How does a female step up from the role of ordinary escort to high class elite escort and does the process of achieving this goal require already innate qualities; or does it come down to pure determination and hard work. Firstly, let us identify the features that distinguish a high class escort from an ordinary escort.

A high class escort has a level of physical beauty that surpasses ordinary expectations of female attractiveness.

A female can be born with physical beauty, but in order to keep that beauty, she must maintain it through a healthy lifestyle and with close-attention to the aspects that comprise her attractiveness, her hair, her skin, her nails, her eyes, and her face. A thorough beauty regimen is of course a standard for most women, but is even more important for a high class escort to maintain, because her beauty is her major asset. The body can be maintained or even enhanced through exercise which assists in the loss of excess weight.

A voluptuous and curvaceous body is generally one that is not overweight. An athletic or slender body still needs the strength and flexibility to erotically satisfy elite clientele; so exercise is a must and is usually a defining feature of a high class escort’s lifestyle. Another aspect to maintaining a beautiful body is diet.

High class escorts generally keep a nutritious diet

This enhances the glow of their complexion, the strength of their nails, the lustrous colour of their hair, the density of their bones and the firmness of their muscles. Exercise and diet also release endorphins, the body’s natural opiate, which in turn maintains a happy and positive outlook on life, and contributes to the vibrant and warm personality high class escorts demonstrate for their clientele.

Physical beauty and maintaining that beauty are the basics for the high class escort, who has an exercise and beauty regimen that is a step above the ordinary escort’s day to day rituals.

To reach the pinnacle of escort companionship, the high class escort also couples her physical beauty with pure erotic animal magnetism.

Sexual attractiveness is reflected in high libido which in turn is expressed in an enjoyment and celebration of the sexual act. A high class escort finds great pleasure in making love to a client and is an expert in every aspect of a sexual encounter. She understands how to pleasure her client to the utmost degree so that he is forever bound to her in that moment of orgasmic bliss. From the first seductive gaze of foreplay, to the intimacy of post-coital pillow talk, the high class escort separates herself from the ordinary escort in the levels of lust, affection and sexual excess she offers to her client.

Often, the high class escort has one unusual aspect to her sexual arsenal that defines the experience she offers.

This could be an aspect of her physical beauty, perhaps exceptionally gorgeous legs, or a face that is not only cover-girl beautiful, but has a uniqueness to it that distinguishes her from other beautiful women. Perhaps it is an aspect of her personality, a quirkiness, a pattern of speech that seems to turn men on to the point that she is relentlessly and continually pursued by repeat clientele, or new clientele that have heard of her, or seen her image on a site. And this leads us to the promotional aspect that separates a high class escort from an ordinary escort.

The high class escort knows how to manage her affairs

They seek professional management that can place her in the elite circles of high end clientele. A high class escort knows her own worth and commands a level of financial remuneration that is far more than commensurate to the qualities she brings to each encounter. The lucrative rewards she receives indicate the level of success she occupies as a high class escort, with the expectation of $8000 to $10,000 for a full night being an indication of what clientele are willing to pay for the best in escort companionship in Australia. And it is reported that high class escorts at the Cannes Film Festival receive up to $40,000 a night, after moving in the circles of the celebrity elite.

An ordinary escort will not enjoy as lucrative a reward and cannot be as selective about whom she chooses to be her companion.  An ordinary escort may be as beautiful as a high class escort but may not have the confidence, or exude the sexual charisma, or lacks the management skills or management support to attain the high-flying companionship of the ultra-wealthy.

Escort companionship is an elite profession and therefore requires the best management skills to promote and build a short-list of elite clientele

They sometimes even to land the big sugar daddies who can, and do, sometimes look after a high class escort for a life-time. The high class escort is beautiful beyond comparison, maintains her beauty, is an erotic magnet to all men, and is generally managed by professionals who recognise her qualities and are able to promote her in elite circles. In the end, perhaps the distinction between a high class escort and an ordinary escort comes down to nature, instead of nurture, but a combination of both innate qualities and a supportive environment is the best guarantee to attaining erotic perfection in the role of high class escort.