Are you looking for a licensed swingers club on the Gold Coast? How about a strip club that welcomes swingers with some of the most luscious and sexy escorts? Let’s take a look in more detail now.

According to “the Gold Coast Swingers Scene is very active” however, due to strict licensing laws, finding an actual licensed Swinger’s Club is restricted to only a handful in the Gold Coast Region.

Most unrestricted swinging occurs via websites that appear like dating sights but are actually more just places to pick up and enjoy unbridled sexual intimacy with a perfect stranger.

Of the few prominent Swinger’s Clubs available on the Gold Coast, The Manhattan Club Showgirls Strip Club and Gentlemen’s Venue offers an exclusive Swinger’s Club with an ingenious twist on the standard Swinger’s Party establishments, in that it also has a fully licensed 5-Star brothel attached to it, Le Penthouse Suite Brothel and Escort Agency.

Not only does The Manhattan Club offer a Swinge[siteURL]/manhattan-showgirls/r’s Club and Brothel, it also has the best professionally choreographed full-nude strip performances available, all set on a close-proximity stage allowing for a level of intimacy with the audience that is sure to engender an outrageous amount of testosterone-filled lust, to be later expressed in the adjacent Swinger’s Party room, or at the walking distance high-class bordello.

The unique and multi-faceted nature of The Manhattan Club ensures that those who attend the elite and exclusive Swinger’s Club are guaranteed full sexual satisfaction with a gorgeous babe even if they don’t connect with anyone in the Swinger’s Party that night.

A further enticement is that management at The Manhattan Club Showgirls offers a generous voucher for all members to use at its sister establishment Le Penthouse Suite Brothel and Escort Agency which is home to a stunning array of the most beautiful Gold Coast Escorts available on the Glitter Strip.

There are even whispered rumours that the probability that one of the occasional stunningly attractive Strippers that perform in either the raunchiest Cowgirl bull-riding strip show, or the Grand Prix Glamorous Strip Babes, or the Roller Girl Strip Honey Show, might even list a second profession as a high-class Escort at the 5-Star bordello next-door, Le Penthouse Suite.

And with that possibility, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch of the imagination to consider one of these Strip Princess Beauties enjoy an after-show drink at the Swinger’s Party raging away in The Manhattan Club Showgirls lounge or private function party room.

The Manhattan Club Showgirls Swinger’s Club is a modern-day pleasure dome that would rival the ancient palaces of excess written about in romantic literature such as Xanadu, but with accessibility that decries the notion of searching around on faux-dating sites for an immediate sex partner.

A level of respectability is afforded the Gold Coast Swinging Scene with The Manhattan Club Showgirls professionalism yet undeniable accommodation to hedonistic excess, and all those lust-filled individuals already enjoying the Swinging Scene or yet to pop their orgiastic cherry can now find a Swinger’s Club that guarantees 100 per cent sexual satisfaction, with no regrets and only memories of blissful intimacy with a beauty beyond all their imaginings.