The erotic dance moves in the 1980s movie Flashdance come to mind whenever I strip tease a client to the point where his uncontainable lust informs every move of our intimate encounter from that moment onwards. Although I’m a generation-Y sweetheart, a self-obsessed twenty-something high class escort for Le Penthouse Suite, I sometimes acknowledge the erotic influences of previous generations, and use them to my advantage in rendezvous with men whose singular desire is to penetrate this tight pussy of mine.

I stand five foot eight, petite and platinum blonde with sweet ringlet curls that complement my baby blue eyes and make me an erotic goldy-locks clients can’t keep their hands off, and can’t stop their mouths from sucking and tasting, devouring every part of my gorgeous toned beach babe body. As a high class escort in high demand, I often receive the request for a strip tease from clients as a tantalizing prelude to the consummation of our mutual lust; and suite one here at Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s most elite bordello and erotic icon of widespread fame, possesses a dance pole podium with a mirrored back wall, perfect for the gyrating pleasures of a sex dance performed for one. Some say that the anticipation is almost as good as the pay off.

I’ll usually wear my most scanty lime green tie-up bikini

My bikini comes with a G-string panty and a high V-line to emphasise the tight tone of my thighs and bottom, and to highlight my sweet young pussy. I’ll also wear a close fitting clean white t-shirt cinched at the bottom to reveal my belly button and firm flat stomach.

I find the strip tease is usually over in a single 3 to 4 minute song

I usually choose a track with a strong pulsing beat to emphasize the hip thrusts, undulations and gyrating movements I perform for my clients. I like to wear high heels, not stilettos though; you’d have to be a prima ballerina to strip tease a client while maintaining a balancing act on stilettos. High heels emphasize the length of your legs though, which in turn lead the gaze to the pussy, which is what it’s all about.

When the music begins, I often begin with a back slide against the dance pole, down and then up again, and begin a loose routine that nearly always has my clients drooling and getting up from the straight backed chair they’re on, to accost me mid-routine, so aroused with desire they can’t contain themselves.

If my clients have enough self-control to remain seated, I’ll move through only a few dance pole manoeuvres, always the movements with a slide, an arched back and dangling hair. The wrap-around move, with hooked knee and spinning on the ball of your foot, the fireman’s swing with a two-handed grip, the body-wave where you undulate your chest up to and against the pole.  This sets my clients’ hearts racing. I’ll usually step down from the podium then, approaching my client seated in the chair, preparing for a lap dance if I get that far. I’ll peel off the white t-shirt as I stalk my way towards my client, eyes firmly fixed on his eyes in the most seductive ‘make love to me’ look I can give. But I’ll maintain proximity for the moment though, look but don’t touch. This always drives them crazy.

I’ll oil myself up at this point

The coconut oil drizzled down on my chest and breast, making the skimpy bikini top damp and highlighting my erect nipples, making my flesh all glistening wet and shiny, slippery to the touch.

I’ll dance around my client, slowly untying the strap on my bikini top, letting it fall away to reveal the perkiness of my D-cup breasts, sometimes running the bikini top through my legs back and forth, rubbing the fabric against the crotch of the G-string, so tightly fit over my pussy mound he can see the groove of my sex.

I’ll move close to him then for the lap dance

With his straddled legs, I squeeze his thigh with my thighs, so close to his groin that a sharp graze might cause him to blow his load. I’ll bump his throbbing erection with my knee, graze his nose and face with my undulating breasts, maybe let him lick my breasts and try to taste my nipples. I’ll stroke his hair and face, and plant light kisses upon his lips, while continuing to move around him, like an erotic butterfly in full mating dance.

The sound track will usually move into the second and last song by then, and if my client hasn’t lustfully pulled me onto his lap, onto his erection, and gobbled me up like the sweetest piece of eye-candy he’s ever seen, I’ll beckon him to unfasten the tie on my G-string bikini panty, letting the garment fall away to reveal the tight, hot sex of my pussy waiting all just for him.

From that moment onwards the consummation of our lust begins

Sometimes the penetration and erotic ride will take place on the hard-backed chair, sometimes our love-clasp will move to the bed or the shower or the spa bath. Wherever the ensuing intimacies occur, our every move is informed by the strip tease I performed for my client, informed by a sex dance meant only for him, only for him.