I look in the mirror sometimes at my youthful and statuesque physique, with a 12 DD bust, lithe tan legs, long auburn hair, clear green eyes, cover-girl face and flawless complexion, and think that there is more than just physical beauty that attracts the list of wealthy, elite and occasionally famous clients into the boudoir with me. I’m a high class escort at the glitter strip’s most iconic pleasure palace and longest established bordello, Le Penthouse Suite; and I have an authentic understanding of why nearly all of my clients are members of the well-to-do and elite circles of society.

Of course, with wealth comes power, and powerful men will always search for the most beautiful women in society, whether they are movie stars, pop singers or high class escort companions. The most beautiful women are a luxury generally only the rich can afford to court, and enter into a relationship with, sometimes one that lasts a lifetime, and sometimes one that becomes a scandalous affair that is over in months.

Just like the courtesans who entertained monarchs and the royalty of the Renaissance era, high class escorts belong to a group of women that are distinguished from other females not only by their physical beauty and willingness to engage in affairs of the heart, but also because of their qualities of high intellect, sexual allure, feminine charm and enjoyable companionship.

Wealthy and elite clientele often desire a female companion that possesses qualities similar to their own

These women can offer not only the ultimate in erotic gratification, but can also engage in intelligent as well as intimate interactions; and offer the warmth of sweet feminine affection at the same time. High class escorts are all of this and more, much more.

Powerful and rich males are often risk-takers and have usually gotten to where they are by ignoring the conservative views of polite society and venturing into uncharted waters. High class escorts offer an element of intrigue and their mystique attracts those that dare to be bold and unconventional. High class escorts can be likened to an elitist enclave of beauty that only the privileged know about or know how to access. And the privileged parts of our society are the celebrities, the entrepreneurs, the corporate executives, the business magnates and sometimes the odd daring politician or two.

And these privileged males may already have a steady if lack-lustre relationship with someone they have fallen out of love with long ago, and have now found what they are looking for in the risqué courtship of a high class escort companion.

The discreetness offered by high class escort companions satisfies the often high-profile requirement of confidentiality that their clients ask for

The shades of taboo in high class escort companionship provide the element of mystique, and the beauty coupled with the erotic expertise a high class escort offers, satisfies all aspects of male lustful desire.  

Some of the powerful and wealthy elite enjoy the idea of polygamous relationships with a veritable harem of exquisitely beautiful women and realize they cannot find this in mainstream society so they search for the courtship of high class escorts whose discreetness allows these males to feed their sexual addictions and desires without limitation. Sportsmen such as Tiger Woods or political leaders like the former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi are examples of powerful men who enjoy the favours of many gorgeous women through high class escort companionship.

Powerful men are generally over-sexed with strong desires not only in their fields of occupational endeavour, but also within the bedroom.

These men seek out relationships not only with the most attractive girls, but often with as many supremely attractive girls as they can. These men find their precedents in biblical kings like King Solomon who reportedly had 700 wives of royal birth, as well as 300 concubines.

And finally

Because sexual gratification is like a narcotic and the most erotically satisfying experiences are the strongest narcotic

High class escorts can offer the ultimate in lustful satiation, it is usually the rich and the powerful who dare to enter into a relationship with a high class escort; firstly because they can afford to, and secondly because they can afford to prolong the courtship indefinitely. High class escorts are experts in love-making and understand every erotic nuance and detail that brings their client to states of orgasmic bliss far beyond normal expectations. The rich and the elite can afford to become addicted to a high class escort beauty because they can return again and again, with the backing of financial freedom, to satisfy their unbridled lust; and with the possible hope that the courtship will become a steady relationship one day.

Having thought all this through while gazing in the mirror at my own feminine perfection and high class attitude, this Le Penthouse Suite first-class escort beauty has only one thing left to say, not all the men that find favour with me are wealthy and elite, I’m a complex girl who doesn’t kiss and tell it all. You might like to come on in and find out for yourself one day.