There is a common misconception that using sex toys with your partner makes one a lesser lover. Some also fear that their lover will become so dependent on adult toys that the toys will replace them. These assumptions could not be farther from the truth.

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There are plenty of studies that show that using sex toys in the bedroom will highly improve a couple’s passion and sexual satisfaction as well as their overall relationship.

Here are some reasons why bringing sex toys into the bedroom is healthy and beneficial to couples.

Higher Sexual Pleasure

Studies show that couples who use sex toys experience more sexual satisfaction, better erectile function for men, increased sexual desires, and better orgasms.

A little surprise and adventure in the bedroom can spice things up and make things interesting, especially for couples who have been together for a long time. 

It is crucial to kill boredom in your sex life. Sex toys will renew your lust and passion for sex and for your partner. It will awaken the sexual beasts in you as a couple. It will introduce new sensations and desires you have never felt before.

A Sense of Adventure

Couples who use toys fare better in maintaining the heat in the bedroom for the long haul. Using toys will instil a sense of adventure. This will make trying new things sexually easy for the couple.

Trying to positions, role-playing, or trying new sexual positions will come easy when both parties are open to new adventures.

sex toys in bedroom

Improve Communication

Using toys for couples will open up communication lines and will help improve the relationship as a whole. Sex toys can coax a couple into talking and being open to what they want and how the toy makes them feel during and after sex.

This openness in the bedroom can only lead to better communication in other aspects of the relationship. Expressing yourself when you are both high with sexual ecstasy makes it easy and less intimidating. Discussing issues and concerns is less threatening.

It also reassures your partner of your acceptance to them as a whole because if they are comfortable with you and your sexual interests, they must be comfortable and accepting of you in other areas as well. Better communication will help you stay together longer, maybe forever.

Boost Confidence and Better Body Image

Using sex toys and being adventurous sexually, lets you as a couple explore and discover each other mentally and physically. Getting to know your body and your partner’s and enjoying it will bring a sense of appreciation. It makes you comfortable and accepting of both your shape and size. 

Discovering new sensations, new pleasure points, and new stimulation areas makes you aware of what makes you feel good. You will realise that your body can bring so much pleasure to you and your partner despite its imperfections.

This will make you feel better about your body and boost your confidence. Nothing is sexier than a confident person.

Better Sleep

Studies show that couples who have good sex life sleep better. Sex, orgasms, and the simple fact that you are free to express sexually releases oxytocin and endorphins, which makes you feel happy and calm. It relieves stress leading to a much better quality of sleep.

Sleep is crucial to our overall well-being and can affect every aspect of our lives. Better sleep means better interaction, less tension, fewer fights.

Adult toys are designed to help, not intimidate. They are built for pleasure and heightened sensations. If you keep yourselves open to trying new things, you are also keeping yourselves open to a new and better sexual experience. Don’t get stuck in a boring sexual routine. Explore and explode!