on if he blows his load during cunnilingus, and whether he has enough libido to reverse the roles and dominate me.

The black leather halter harness playsuit is so erotically excessive that I reserve this for clients who emphasize their fetish for complete submission to me as dominatrix, with no guarantee of sexual consummation at the end of the session.  The halter harness is designed so that leather straps fit the play suit to my body, revealing my breasts and bottom completely, and covering my pussy so minimally that the V-line between my thigh and pussy is high enough to completely reveal my hips and tight love-handles. I’ll usually wear knee-high leather boots, and carry a soft leather whip with five tails for the punishment of my client. For these sessions I’ll usually bind my client’s hands with straps or sometimes handcuff, maybe gag him, and teach him all about discipline and punish.


As the lead dominatrix in these sessions, I’ll flog him till his flesh is flushed and marked

Though not to injury, and if I’m in the mood and his erection is hard enough, I’ll ride him like a biker babe on a Harley, straddling him, letting the thrust of his shaft penetrate my pussy after I’ve set askew the crotch of the playsuit, the shake of my tight breasts accentuated by the tightness of the harness playsuit. I’ll listen to him whimper through the gag, unable to touch me because his hands are cuffed, continuing to berate him with erotic words of lust and derision, ride him till he blows his load while deep inside my sex, and he experiences a combination of extreme pleasure and humiliation before me as dominatrix.


The leather garter belt is reserved for those clients I seat on a hard-backed chair, always cuffed and unable to rise from the seat. Always naked and gagged, trembling in fear at the pro-domme I’ve become. I’ll pair the leather garter belt with thigh-high fishnet stockings, the skimpiest see-through G-string panties I can find, and black latex stilettos.


The fingerless lace gloves will add sweet femininity to the role of the dominating harridan I assume. My breasts will be totally uncovered, although I will wear a choker, sometimes leather, sometimes lace, and my long lustrously dark hair will become a major feature in this minimalist dominatrix lingerie piece I’m wearing, swishing the length across his body so the sensation of silken locks contrasts with the pain I inflict.


I’ll use a riding crop to whip his thighs, I’ll pinch his cheeks, pinch his nipples, engage in a little bit of pain on his erection and testicles. I’ll usually pleasure him in the end by riding his throbbing shaft while he’s bound to the hard-backed chair, bang him so hard into the seat that the chair bounces hard against the floor. I’m not the usual dominatrix.