Gold Coast Escort Tabitha

The agency had phoned me earlier in the week, excitedly telling me that a new client had contacted them and made specific enquiries about me. The gentleman had never used the service of an escort before and had been a bit shy and awkward about making a booking. Tabitha; my booking agent from Le’Penthouse Suite, was fantastic at handling such situations and had put his mind at ease assuring him that the entire experience is client-focused and that I would be sure to take care of him and fulfil his fantasy…

His fantasy, I was delighted to discover, was to be dominated. Excellent – that’s one of my favourite specialities! I thought to myself.

So, here I am on Friday evening getting ready for my booking with Mr Mitchelton. I had already showered and was applying my favourite body oil over my curves, from top to bottom. I combed my thick brunette hair and arched backwards to clasp it in a tight, high pony tail, letting my hair streak down the mid of my back. Next was my makeup; I applied double licks of my precision gel eyeliner and winged out the lines at the corners, giving my eyes a more feline shape and I finished the look with plumping black mascara. To finish the look, I took out my luscious vixen red gloss and swiped it over my full lips. I stood back from my mirror and smiled at my eye-catching appearance, “Mr Mitchelton better behave tonight… or else” I mischievously told my reflection.

Lying on the bed was the perfect outfit for the evening. “Go all out!” Tabitha had exclaimed, “he wants the FULL dominatrix experience”. Well, that he shall get I excitedly confirmed to myself. I pulled my one piece, skimpy outfit off the bed and slid one leg in and then the other. The shiny black PVC body suit was skin tight with high-thigh rises and a split starting at my belly button that turned it into a halter-neck with the two bands of material narrowing so much that they just covered my nipples, pressing my already perky and round D-cup boobs just a little bit higher, giving me killer cleavage. I then sat on the edge of my bed and pulled one thigh-high black leather boot on – they were sensational – skin tight with no creases and ended with a severe silver 6-inch stiletto heel. With the other boot on I stood in front of my full-length mirror and added my final touch; my black leather choker around my neck with the princess cut diamond pendant dangling delicately in the centre. “Oh Mr Mitchelton, I hope you’re ready for your punishment” I said as I took a selfie and sent it to Tabitha for her approval. My phone buzzed back straight away, Tabitha’s message was classic:

“Woah! You look absolutely stunning! I’m using this for our portfolio for sure J Mr Mitchelton won’t know what spanked him when you arrive hehe! Have fun, stay safe and keep in contact. I will have my phone on me throughout x”

I felt a wave of electricity tingle through my body and rest between my legs – tonight was going to be great I was excited and ready for it. I quickly picked up my pre-packed satchel bag with my toys in it – double-checked I had everything I needed and then sent my driver a text.

Pete, a long-standing and trusted driver for the Le’Penthouse Suite, pulled up in the midnight blue Jag XF – a head turner for sure and one that ensured our clients knew as soon as we arrived, that they were dealing with a 5-star business with only the classiest of ladies. He had all the details needed for my booking and the smooth drive to the Victoria’s at Watefos, overlooking the ocean at Byron Bay, took only 45 minutes.

After confirming my arrival with Tabitha and pick-up time with Pete, I buzzed Mr Mitchelton’s room. He responded over the intercom immediately; “Oh great you are here, please come straight up”. The door clicked open and I hit the top floor button in the elevator, as soon as the lift doors opened I was greeted by a tall, middle aged gentleman in a black suit. “Mr Mitchelton?” I asked, his eyes widened at the sight of me Just wait until I drop this jacket! I thought to myself. His reaction to me had excited me – like I was something that he had longed for and had never thought he would have the opportunity to touch.

“Yes, yes – I am he” he managed to answer before turning sideways to let me out of the lift and guide me to his apartment door.

I walk in to his apartment and am greeted by a 180-degree glass wall showing off oceanic views of Byron Bay and further afield, of Surfers Paradise. It was gorgeous! But I couldn’t be wrapped up in the view, I was here to fulfil Mr Mitchelton’s fantasy… Without a word, I placed my satchel down on the black leather sofa unzipped it and took out my spank paddle, leather collar with its accompanying chain leash, and finely placed them in a row on the sofa. I unbuttoned my jacket and let it drop to the floor. I swear I heard Mr Mitchelton gasp and swallow loudly, as I whirled around to face him. His face was priceless – his eyes unblinking and his mouth forming an O of surprise. Perfect! I thought.

“Mr Mitchelton! Don’t just stand there gawking! Remove your clothes and get over here!” I commanded.

He did exactly that, fumbling with his pants but taking his entire suit off down to his underwear before he walked to me.

“The underwear too! Don’t toy with my time, you’ll get a spank for that!” I told him briskly.

He quickly dropped his underwear, revealing his cock which was already standing erect for me.

