Ten days of testosterone charged competition; an influx of 1.5 million visitors with cash to spend; a television audience of 1.5 billion; and 6, 600 athletes, coaches and officials from 70 nations, with an additional 15, 000 volunteers will make the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games perhaps the greatest event our Glitter Strip Capital has ever seen.  

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With construction of sports complexes, velodromes, and aquatic centres in the Gold Coast region; upgrades to roads and transport; and the trialling of new 5G phone technology for optimum transmission of events, the Gold Coast is set for Spectacular Commonwealth Glory as a host that knows no measure when it comes to providing the best environment for the best athletes from around the globe. 

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Doctor Chavarro of the Harvard School of Public Health, at www.webmd.com, states that “ exercise that helps open the arteries to benefit our heart will also increase blood flow to the penis.” This explains the libidinous benefits of exercise, not to mention the moulding of physiques that boast powerful musculature and perfect bone structure, with the added effect of stamina and endurance to last a long and lustful night.  

There is also the fact that spectators of sport are usually players of sport themselves. And with supercharged and competitively erotic events like the debut of Beach Volleyball at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, the transference of adrenaline from competitors to individuals in the stands will send these adventuresome interstate and overseas visitors, out into the night or day in search of pleasurable female company.  

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With the advent of the Commonwealth Games approaching at rocket-speed this April, the atmosphere is sizzling with anticipation of a ten-day celebration of human physical achievement and community engagement that will pin-point the Gold Coast as a must-do destination for travellers from around the planet. The expected 1.5 billion viewers that will tune in to the Commonwealth Games will spotlight this once laid-back sea-side town, as a thriving metropolis worthy of jet-setting across oceans to experience. 

The crowning jewel in the realm of our City of Gold Coast, are the endless parade of beach-side babes, socialite beauties, and gym-going honeys that grace the parks, and shopping centres, the restaurants and night-venues, the sparkling surf and sand, and the panoply of sporting clubs and venues. And the fire in this jewel, that is the essence of this Gold Coast feminine chic, is to be found in our Gold Coast Escorts at premiere establishments like Le Penthouse Suite, or high class escort services like Gold Coast Dreamgirls.  

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The irony is that Gold Coast Escorts won’t be televised or publicised as a complementary aspect of the Commonwealth Games, but will certainly become one of the main attractions that will fuel the fires of our competitors as they strive to dominate on the field, in the pool or in the stadium. The search for the elusive Gold medal will hide the search for the ultimate pleasure found in the touch and taste of a Gold Coast Escort at luxury bordellos such as Le Penthouse Suite, or at escort sites like Gold Coast Dreamgirls. 

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The lead-up to the Commonwealth Games Main Event has already begun with the appearance of individual muscled-up competitors pounding the pavement of our suburban streets in their Nike Airs and Adidas Cross-Trainers, probably putting in the hours of endurance work required for whichever event they are competing in, revealing physiques that have been conditioned from years of gruelling and intense training.  

Gym and sports venues are filling to capacity with people who are either competing or have caught the fitness buzz set alight by the looming spectacle of the Commonwealth Games. And the Gold Coast Escort Industry is set to soothe those savage beasts of competition in intimate commiseration of heart-felt defeat, or to celebrate the pinnacle of sporting success and glory with clients that may never come this way again.