I had the opportunity to attend a first class university function with a client that engaged my services for the evening, and I found myself in the company of an elite band of intellectual professors and PHD students who proffered an eclectic range of topics for dinner conversation.

It was a passing remark by a well-known feminist and University lecturer who commented that there was no distinguishing line between a high class escort and a prostitute because both were subject to male domination and female subservience; and that there were no differing shades on the spectrum of sex workers. I was slightly crestfallen when I heard this woman state this, but immediately righted myself and prepared to refute her argument when my client, also a University professor but also the Dean of Law, valiantly interjected in a response that shot down the woman’s flawed point of view.

What ensued was an hour long impromptu debate in which my client, with the support of most of the table, clearly delineated the differences between high class escorts and prostitutes, and quite possibly irrevocably changed the feminist’s point of view.

Of course, no-one except my client knew of my profession as I was introduced as a business associate and friend of the family, but nevertheless, I felt championed by academia and clearly remember every argument these intellectuals presented in delineating the differences between a high class escort and a prostitute.

The primary argument was the motivation of choice behind the professional endeavour of being a high class escort.

This argument distinguished this elite industry from the forced necessity behind the occupation of prostitute.

My client, along with two of his colleagues, argued that high class escorts make a conscious and well-planned choice to work in their profession, having determined that the financial rewards are lucrative, the life-style is extravagant and the clientele are highly respected and often very powerful individuals.

To be in a position to make the choice of being a high class escort, the female has to be intelligent enough to be successful at her occupation

According to Australian Government Statistics, nearly five percent of workers in the escort industry en masse, had a post-graduate degree. This five percent, argued my client, was representational of high class escorts. Elitism is present in all professions, and those at the top possess qualities that separate from those at the lower end of the spectrum.

My client continued by espousing the qualities of high class escorts as being physically beautiful, emotionally vibrant, highly intelligent and highly confident.

My client’s colleague added that prostitutes are females who are forced to work in the sex industry by necessity,

This is either because of substance abuse problems, financial difficulty, or because of suffering from the post-traumatic effects of early abuse. The life of an ordinary prostitute is often despairing and governed by criminal organisations and ruthless pimps.

Because a prostitute usually does not make a conscious choice to work in the sex industry, she does not possess the qualities that a high class escort does, and cannot command the financially rewarding contracts that high class escorts do, nor be selective about the companionship that presents itself to her.

High class escorts, because of the exorbitant prices they place on the pleasure of their companionship, can be highly selective about whom they choose to escort, and can also choose how often they decide to offer their elite companionship.

My client added that the high profile, high class escort Loredana, who is one of Tiger Woods’ companions reportedly receives up to $5000 a night

Also, the high class escorts that attend the Cannes Film Festival charge up to $40,000 a night. My client segued into elaborating upon the extravagant lifestyles that high class escorts can lead, often rubbing shoulders with the famous and wealthy, and sometimes enjoying life-long affairs with sugar-daddies and celebrities.

My client ended the argument by stating that high class escorts are the modern day equivalent of Renaissance day courtesans

These are people who attended the court of royalty, and were highly respected and independent individuals, trained in the arts, singing and dancing, and had the life-time trust and affections of monarchs and other royal members of society.

High class escorts today are a pleasure reserved only for the elite of our society

They have chosen to pursue their life because they possess the necessary beauty, brains and social ability to move in these upper echelon circles; and are often disregarded by mainstream society simply because most people will never have access to such levels of beauty and erotic perfection. The distinctions between a high class escort and a prostitute are clearly obvious and are only overlooked out of a mainstream jealousy.

The feminist lecturer went silent after this, and the function ended on a buoyant note.

My companion, the Dean of Law, was also my champion that evening; he was this high class escort’s conscious choice and a rare find amongst the cream of the crop.