In April, the Gold Coast becomes a testosterone pumped Glitter Strip mecca hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Our dazzling city by the sea, with its endless golden beaches, gorgeous glamour babes and sparkling blue, ocean will open its arms to a parade of international athletes at the pinnacle of their physical discipline. Gold Coast Dreamgirls and LePenthouse Suite will also open their arms to elite competition beef and braun, and welcome a huge influx of Commonwealth Competitors as well as international tourists for literally the time of their lives.

What makes our sparkling metropolis, from Tweed Heads to Logan, from Coolangatta to Surfers Paradise, Main Beach to Helensvale, such a suitable location for the International Competition of the Commonwealth Games? It’s not just the high-tech newly created sports centres, the jet-set endless number of shopping centres and malls, dazzling theme parks and rain-forest, it’s the hottest line-up of Gold Coast Escorts to have ever set ablaze the fire in any man’s loins, or woman’s for that matter, this side of the southern hemisphere.

Commonwealth Athletes are the epitome of physical sporting perfection, so what better way to entertain these alpha-competitors than with a host of the most exquisitely beautiful brunettes, blondes, redheads, exotic and erotically extreme Gold Coast Escorts, at establishments such as Gold Coast Dreamgirls and LePenthouse Suite. The Gold Coast is the perfect location not only for touristas with taste, but also for athletes who have aced lesser competitors to rise to this level of Commonwealth competition.

Commonwealth Athletes and Gold Coast Escorts both share a similar ‘erotics of style’, a union of the strongest physical flesh and perfect movement that becomes the quintessential ‘poetry in motion’. From the 100 metre sprinter’s muscularly explosive thighs to the Gold Coast Escort’s lithe and lovely legs, from the power lifters massive frame, to a petite Gold Coast Escort’s nimble strength, from a swimmer’s sleek and streamlined body to a Gold Coast Dreamgirl’s toned and tight waist, hips and buttocks, the athlete and the escort are like an Adam and Eve in a Commonwealth Game’s Eden of Paradise here on the golden shores of our blessed Gold Coast.

At the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, according to the UK Daily Mail, 150,000 condoms were distributed freely to all Commonwealth Athletes, with the acknowledgement that supreme sporting competitor’s like to party and play just as hard as they compete. Look out all you lovely and lustful Gold Coast Escorts, multiple and mighty men of your dreams are arriving on the Gold Coast and will be looking for the sophisticated and sensual touch of beautiful babes like you girls.

However, it won’t just be the athletes that will be looking for a taste of erotic honey; there are an estimated 1.5 million people coming to the Glitter Strip to watch the Commonwealth Games, along with the 6,600 competitors and officials from around 70 countries, according to the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Competition in events will always be fierce, and athletes who are in the prime of their lives and in prime condition will be pumped full of testosterone, even after a day of events. They will need to exhaust their libido either in celebration of a win, or in commiseration for a loss; and into the lustful embrace of a Gold Coast Escort will be the best way to soothe the savage beast.

And at events that are full of furious passion, such as Rugby Sevens, or displaying oiled-up hard-bodies like Beach Volleyball, spectator hysteria will also need to be quelled in some way. Fired up young males, and some females, who have had a vicarious taste of top-flight competition will yearn to feel the touch of a stunning hottie like those beauties found at Gold Coast Dreamgirls, or LePenthouse Suite.

The correlation between athletic training and increased libido and testosterone, is a well-studied scientific fact.  According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, studies show that ‘intense exercise increases testosterone’ and correspondingly, the Archives of Sexual Behaviour state that individuals who exercise regularly developed ‘significantly greater sexual enhancements.’ This means that athletes are often pretty ‘hot to trot’ and can perform like porn superstars in the boudoir. This doesn’t take anything away from any average hot-blooded male, especially after being aroused in a crowd of spectators at a Commonwealth Event. The Gold Coast Escort is more than a formidable complement to the athlete or the spectator, and the anticipation for the elite April meet can be felt in the air.

So what about the female Commonwealth Games Competitor, with just two simple questions, female athlete, or Gold Coast escort? Most female competitors such as swimmers, divers and beach volleyball players have got bodies like a flesh and blood Michelangelo sculpted masterpiece, but perhaps their temperaments might be a little too fiery. Gold Coast Escorts like the babes you’ll find at Gold Coast Dreamgirls or LePenthouse Suite, have got bodies made for lustful encounters and temperaments so sweet and soothing you’ll feel like a sex-monster superstar once they get hold of you.

Maybe the social setting at the Commonwealth Games will be extremely insular; and a brother swimmer athlete will want to play with a sister swimmer athlete; but athletes are adventuresome, and supreme athletes from around the world will want to taste the pleasures that make the Gold Coast a Sparkling City of sun, surf, and sex that is equal to any of the best destinations on this planet. So athletes with libido, will travel, and establishments such as Gold Coast Dreamgirls and LePenthouse Suite are just a hop, skip and a jump away for any on-field athlete who’s got more game than the Commonwealth Village can contain.

The Gold Medal question that might be emerging in the Gold Coast Escort’s mind is which athlete, or group of athletes, will win the prize for best erotic performance at the 2018 Commonwealth Games? Which athlete will score a perfect ten in a bedroom gymnastics routine that would be a best-selling pornographic movie if it were filmed? Which athlete will have enough lust for a tangle with a trio of beauties or more, emulating the Roman orgy masters after a gladiatorial day at the Colloseum? Research has shown that endurance sports can sometimes lower libido, and that intense physical activity increases testosterone-fuelled lust. So will it be a muscular gymnast, or a mountainous powerhouse lifter, or a bruised and stamina filled boxer that captures deepest the heart of a Gold Coast Escort beauty? Or will one of our lovely lasses at Gold Coast Dreamgirls or LePenthouse Suite sweep one of these Commonwealth athletes off their feet, with a little loving comfort and erotic pillow-talk after a seemingly endless session of bump and grind. With wrestling hold turned lover’s clasp, with pole-vaulting perfection turned perfect penetration, with lifting power translated into a reverse cow-girl ride like no other.

Tune into the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, listen to the pulsing throb of this Glitter City, watch how the athletes move and manoeuvre with grace and perfection at event after event, and you’ll get an idea of just how spectacular the boudoir will be when Gold Coast Escort meets Commonwealth Games Competitor.