Similarities between Commonwealth Games competitors and Gold Coast Escorts don’t merely arise from a comparison of near-perfect physical attributes alone, but can also be found in the physical acts of sports performance as well as those found in the boudoir. Of the many sports that make-up the Commonwealth list of events, a certain few exhibit physical form and function that can be seen reflected by Gold Coast Escorts. 

Wrestling is one Commonwealth Games Sport that, although quite brutal, shares qualities that at times mirror the way a Gold Coast Escort and her client interact with each other when in close proximity. Wrestlers start out a bout face-to-face, or sometimes from a rear hold whilst in a kneeling position, before they begin to entwine limbs in order to pin the opponent to the ground. Escorts and their clients often start face-to-face, or sometimes from a rear-hold position, before they engage the other in an entanglement of arms and legs in the process of making love. 

However, Wrestling is powered solely by aggression and is an act of pure domination in a competition of strength and determination. Gold Coast Escorts and lust-makers too sometimes engage in aggressive choke-holds and arm-pinning, especially those who enjoy bondage and discipline or who have a sexualized sado-masochistic streak in them, but for the most part their performance is more of a union rather than a brutal competition. 

The goal of the Wrestler is to immobilize the other competitor by pinning them to the ground, which requires strength, speed and often a final surge of power to complete the task and win. Similarly, the Gold Coast Escort often tries to immobilize her client, or is immobilized by the client, before an all-consuming wave of lust reaches an orgasmic climax before the task is completed. 

Another Commonwealth Games Sport, somewhat akin to Wrestling, is Judo, which is also an engagement between two competitors with the object of throwing then pinning the opponent to the ground in submission. The similarities between a Commonwealth Judo competitor and a Gold Coast Escort may seem unlikely, however there are few aspects of either performance that do bear some resemblance. 

Commonwealth Judo as a form of Wrestling exhibits qualities that are reflected in the mating dance of the Gold Coast Escort and her client. The Judo player begins the bout in a standing position squared-off face to face with their opponent while gripping the other’s suit; and for the most part the Gold Coast Escort begins clothed, or at least partially clothed and greets the client in a standing position while facing each other. The Commonwealth Games Judo competitor tries to unbalance the opponent and throw him to the ground to end the bout through and entanglement of limbs that should result in submission. The Gold Coast Escort may begin in a standing embrace, although more closely connected than two Judo players, and often with lips to other lips, and body against body, while trying to unbalance the other so both collapse to the bed. 

Of course Wrestling and Judo involve same-sex combat while Gold Coast Escort lust-making is usually a union of opposites. However, the struggle for domination and the struggle for orgasm are two-sides of the same coin. 

Of all the Commonwealth Games Sports that offer comparable physical aspects to lust-making in a place such as a Gold Coast Brothel, Gymnastics perhaps provides the largest number of similarities to the performance of a Gold Coast Escort. The floor routine of a female gymnast, with its abundance of positions that demonstrate a flexible strength and level of physical pliability unknown to most people, reflects some of the positions the Gold Coast Escort is capable of performing. Leg splits, back arches, hand stands, forward tumbles and a host of other conditioned manoeuvres are all part of the first-class Gold Coast Escort’s repertoire and are the abilities that make them so desirable to their clientele. 

The gymnastic pommel horse, usually restricted to male competitors alone, demonstrates a role reversal when reflected in the Gold Coast Escort’s lust-making in the sense that the Gold Coast Escort rides the client with legs apart and hands finding support, not on a pommel, but sometimes on the flat of the client’s stomach. Think of the result when a Commonwealth Games Gymnast decides to call upon the services of a top-flight Gold Coast Escort, all limbered up and ready to perform at their best. 

A little less comparable to the Gold Coast Escort’s session in the boudoir are the track and field events found in the Commonwealth Games competition list. However, there are a few events that could seem to reflect some of the Gold Coast Escort’s many capabilities. Pole vaulting is an unlikely event that can be seen reflected in the pole-dancing routines some Gold Coast Escorts are asked to perform in the more luxurious boudoirs of up-market Gold Coast Brothels such as Le Penthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s premiere bordello. These palaces of pleasure often contain deluxe suite’s that contain dancing poles set upon podiums for the Gold Coast Escort to use and strut her abilities. The Gold Coast Escort sometimes requires the grip strength of a champion pole vaulter to grip the dancing pole and remain suspended above ground. The grip strength is an asset for the Gold Coast Escort in gripping one type of pole or another. 

The endurance events in the Commonwealth Games competition also bear some resemblance to the Gold Coast Escort’s stamina and perseverance during a session of lust-making. Sometimes the Hostess of Seduction has to bring a client to near-exhaustion before they enjoy the promise of ultimate satisfaction and fulfilment. A Commonwealth Games Marathon Runner has to run for hours just as a Gold Coast Escort, especially one who is in high demand, may have to perform for several hours. 

The similarities between a Gold Coast Escort’s performance and a Commonwealth Cyclist’s competition are also found in the endurance and strategy used on the track and in the boudoir. Somewhat akin to the Cyclist, who normally moves along at a steady pace  but sometimes requires short bursts of power, the Gold Coast Escort also establishes a steady rhythm which is sometimes interrupted by short surges of intense lust. And for the cyclist who moves towards the last leg of a race, that final expression of strength and power is a must in order to win a race by overtaking other competitors. In a similar way, the Gold Coast Escort requires that final surge of strength to reach fulfilment, for herself and her client. 

Putting aside all humour, the Gold Coast Escort and the Gold Coast Brothel Industry require sophisticated ladies that possess talent and physical prowess often rivalling that of any other physically demanding occupation, including Commonwealth Games Competition. The innate abilities of a Commonwealth Games Competitor are honed to perfection, and the Gold Coast Escort’s service is also perfect in all stages of its expression. When night falls after each day ends during the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games this April, the Gold Coast brothels, like the premiere bordello Le Penthouse Suite, will begin events that are less publicized, more insular and private than any Commonwealth event. Gold Coast Escorts, who are as much of an attraction as any theme park, or gambling establishment, or designated tourist zone, will be more than a match for the spectacle of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Gold Coast Escorts will charm Commonwealth competitors, spectators, officials and those who are abuzz with the hoopla and excitement of the four yearly competition, as unofficial hostesses. The Gold Coast Escort’s arena is not a stadium or an indoor aquatic centre, but is contained within the boundaries of a luxurious boudoir, hosting a competition that is solely between her and the client.