Women are known to have a little hotspot inside her where the fireworks usually happen. Not a lot of people are able to get there, and the experience is quite different for every woman. Nonetheless, getting a G-spot orgasm is quite magical for most women.

Just to give an overview, the G-spot is a part of the entire structure of the clitoris. What makes it distinct is that it’s found three to five inches deep along the vaginal canal. 

Finding it will take more time and exploration. Studies even say that the more aroused your partner is, the easier it is to find. Luckily, there are sex positions you can do to hit her G-spot and give her a whole new level of orgasm. If you can’t, well, let’s just say you two will still end up with amazing sex. And that’s not a bad consolation prize.


The two of lie on your side and face the same direction. Penetrating from behind might be a little tricky, so you might need to wriggle a bit or change angles. This position allows you to rub right against her G-spot. You can also do it in reverse where you face each other.

Doggy Style

Let your partner get on her hands and knees. You can put yourself in a kneeling position and enter from behind. While this position feels incredible, it’s also an excellent way to align with her G-spot and keep rubbing it in.

On Top

Sit back and get a pillow for you to lean on. Your partner gets to straddle over you and start to lower down. This position gives your partner control. This angle also pushes your penis to the anterior wall of her vagina. You can do variations with this position where she’ll either face you, turn her back away, or tilt back.

Legs Up

Get into the missionary position while you raise your partner’s legs. Let her ankles rest on your shoulders. This position allows a powerful, deep penetration. As her body is bent backwards and her legs up, it gives more space for you to penetrate even deeper. This way, it will be easier to reach and hit the G-spot.


This is similar to the woman on top position but, instead, it’s going to be you. Let your partner lie on her back and straddle over them. This position allows you to grind into the back of her clitoris with your lower shaft or pelvic bone. You can mix shallow thrusts with deep ones to explore where it would hit the spot.

Explore And Communicate More Often

If you opt for other options aside from penis penetration, you can play with your fingers and explore inside her. The G-spot is often found behind her clitoris, so you can reach up to that part. While you’re doing that, you can communicate with your partner about how she feels and if you’re hitting it right. It also pays to have enough foreplay to arouse her before getting in. That way, it will be easier to hit the spot.