First impressions last and first dates are forever etched in the minds of lovers and high class escorts alike. Even though there is a certain contractual element to a date with a high class escort, the encounter itself is still defined by certain rules of romantic engagement that are present in any encounter between potential partners. Of course, there are times when a high class escort is contracted solely for pure pleasure, but this is rare, and high class escorts of the calibre that Le Penthouse Suite offer, often have the liberty to choose which clients they will entertain, and which clients they will decline.

Rather than have a large number of clientele, high class escorts at Le Penthouse Suite may retain a small number of lovers who are enough to maintain the glamorous and high end lifestyle of the escort elite, while still allowing them to accrue an ever-increasing level of wealth. The interaction, and prima facie contact with a high class escort is not so much contractual, but romantic in nature, and is maintained by romantic etiquette that will serve any female well in any encounter they have with the man of their choice.

I’m a petite blue eyed blonde beauty, five-eight in height, long silken hair that is a shade of platinum that complements my young and lithe figure, and frames an angelic face that could grace the covers of any high end model magazine.  I’m designated a high class escort simply because I entertain a tiny retinue of lovers who are an eclectic mix of celebrity, powerful business, and playboy wealthy, who choose to shower me with gifts of jewellery, high-fashion clothing and accessories, and an extremely healthy bank account that could see me retire before I’m thirty.

These lovers found me irresistible the moment they lay eyes upon me and their desire was further encouraged by my maintaining a level of romantic etiquette that ranged from first flirtations of look but don’t touch yet, play a little hard to get but never discourage him, sweet conversation laced with erotic invitations, and classy and seductive foreplay set to sizzle his lust for that final boudoir encounter and the consummation of that hard-to-hide yearning he has for you.

Unless there’s an immediate and mutual over-riding lust between the both of you, and you’ve arranged an immediate get-it-on encounter reminiscent of the most lascivious one-night-stand you’ve ever had, you might start with a romantic dinner, perhaps by candle-light, definitely with champagne served in elegant flute glasses.

If your initial encounter is of the latter type, you might equivocate between wearing that oh so sexy cocktail dress and pearls, or those erotically curvy designer jeans, designer belt and buckle, and gorgeous silk blouse you have in your wardrobe. Let the context of your planned rendezvous and what you know of your date determine your dress code, but always wear clothing that highlights your best assets. For me it’s my slender waist and stunning figure. I always like to show some cleavage as well and always a hint of lace lingerie underneath, especially if you have a feeling that the date will become wildly erotic, like a wild-fire that can’t be contained.

Eye-contact is always a given, some girls can seduce a man just by a gaze that hints at a primal lust you have for him and a willingness to let him taste the pleasures of your beautiful body. Let him lead. My dates like to be in control, more alpha than reserved gentleman, but it depends on your own predilections and inclinations for the type of man that you want. When you’re having that romantic meal together, place a morsel from your plate in his mouth and hold his hand while you’re doing it. This always sends the message of “wait till we get into the bedroom baby and I’ll give you something better to taste”. If you’re forward enough, comment on how handsome he is and even brush his face with your fingers. This all leads up to the first kiss and from that point the gears begin shifting towards full throttle.

If you like to sit on the couch or love-seat and engage in the sweetest of small-talk then sit close to him. Sit close enough that your knees or thighs contact each other. Move closer as the lust builds, press more of your body against his as you talk about more than the weather. And always look longingly into each other’s eyes.  Once your kisses become tongue tasting then you let your primal instincts take over and you move the way you and he want to move.

You might end up with your date eating your sex on the love-seat, after having stripped down for him while he gropes and kisses and caresses every part of your body and every aspect of flesh that you reveal as you disrobe. Mutual respect hiding mutual lust gives way to uncontainable lasciviousness and pretty soon he’ll be penetrating your tight pussy and plunging his shaft so deep into you that you’ll be delirious with erotic pleasure that was initiated and maintained by a lead-up of romantic etiquette and first class dating.