“Down on your hands and knees Mr Mitchelton!” I told him and he followed my instruction perfectly.

I grabbed the leather collar off the sofa and straddled his bare back while securing it, not too tightly, around his neck “Stay – don’t move!” I said loudly. I reached over and clipped the chain leash to the D-ring on the collar and stood tersely. I whipped the spank paddle off the sofa behind me and gave him a firm spank on the ass with it


“Oooooh!” cried out Mr Mitchelton

“That’s for messing around and not doing as you were told earlier – see I keep my word. Now crawl to the bed like a good boy.” I tugged on his leash and strutted, with hips swaying to the bed so he could get the full view of my killer curves.

He crawled excitedly behind me saying “You’re amazing, I can’t believe you’re here – doing this for me! I’m so fucken turned on right now!”

“Sssshhhhhhh! Did I ask you to speak? No! Now, kneel in front of me and kiss and lick my boot up to my inner thigh”

“Yes mam, I’d love to” was what he said as I put my right leg up on the bed so that he was in between my legs facing the area I know he so badly wanted to dive his cock in.

He started at the very tip of my stiletto heel and worked his way up to my inner thigh, I sighed lightly; “Very good Mr Mitchelton – now I want you to unclip my bodysuit where my pussy is”. I then turned my back to him and bent over so that my round bubble butt was in his face as I held on to my own ankles.

Öh my god – yes!”was his reply.

I felt the three clips on my bodysuit clip open and I smiled, I turned my head towards him and said “Now finger me and play with my clit”

Mr Mitchelton wasted no time and proved to be very good with his hands, I could feel myself getting wet and his hand started to slap into my moist pussy. He groaned and asked “Can I taste you please mam?”

I whipped out an oral dam for protection and handed it to him.

“You can – but you must use this. Now do it hard and rough – I don’t like slow and sloppy”

I moved to kneel on the bed on my hands and knees and pulled the leash directly between my legs and under my torso so that his face was only inches away from my ass and puss.

Mr Mitchelton placed the dam on me and then expertly started to eat me out – he was good, very, very good. “Yes Mr Mitchelton – well done, keep going!”

He moaned in ecstasy and started to pull firmly at his hard throbbing cock.

I moved away from him suddenly and let go of the leash “Did I say you could play with yourself?!”I nearly yelled at him.

“N-no.”he stammered back.

“Right – on all fours again. You’ll get another spanking for that!”

I moved to his side while he was on his hands and knees and spanked him loudly with the paddle four times. “Do… As… Your… Told!” I said firmly with each stroke.

I could tell that he liked it and so grabbed his leash and walked him to the black armchair facing the Harbour views.

“Sit in the chair Mr Mitchelton – I’m going to ride you hard like you deserve!”

He quickly did as he was told and I grabbed an extra large condom “Put this on now! Hurry up, I want your cock in me!”

Mr Mitchelton rolled the condom down the head of his cock and all the way down the shaft.

I straddled him then and expertly lowered myself on to him so that he penetrated and stretched my pussy out, I didn’t stop – I kept my pace and lowered myself down firmly all the way so that he was completely inside me.

“Fuck! It feels so good to be inside you!” He groaned to me.

“MmmHmmm doesn’t it just Mr Mitchelton” I agreed staring into his eyes.

I then raised myself up and came down faster letting him slide in again. I repeated my movement up, down, up, down, up down. He completely filled my pussy up with his huge cock and it felt so very good.

“Suck on my nipples Mr Mitchelton – not too hard, but firmly while I ride your big cock”

He followed my instruction and it felt amazing. Up, down, up, down, up, down I continued to ride him roughly while straddling him and he nibbled on my nipples taking turns on each one.

Ï’m going to come!” I heard him say.

Öh are you Mr Mitchelton? Are you going to shoot your big load for me?”

That was it – those magic words and he gritted his teeth and grabbed at my hips to slam me down hard on his now throbbing and twitching cock.

“Hell yeah!” he managed through his teeth.

“Come Mr Mitchelton – be a good boy and come for me while I ride you!” I told him.

He arched his back up from the back of the chair and his body went rigid, over and over again he pumped me up and down on top of him until he pulled me down hard and held me there while he came, writhing in the chair.

Breathing hard he lifted me up while still inside me and moved me to the bed where he eased out of me.

“That was great” he said

“It was Mr Mitchelton” I said through my own heavy breathing – what a work out! “So, will I be seeing you again soon?”

“Without a doubt” he told me; “I’ll be in contact with the agency and we can make this a weekly get together.”

I showered and pecked Mr Mitchelton on the cheek before saying goodbye. I text Tabitha Wow! That was great – he would like to make it a regular booking J

I know! Tabitha text back He’s already messaged me and booked you in!

Excellent! I thought to myself – Can’t wait Mr Mitchelton!