I just overheard that one of the other girls had a spa booking with a client, who brought strawberries, chocolate and champagne along as well. I can’t help but feel a pang of envy.

Strawberries and chocolate are my favourite food and I’m crazy about bubble baths! They are my favourite ways to indulge myself.

Never mind. We all have those days when you get phenomenal bookings and then you get other days when you don’t.

I’m pondering all of this is as I make my way down the stairs to reception, when a husky man’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts.

My ears perk up and I stop midway on the stairs listening to the conversation.

Although mystery man’s voice is rough, he is telling the receptionist he would like to book an escort that is intimate, passionate and loving.

You can’t pick them can you?!

Sometimes the sweetest looking angels are the ones with the most devilish requests and the rough, tough blokes are the ones who want nothing but love, cuddles and kisses.

I hear him being taken into an intro room and after I hear the door close, I continue the rest of the way down the stairs.

“Oh perfect timing, Roxy” reception says,” a client has coming in for a GF experience. You can go in first while I round up the other girls”.

I walk over to the door and twist the knob, opening it. I smile at the mysterious figure sitting on the lounge.

Before we even say a word, I weirdly feel an immediate connection to him.

“Hi, I’m Roxy”, I say.

“Hi Roxy, I’m Rob” he replies in his deep voice.

I sit down on the lounge next to him, crossing my legs as I turn to face him.

I think he might be of a mixed ethnic background because his skin is a beautiful caramel colour and his eyes are very dark brown, almost black. He has very unusual facial features and a big nose but it suits him, he is jaw droopingly sexy. He is a solid build and you can tell he is naturally built that way.

We chat briefly about my services before he says, “I want you”.

I laugh coyly before telling him there are still other girls that are coming to intro as well, to which he replies, ”I don’t need to see the other girls”.

I can feel myself blushing; I’m a flattered by his certainty even though he hasn’t met the others yet.

“Okay, you certainly sound like a man who knows what he wants!” I say.

“I am.”

I take him by the hand and lead him upstairs into a free room and leave him for a few minutes to shower while I organise a few things for our booking.

I inform reception, who laughs, “I knew he would like you” she says.

Before going back to the room, I take off my lingerie and slip into something more comfortable and sensual; a dark grey, satin dress with revealing lace trimming. Barefoot, I walk back to his room and knock on the door quietly before letting myself in.

He has just finished drying off and is wrapping the towel around his waist as he walks over to me.

“I like this”, he says, pushing one of the shoe string straps gently off my shoulder.

He wraps an arm around me, his big hand in the square of my back and he pulls my body close into his. He is so masculine and big and it makes me feel so small and vulnerable. He kisses me with his soft luscious lips and I melt in his arms. He is heaven.

He pulls away, smiling down at me. I gently push him backwards, towards the bed and he sits down on the edge of it. I push him back a little further and he moves backwards into the middle and lays back. I lean over him and slowly undo his towel so I can see his bulge in the flesh.

He is BIG.


He is HUGE.

My eyeballs must be popping out of my head because he assures me” Don’t worry, I know how to use it; I’ll be nice”.




I wrap my lips around his cock and even after a solid minute of my mouth warm up, I can still only make it half way down him.

I suck him senseless, deep throating him as far as it will go. He groans in pleasure each time his cock hits the back of my throat. I hold my head down his shaft for as long as I can and I let him fuck my mouth until I recoil, gagging. I can’t breathe and I pull my head back up, gasping for air.

“Girl, for someone so delicate, you can definitely take it”, he says.

“I do what I can”, I say, a small mischievous smile passing over my face.

“I want you to bend over for me” he says, sitting up, getting onto his knees.

I bend over on all fours and pull my satin dress up, so my perky ass is in plain view.

He moves close behind me and after applying a serious amount of lube, he rubs his cock back and forth over my clit before slowly pushing the tip of himself into me.

He inches his way in, deeper and deeper but still ever so slowly. I focus on breathing and relaxing, so that I can take him.

I don’t even know if I am equipped to take his full length. His width is certainly pushing my muscles to their limits but as I continue breathing, my muscle walls relax further until he is able to move in and out of me easier.

My pussy is getting wetter and he thrusts a little faster. We move together in a gentle rhythm, my ass lightly hitting his pelvis over and over.

We fuck like this for a few minutes and my body is tingling with pleasurable warmth. His entire cock comfortably moves in and out of me and it feels delightful. I am dripping wet and I can feel the hint of an orgasm fading in and out of view.

He tugs on my hair lightly, sending shivers down my neck and back. My pussy responds to his gentle tough and love making; my whole body is in a state of ecstasy.

I can’t think of anything except for the pleasure building deep inside of me and I begin moving my ass backwards into him, harder and harder.

“Fuck me baby” he groans deeply, pulling my hair back a little more.

With his big hands, he firmly grabs my ass cheeks and pulls me into him much rougher now.

We are fucking hard, my pussy adoring every inch of him. His cock thrusts back and forth until one more deep thrust finally pushes me over the edge. It hits me from all angles, massaging over all of my pleasure spots and I’m no longer aware of any of my other senses. I convulse on his cock and moan his name loudly as I sink deeper into my orgasm.

He thrusts a few more times until his energy wavers and his cock jerks inside of me.

Fuuuck”, he groans, thrusting deeper, eventually his thrusts become less.

We slow back down, riding the last of it out before we collapse onto the bed beside each other.

We’re both blown away by our phenomenal encounter.

I’m definitely not thinking about the strawberries and chocolate now!