Featured Gold Coast Escort of the Month – Delylah

Cheeky and fun-loving with a classic porn star figure, (slim with beautiful DD breasts), Delylah, age 22, our Featured Gold Coast Escort for the Month of August, is a bit of a tomboy who loves NRL, camping and hanging out with friends. Often mistaken for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if you are a fan of this bubbly monster-killing blonde, you are going to love Delylah handling your stake!

Delylah loves travelling, with her dream holiday destination being Pompei in Italy. She is also into pop and rock, both new and old school. Our Brissey bombshell is a passionate foodie, who loves to be wined and dined. She also likes playing practical jokes on her friends, and one of her favourite stunts, (as she is double jointed) is popping her joints in and out, which always grosses out her mates! But can have amazing benefits for other extracurricular activities!

Delylah is known to be a little clumsy by her friends. Once while playing on the swings, she thought she’d jump off mid-air and impress any onlookers nearby. Instead she landed flat on her stomach, knocking the wind out of her, to the amusement of everyone watching.

Some naughty and nice facts you may not know about Gold Coast escort Delylah:

A hot night in for Delylah… would begin with a delicious dinner, followed by a sensual massage and if all went well, some x-rated adult fun!

Sex toys she can’t live without include…. vibrators and clit ticklers!

Delylah’s favourite sexual position is… doggie style!

Qualities Delylah looks for in the opposite sex are… someone who is romantic, sweet and a little naughty!

Her naughtiest secret… it hasn’t happened yet… but she’s definitely working at it!

Favourite foods include… whipped cream and strawberries, oysters… and chocolate of course!

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