There are a few reasons why a client or customer visiting a business prefers their credit card billing to be discreet and not indicate the type of service or product that was paid for.

On the Gold Coast, commerce is thriving and many businesses don’t list the actual service or product they provide on credit card bills.

This is fortunate for clients such as a romantic partner wanting to surprise their spouse with a special gift; or an individual seeking counselling who may not want to reveal to their partner their issue; or perhaps a client visiting a brothel or escort service who wants to keep his or her activity discreet because they move in conservative circles.

Perhaps they are a well-known celebrity who is wary of the details of their personal lives being leaked to the media and thus they value confidentiality and their own personal privacy.

Ways that credit card billing can remain discreet.

First and foremost, businesses may list a different trading name to the type of service or product they offer the public.

This ensures that the credit card bill will display XYZ Holdings for a shoe company, or a franchise might show a conglomerate trading name because they are a franchised subsidiary, or a brothel may be listed as a bistro and bar for their business name.

Furthermore, a company can have multiple business names associated with their ABN which also offers discretion for businesses such as brothels in the sense that they can stagger credit card payments over a few affiliated business names.

Generally, if the business is purposely ensuring discretion in their credit card billing, the type of trading name may indicate a service that charges amounts close to the price of a rendezvous with an escort girl.

For example, a brothel that is also a gentleman’s club may indicate a service that appears on the credit card bill as a bar and bistro.

This is likely if the club offers drinks and light meals, or as XYZ Entertainment or another trading name in a similar generic style.

So for those clients who have an urge for erotic dalliance outside the constraints of a staid long-term relationship, there is some level of assurance that their activities will be kept as discreet as possible from the perspective of most brothels and escort services.

The Gold Coast Brothel & Escort Industry is aware of mainstream sensitivities and generally opt for a clandestine level of payment exchange.

Other ways that some businesses ensure discretion in their credit card billing is to encourage the use of Paypal or gift vouchers purchased at a business seemingly unrelated to the primary service they offer.

Paypal is an online payment service that does not list the type of business transaction that occurs which ensures discretion.

Some escort services and brothels on the Gold Coast offer gift vouchers that can be purchased from affiliated businesses, perhaps a clothing or music store, or a business that has a tendency to be a boutique operation.

Finally, a business may have an ATM onsite, that allows the client to withdraw cash for the services or product they require at the business.

For whatever reason you wish for discretion in your credit card billing, a risqué outing, or a surprise gift can be enjoyed with a level of discretion on the Gold Coast that will satisfy most clients and customers.