Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s premiere bordello famous for its high class escort companions, has deluxe bedrooms that offer high end Jacuzzi spa baths to enhance the session of lust-making clients engage in with their erotic courtesans. I’m a petite blue-eyed blonde, with a sizzling hot size 8 beach body clients love to manhandle; and I’m also a high class escort here at Le Penthouse Suite, with a penchant for delighting in the pleasures of Jacuzzi sex.

You’ll know if we’re going to entertain ourselves in the spa bath if I’m wearing a string bikini when I greet you.

The two piece bikini’s I possess in my wardrobe range in colour from hot pink, to lime green, to pale blue. Some of them are tie-up, all of them are skimpy and tight-fitting, and all of them are so revealing that the bikini tops only have enough fabric to cover my tight and firm nipples, and the bikini panties are usually of the G-string type with a crotch so diminutive that clients cannot help their gaze wandering immediately and continuously to my tight sweet pussy.

Once we’re submerged in the bubbling hot water of the Jacuzzi, with the strong jets sending undercurrents of water hard against our bodies. My clients like to immediately grab me close so we can start kissing, and tonguing each other while intertwined in the most intimate of embraces.  I’ll be straddling my client upright on his thighs, arms hooked around his neck, pussy pressed against his bulging crotch, buoyed by the bubbling water so that he’ll grab my hips and pull me harder against his throbbing erection, which has usually emerged from his tight swimming briefs. He’ll press his shaft against my pussy, against the bikini panty, and most times he’ll try to penetrate me then and there, so aroused by my gorgeous body and beautiful face locked at the mouth. He’ll try to use his thick pole to push aside my bikini panty and pop my sex with the engorged head of his erection. This is where I pull back and stop them, because they aren’t wearing a condom.

I’ll try to pull away, and more often than not, the client won’t let me.

He’ll strengthen his grasp on my tight wet body, try to pull me even closer, grunting and sucking my mouth, and neck, and me struggling against his lustful aggression. I usually stand up then, his hands dragging down my body, grabbing my bikini panties and pulling them down, so that my tight pussy is revealed before his face. My bikini top by then is all askew, revealing my firm and erect nipples, all shiny and glistening with water.

This is when I move to the edge of the Jacuzzi

I will sit on the hard surface and spread my thighs, the bikini panty floating in the bubbling water. And this is when the client places his mouth against my pussy lips and starts to eat my young hot sex. He’ll grab my buttocks while remaining in the spa, pull my against his face, pressing his mouth against my pussy lips, probing his tongue into my sex, licking tight circles around my clitoris until it becomes stiff. He’ll bury his face into my sex, push his mouth as deep as he can into my pussy and growl me out like a voracious predator.

I’ll be moaning in erotic delirium

I’ll be grabbing his hair and head, and pulling his face into my sex. We’ll engage in cunnilingus for moment after moment, and then I’ll indicate to him that I’ll return the favour with fellatio. So he’ll get up out of the spa, and he’ll sit on the edge, and I’ll either suck his huge and throbbing erection while I’m in the spa, or we’ll get into that most famous of oral erotic positions, shaped like the number sixty-nine, usually with me on top because I’m so petite, and I’ll suck his length into delirious ecstasy as he eats my sex again.

This most intimate of oral erotic entanglements will continue until we’ve both orgasmed and he’s blown his load all over my face, and I’ve orgasmed so hard and so many times I might nearly be exhausted. But then, I’ll fit the condom onto his still erect shaft, roll the prophylactic down to its extent, and we’ll submerge ourselves back into the spa again, back to the position we began in, start to passionately kiss and fondle and grasp each other, and this time I’ll let him penetrate my engorged pussy with a pop that is felt under the bubbling water, and then I’ll ride him, and he’ll counteract the buoyancy of the water by pulling me down hard onto his shaft, timing each yanking pull of my body with a savage thrusting of his erection deep into my tight pussy. He’ll keep thrusting into me, keep shifting me until he knows he’s penetrated my deepest sex, my G-spot, and I’ll moan in the most blissful throes of orgasmic bliss and his thrusting will become so hard, fast and manic that he’ll be banging me hard up against the walls of the Jacuzzi, waves of water splashing against the sides, until he climaxes again, blows his load while positioned deep inside my sex, while we hold each other in the tightest of love-clasps in the bubbling hot Jacuzzi.