The Swinger’s Scene on the Gold Coast is, for the most part, a somewhat elite enclave of sexually liberated couples and individuals whispered about for the most part by the mainstream, but providing the throbbing heartbeat of revolutionary adult entertainment that truly powers the romantic engine of this Gold Coast City. 

And the best Swinger’s Club to be found on the Gold Coast Glitter Strip resides within the establishment of the erotically revered and recently premiered 5-Star Strip and Gentlemen’s Venue The Manhattan Showgirls Strip Club and Gentlemen’s Lounge.

The Manhattan Showgirls Strip Club is unique amongst all its rivals proudly offering a multi-faceted adjoining of a sophisticated and professionally choreographed sequence of full-nude Strip Performances in the highest class Strip Venue and Gentlemen’s Club with its elite sister establishment, the 5-Star Premier Elite Gold Coast Bordello, Le Penthouse Suite Brothel and Escort Agency

And the further crowning achievement of this brilliantly designed erotic venue is the presence and popularity of its sexually Avante-garde and excessively erotic Swinger’s Club, which rises far and above all other Swinging Establishments in that sexual satisfaction is guaranteed. 

While most Swinger’s Clubs require a fee of $100 for single males, there is still the need for the member to connect with a beautiful babe within the rules of the club, to express a mutual attraction with each other before the intimate raunchiness can begin.  

The Manhattan Showgirls and Swinger’s Club offers a safeguard for those members who might not be lucky with another swinging member in that they are given a generous voucher that allows them a relatively discounted booking with one of the stunningly beautiful Gold Coast Escorts in the adjacent brothel Le Penthouse Suite Brothel and Escort Service. 

And these Escorts are all gorgeous, young honeys ready to pleasure their clients to the utmost; fully satisfying and consummating all Strip Show driven lust and Swinging Club enhanced desire. This is the romantic guarantee and promise of pleasure regardless of all those who wish to become a member of The Manhattan Club’s Swinging Elite.

The Manhattan Club Showgirls Venue is not only a fully licensed Strip Club and Brothel, but it is also a fully licensed Swinger’s Club, of which there is only a handful on the Gold Coast. 

These Clubs provide the establishment for Swinger’s Parties to occur, but Queensland Licensing Laws still require that sexual acts and nudity take place in a private area. 

At The Manhattan Club, Swingers can enjoy the lust-filled excitement of professionally choreographed Strip Performances set to fire up the loins and set a sizzling buzz to the erotic heart of every individual; and then mingle in the exclusive lounge and party area where they can meet a Swinging babe of their choice, and then take the meeting from their into a private area of their choice. 

Or perhaps a Swinger might even meet one of those gorgeous Strip Sweethearts that just tantalized them to a near-point of no-return, or maybe even a stunning Gold Coast Escort from nearby Le Penthouse Suite Brothel who might feel a penchant to unwind after her shift with the crowd of Swingers whose lust knows no boundaries.

For those individuals searching for the Best Swinger’s Club on the Gold Coast, The Manhattan Club Showgirls Strip Venue is the shining and erotic star that casts a dazzling light all over the Gold Coast Glitter Strip; dare to come and find out why.