With a population nearing 580,000 residents in 2019 according to www.population.net.au, and with over 13 million visitors a year according to https://www.gccec.com.au, the Gold Coast has a multitude of luxury apartments and luxury high-rise apartments that line the horizon with buildings that at times seem to push through the cloudscapes above. 

Regarding such a burgeoning population, these buildings are in high demand and another accompanying aspect to luxury apartment accommodation that is also in high demand is the range of gorgeous Gold Coast Escorts that offer their erotic expertise and seductive talents to individuals living in these establishments.

The higher-end luxury apartment residences, like Mantra, or Peppers, cater to short and long term stays; and at times catering to these short and long-term stayers are the babes that make the Gold Coast the most blessedly beautiful place for beauties that walk the ocean shore-lines, wine and dine at restaurant establishments, or shop the boutique businesses at shopping destinations from the north to the south end. 

A number of the best of these gorgeous girls might just be a Gold Coast Escort to be found in a premiere bordello-like Le Penthouse Suite Brothel and Escort Agency. 

And these Gold Coast Escorts find no difficulty in visiting a Gold Coast Luxury Apartment after bookings for a rendezvous of lustful magnitude are requested. 

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While the hottest Escorts differ in their physical attributes with the shared aspect between them being their attractive beauty, charm and sophistication; clients entertaining these girls from their luxury apartments all share the same single desire for the most gorgeous sweethearts they can spend their time with. 

Although girls this sexy and desirable don’t offer their expertise for a song and a dance, reimbursing them for their affectionate and intimate attention also won’t break the bank. 

A sizzling hot Escort babe worth pursuing should range somewhere between $300 to $500 for an hour including travel expenses depending on your distance, and any price upwards from there would either require something extra special or be suspect for substance abuse issues or untoward management.

And if you’ve saved up for a rainy day, or your pockets are particularly well-padded, or you’re some kind of a hunk swordsman, who’s to say you can’t request an appointment with two Gold Coast Escorts; or three? 

And if you want to play Heff for a night in your luxury apartment, why not request a number of these oh so devastatingly beautiful girls and invite your best mates for a party until the early hours when the ocean sets free the sun on the sunny Gold Coast.