I have a lot of experience in this industry and I am so versatile that I’m not afraid to say, I can give almost any man what he desires.

But for me, what I need to have with a man is chemistry; It is the biggest turn on for me and the clients I enjoy working with the most are the ones that I connect with on an intellectual and emotional level, as well as the physical one.

I am amazing with my hands and my specialty is giving my lover a sensual, oily massage; I loosen and limber him up, to get him out of his head and into his body so that when we have sex he is totally in the room, totally in my body, totally focused on the pleasure and totally in the heat of the moment.

I give my clients a 5 Star Girlfriend experience that is mind blowing and somehow deeply therapeutic. You wouldn’t believe the difference in some of my clients before and after they leave our encounter, the change is unbelievable.

I’m not a thrill seeker but I need change and variety, otherwise I grow restless and bored, so I thrive on the excitement and adventure of this industry; and the constant newness of everything.

I travel a lot and I don’t stay in one place for very long, not long enough to sign a lease or get a pet gold fish.

I know I’ve been in a place long enough when I become familiar with the local hotspots or when I know the best place in town to get a latte; and ESPECIALLY if I know the barista on a first name basis, which generally doesn’t take long because I am a bit of a conversationalist.

That’s when the winds change and an urge snakes over me, an urge to go and find a new place, see a new horizon; to meet new people and find other parts of myself that I haven’t yet experienced.

That’s why I love this job. It suits my free-spirited personality, my values and my desires.

Of course, the money is fantastic but for me it is more about the personal freedom than the money. The freedom I get to explore myself and the world. The freedom to do what I want, when I want. It’s exhilarating.

AND there are brothels all over the globe, in every city and almost every town.

I can travel and work anywhere I want: Tokya, Paris, Budapest, Brazil or Venzuela; you name it, the list is endless and unlike so many people, I can pack and go, just like that!

I don’t owe anyone anything, I don’t have any debt and best of all, I don’t have any responsibilities. No goldfish, no address, no garden to maintain (well except for the one downstairs, which is always manicured).

I am LITERALLY as free as a bird.

And there is something in that, that makes me feel limitless, like anything is possible and THAT is the best feeling in the world. It is what I live for.

I have so many on the road stories to tell you; cute ones, funny ones, naughty ones, beautiful ones.

For instance, did you know that there are brothels out in the country? They aren’t like the ones in the city, that’s for sure!

I just came up here from a small country brothel in NSW. The establishment is a large double story cottage, nestled in amongst luscious sub-tropical rainforest and it is hidden at the back of the small, town centre.

Most of the roads in the town are half dirt and half tarmac; and unless you have a ute or a four-wheeler, driving isn’t recommended.

The pub was really close to the Brothel, about a minutes’ walk away, so most of the men would walk to the Brothel after they’d had a pint at the pub with their mates.

I do adore the country boys. They are down to earth, genuine and very sexy in a rugged way; and you might be surprised to know, that those country boys are very passionate lovers.

The brothel was so much fun; they operate very different to the ones in the City, a lot more relaxed and easy going.

After it had been raining there non stop for almost a week, high heels were beyond wearable, so we were in and out of bookings either barefoot or in gum boots.

We floated around mischievously, fancy free in our glamourous dresses, kimonos, lingerie and muddy wellingtons.

There was an electric charge in the stormy air that week and it infected everyone; we had a blast and so did our clients.

One time, I was in the middle of a booking with a client that had become a regular. While I was there, I saw him almost two times a week.

He was a beautiful rugged, husky farmer with a HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH sex drive.

We were going at it pretty hard. I was fucking him in reverse cowgirl, when he slipped a wet finger gently into my asshole. It drove me crazy; my hips gyrating over him faster and deeper. It was turning me on so much and he was going wild with me in total control on top of him.

My skin was moist with sweat as I moved my hips back and forth, hard over his cock.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensations washing over me; feeling the pleasure building in my pussy with the angle of his cock hitting me perfectly.

I’m so in the zone when I hear a barking sound in the distance.

“There’s a dog!” Mr Rugged says.

I open my eyes and see Beau (a fluffy Labrador pup, who belongs to one of the girls) running towards me before leaping up onto the end of the bed.

He wags his tails in excitement, yelping and jumping around before laying down on his back with his legs spread wide, his soft pink belly on display for a pat.

I am momentarily taken aback and then I become VERY frustrated because I was so close to orgasm.

I was soooooooo close.

I turn around to Mr Rugged who is highly amused before I turn back to Beau.

“Down Beau!” I order him, in my sternest voice.

But he doesn’t budge.

I push him off the bed. “Get, Beau”, I say, pointing to where he came from which actually, I don’t know the location of because the door to our room is closed.

Unless he came through the en-suite. There is another room that can access the en-suite as well. But that room isn’t being used so I am a little perplexed.

Beau doesn’t listen and instead he lunges at me in excitement, trying to play with me like it’s a game. He jumps up on the bed again and I can’t help but laugh. My resolve cracks and I give him a quick pat before I pick him up in both arms and carry him back out.

This time I make sure both doors to the en-suite are shut before getting back to my rugged lover.

Muddy gum boots and silly dogs, these things just don’t happen in the city and I love it.

Although I must say, once arriving on the Gold Coast, I realised I had been missing the Glitz and the Glamour of city life, just a little.

I’ve been here on the Gold Coast for a few months now and it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Australia. There is such a wide variety of things to do here. So many beautiful beaches, creeks, rockpools and waterfalls. There are breathtaking sights to see and countryside drives to go on. And of course, there is the glamour of the city too, if you want it.

It’s a magical place.

But I won’t lie, I’m getting the itch.

The itch to go.

So quick, come and get my while I’m still in town and I will show you, possibly one of the best nights of your life.