Depending on my mood, the weather, maybe the moon, and the predilections of the client I’m entertaining, the choice of which G-string, garter belt, camisole or any combination of erotic lingerie pieces I wear, always heightens our encounter and always arouses the most intense levels of desire. As a high demand, high class escort at Le Penthouse Suite, the glitter strip’s  premiere pleasure palace and bordello par excellence, I generally choose items of lingerie, and bikini sets, that enhance the finest aspects of my five foot ten golden blonde body, and that highlight the angelic innocence of my cherry lips, finely structured features and baby brown eyes.

My wardrobe has a range of erotic lingerie pieces

These are sexually scanty bikini sets that pay homage to the erogenous zones of lust that have made the female body the blessed focus of male desire since the beginning of time. The length of a lithe leg, the tantalizing curvature of sweet breasts, the plump swell of a gorgeous bottom, or the high V-line of the thigh that highlights a hot, tight pussy, can be erotically revealed by black lace, and white silk and red satin to set a man’s heart throbbing and pulse pounding with near uncontainable lust.

My most favoured pieces of erotic apparel begin with the classic garter belt

My choice is garter belt with straps that dangle and attach themselves to thigh-high black stockings so sheer and sexually arousing they set fire to the loins of any man the moment he looks upon them. Coupled with a matching diaphanous brassiere that reveals nipples so firm and stiff that he’ll be drooling at the mouth before he even begins sucking them, the garter belt is an essential part of my lingerie wardrobe.

There is something about the garter belt, and the dangling straps and the stockings that seems to frame that most erotic tiny triangle of desire, your pussy, and that turn your body into a functional example of lascivious art of the highest calibre. Alluding to the sexual excess of burlesque shows and indicative of all things feminine and erotic, the garter belt and thigh-high stockings are perhaps the premiere piece of lingerie I can’t do without.

You can choose to wear G-string panties or the most scantily designed lingerie thongs to match your garter belt and brassiere, or you can leave your pussy fully exposed for your man to immediately begin eating the moment he pushes apart your stockinged thighs, and sets his mouth to your moist pussy lips, and delves his tongue to your stiffening clitoris.

High on my list of favoured pieces of lingerie lust is the bustier.

This strapless type of brassiere highlights the beauty of your breasts and conforms to your torso while not being as restrictive as a corset and push-up brassiere, and perhaps more alluring than a camisole. The bustiers I have in my wardrobe demonstrate their erotic appeal with satin form and lace transparency, that excitingly reveal my breasts and cinch tight to my torso thus emphasising the slenderness of my waist and shapeliness of my hips, ending above my belly-button with dangling straps, like a garter belt, that attach tightly to thigh-high stockings.

As with the garter belt, you can choose to wear matching G-string panties or daring lingerie thongs, or you can leave your sweet pussy bare naked and a statement attesting to the erotic power women can command with the beauty of their bodies.

Generally, I like my lingerie to be made of lace, satin, silk and diaphanous fabric that heighten the erogenous zones of breast, thighs, bottom, waist, hips, neck and of course pussy. Transparent material reveals the most erotically appealing aspects of your body, while placing the flimsiest of barriers between male lust and the tantalizing taste of female flesh. The transparency alludes to veils, and harems, tainted virgins and gorgeous dancing girls; and to the tale of 1001 nights of Scheherazade, an Arabian princess of legend and desire.

The final piece of lingerie lust, and also of hot bikini desire, is of course the G-string panty and similar lingerie thong. Perhaps even beyond the garter belt, camisole, bustier, or any other piece of lingerie, the panty is the one item of erotic apparel that is universally associated with a woman’s prized asset, her pussy. Nothing turns a man on more that wearing just a G-string, whether that be a lingerie lace type, or a bikini type with a high arching strap over your hip so that the V-line of your thigh complements the scantiness of the G-string crotch. For those males that love to eat pussy, G-strings and lingerie thongs drive them wild and more often than not, they’ll prefer that I keep the panty on while they eat my sex, and then penetrate me so hard they’ll bang me against the bed-head, or shower tiles, or dance pole until I’m delirious with a lust-driven pleasure so blissful I’ll think I’m in heaven.   

So there you go, just some small insight into one high class escort’s favourite pieces of erotic apparel.