I arrive at work this morning, with an overnight bag, full of my essentials for the day – lingerie, dresses, panties (at least 10 pairs), high heels, makeup, laptop, textbooks and snacks.

My hair and makeup are already done when I get in. I like to get dressed up properly once I am at work. Otherwise, I feel like a flashing, neon escort sign, walking around at 8 in the morning, in a glitzy dress and high heels.

I did do it a couple of times. As in, coming to work fully dolled up but I always seemed to stop for something on the drive over, whether it was for fuel or coffee or extra snacks.

Once, I stopped for fuel and had to fill the entire tank. I stood next to my car at 8:30 am (peek hour for school kids) in a cocktail dress and stilettos, for a full 2 minutes.

Just that tad bit over-dressed, I had the soccer mums staring, gobsmacked….my lord…the scandalous nature of it all … tsk tsk.

It’s not like I was wearing the stereo-typical outfit that they depict in the movies – a miniscule, vagina revealing dress with knee high boots and skanky hoop earrings. No. I looked decent, but still, I was wearing a red cocktail dress with a thigh high slit and you know, at 8:30 am……. it’s a bit suss.

So once I get into LPS and make my morning coffee, I sit in front of the mirror in the dressing room, getting myself ready. Today I’ve got on a sweet, white, baby doll negligee with white platform heels.

There are a few more ladies coming on a bit later in the morning but for now, it’s just me.

I used to think that I had to be a sexual fiend to work in the industry… but it’s not like that at all.

All men want something different and they look for a varied range of qualities in the girl that they will book. Some men want love; some want passion; some want kink and some want to party. There is the perfect girl for every client.

There is one Sexy Goddess here with a sultry stare that could melt your resolve in an instant or another Goddess who is a Cheeky Nymph with a rebellious attitude and a serious love of XXX Rated Porn Sex.

But me, I’m the sweet, innocent, sensual one with just the tiniest touch of naughty. My clients like me because of my sweet nature, my big heart and my passionate Girlfriend Experience. I have my naughty side but mine is more Sex Kitten as opposed to Sultry Seductress.

I have big blue eyes, blonde hair and a gorgeous body. I don’t really do anything in particular to stay fit. I just eat healthy and it does the trick.

I adore lingerie but unlike sexy black satin or a seductive red slip, I like to wear baby blue lace teasers or a pale pink, nipple showing, negligee. Kinky but Cute.

I wouldn’t say that there is a particular type of female that is more popular than another because you can never tell what it is a client will want. Although, I have noticed, that there are particular personalities that are better suited to work at specific times of the day.

The naughty, rebellious, dareing, kinky girls are better suited for night work; when you get the rowdy boys coming in, either before or after a party, wanting to have raunchy fun, amongst other things.

I’m better during the day with the low key clients that just want to have a bit of innocent fun or the middle aged clients who come in on their lunch break before getting back to crunching numbers.

Joe is one of the number crunchers. He is an attractive man, who unfortunately lost his wife 2 years ago. Although he has told me about a few offers of interest he has had from other women, he says he is too busy with work. Fair enough. He books me for an hour every Thursday and I genuinely enjoy our time together.

It’s stress free, relaxed and familiar. I prefer the older clients because I feel like they know how to treat me the way I like it.

We have become well acquinted, Joe and I. We always have an amazing time together. He has been seeing me for 6 months and we have gotten to know each other intimately.

And as difficult as it is, to sum up the types of relationships that you form with clients, it still becomes one, none the less, to a certain extent.

After I’m finish with my booking with Joe, I bounce down the stairs, to reception, where I am told I have an outcall booked for 2pm in a Coolangatta Hotel. I love outcalls. It breaks up my day and I love being in fancy hotels. If I could live in a hotel, I would. They are so luxurious and I LOVE the beds. I feel like all hotels have a secret undisclosed big, bouncy bed code.

I get myself freshened up with a shower and fresh panties. I brush my teeth, re-do my hair and spruce myself up with perfume and shiny lipgloss.

I like to be totally fresh for each client and I shower after EVERY client without fail. It feels like it wipes the slate clean…so that my next client is like my first one for the day.

I like that, to start a new every time.

My outcall isn’t until 2 pm so once I am refreshed, I put on a fluffy dressing gown and make myself comfortable in the girls lounge, with a herbal tea and tim tams. This is my little study ritual when I am at work.

I am doing Nursing at the local University and I use the time that I have between clients to study.

Ironically, I get most of my study done at work because I’m here for such a long time and sometimes, it can be as long as a couple of hours space between clients….. which I really don’t mind.



Working in this industry is really convenient while being at Uni. I can make the kind of money I like and live the way I like.

I live on my own in a 1 bedroom apartment that I elegantly furnished in white. I own my Hyundai i30 and I go on at least 2 big holidays a year. I eat out a lot, meeting girlfriends for coffee, lunch, cocktails and all sorts. It ALL adds up, let me tell you.

There is no other way I could lead this lifestyle, especially while studying. Possibly most importantly, there is no way I could work a regular job and study the way I can here. I really can’t imagine working for peanuts, living on Mi-Goreng and being stressed to the max trying to fit it everything in. AND I would probably have to rent a room from someone in a crappy house. No thank you.

So while I read about aortas, left ventricles and aortic valves in preparation for an exam, I can hear laughter and chatter coming from the dressing room. The girls float in and out between the rooms, in a haze of sexy lingerie and kinky outfits.

The dressing room is a female haven where stories are shared and personal secrets are told in the middle of applying eye shadow and lipstick. It is like being backstage at a show. Between trying on a myriad of outfits, we spend our time in our bras and panties. Licking and grooming ourselves like cats; we primp, prune, pluck and spritz ourselves until we feel like the divine Goddesses we are.

I have worked for myself before which has its perks, but working with the girls is one of my favourite parts about working in a brothel.

In my ‘real’ life no one knows about what I do, so it’s not something I can talk about. But here, I can talk and be myself. I don’t have to be careful of what I do or don’t say. It’s nice having that space.

Girls just love to chat. The official name for what we females do when boys aren’t around is ‘Girl therapy’ and if it’s not an actual thing yet then it should be. Magic happens when women get together.

The number of problems I have solved, with a good girl chat in our Mystical dressing room, are plenty.

Of course you don’t get along with everyone, though.

Some personalities clash but it’s just the way it goes. When I was doing reception, it was exactly the same… there were some girls that I got along with and others that I struggled with.

The only difference is this is, by far, a lot more entertaining.

So there’s your little sneak peak into a day my life….hope you enjoyed! Come back soon