Make a date with a high class escort like myself at the Gold Coast’s premiere bordello Le Penthouse Suite, and you’ll find yourself in the company of an exquisitely beautiful girl who knows how to provide the most pleasurable experience of a life-time. Do I have some secret technique for giving enjoyable companionship that always leads to sugar daddy proposals and declarations of love? Can any girl learn how to pull the heart strings of a man to make them drool with desire and lust after you like a love-sick puppy dog? I’m not sure ultra feminine attractiveness is something that can be learned, and when it comes to sexual charisma nature trumps nurture, but there are a few basics of personal interaction that at least guarantee you moments of enjoyable companionship that could lead to much, much more.

Foreplay begins the moment you make contact with your date

These can be as simple as a seductive smile, a squeeze of the hand and a few seconds of flirtatious contact that will set fire to his loins and get his pulse racing. It is the promise of pure pleasure and the consummation of lust that creates a wave of desire upon which you and your beau can ride for the rest of the night.

Of course you have to appear attractive to your date. Eye candy makes the most memorable first impression and there is nothing more desirable to a lustful male than feminine beauty clothed in suggestive apparel. There is no set design for erotically appealing clothing, unless you’re already way past stage one and wearing your finest diaphanous negligee or transparent lace brassiere and G-string panties. What is being discussed here is the prima facie contact between high class escort and her client.  In the case of personal presentation, the famous phrase, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”, still remains true.

A body-hugging cocktail dress with a low neck line to reveal cleavage and your hair pinned up to reveal the fine lines of an elegant neck are a good choice. Add slender gloves, a pearl necklace, high heels, black fish-net stockings and the flash of a garter belt; and you’ll have to ask him about that rocket in his pocket even before you begin. For more casual attire to turn him on and get his motor running, stretch designer jeans that show the shape of an erotically charged booty with the sweet sexual curvature of a beautiful bottom, belt buckle with slim belt, and a silk blouse or low cut top that accentuates the beauty of your breasts and waist, with of course a hint of lace lingerie revealed by an unbuttoned neck line, are another guarantee of initial desire.

Upon the premise of lustful impressions, your rendezvous with the man of your choice is kept aloft

At the heights of desire by an understanding of what he wants from you, apart from the erotic finale only a female can give a man. If he’s self-confident, he may want some suggestion of submissiveness and a subtle deference to his masculinity that can be achieved in the course of intimate conversation that supports his ego, and a yielding to his personal preferences of physical manipulation during foreplay, and of course giving him what he wants under the sheets. If he’s a male that likes conquest, you can play a little hard to get, but not so hard that you discourage him. Male egos are sometimes quite delicate. You can display a little of your feminine aggression during foreplay and love-making by moving out of his grasp for a moment, slapping his hand away to tease him, leading him on a little before finally allowing him to subjugate you under his sense of manliness.

Enjoyable companionship is always enhanced by conversation

Conversation allows him to reveal something about himself, and that allows him to find out something personal about you. And pleasurable conversation is always enhanced by body language, and flirtatious body contact. Position the undersides of your wrists where he can see them, allow him to admire the shape of your body, the swell of your booty, the curvature of your hips, the cleavage of your breasts, the length of your legs, the lustrous gleam of your hair; these are your erogenous zones which are areas of your body that turn men on. Sit close to him, let your knees knock against his, smile the most seductive smile you can give so he can focus on those lascivious lips, play with your hair occasionally so he can scent your sweet fragrance, let him look lustfully into your bedroom eyes and he might just propose to you even before you’ve got to home base.

Demonstrate that you’re ‘into him’ with physical touch, a placement of your hand on his knee, a playful touch on his nose or cheek, the pressure of your thigh against his. And let him hear your gentle laughter during the course of intimate conversation.

The above moments of course lead to more interesting things!

These lead to the first passionate kiss, then extended foreplay, and then the consummation of your mutual lust as you ride the wave of desire during his rendezvous with a high class escort companion of the finest calibre.

Enjoyable companionship is the unstated accompaniment to seemingly endless moments of blissful love-making that make a high class escort companion like myself, absolutely irresistible to males that are fortunate enough to find themselves in the presence of a Le Penthouse Suite babe like me.  

Enjoyable companionship elevates an already beautiful girl to Aphrodite status and is one of the promises the glitter strip’s finest bordello, Le Penthouse Suite, always keeps.