Gold Coast’s Premium 24 hour Brothel

Gold Coast Brothel – LePenthouse Suite on the Gold Coast is the crowning jewel of the Sunshine State’s Escort Industry. This five-star establishment not only boasts the hottest escorts the Gold Coast has to offer, it presents a careful combination of opulent yet mildly decadent interior architectural design, balanced by a flair of nouveau chic décor that perfectly reflects its taste in high-class escorts who aim to please.

Upon entering this establishment, you will be greeted by the loveliest of receptionists in an atmosphere that is more than welcoming but simmers just under the surface with the electric promise of the sexual thrill of a lifetime. The reception staff are as beautiful as the escorts but will gently redirect your lustful attention to the girls you’ve come to see.

The short wait in the introduction room, with plush maroon couches and music videos that softly play on state-of-the-art flat screen televisions pleasantly prepare you for your first encounter with the girls who are rostered on at the time.

If you haven’t already booked your babe you will be introduced to a selection of the finest femme fatales you have ever seen, tantalising you with hot-bodies clothed in lingerie attire that will fire your loins with a lust you never knew existed, and faces that could grace the covers of any model magazine, and smiles that will melt your heart.

The potential for “love at first sight” will entice the client to pick the escort he desires, negotiate the extras and then the chosen honey will accompany her beau to the receptionist, who, like a knowing sister will organise payment.

The prices are competitive but do not undervalue the sexual experience you are soon to enjoy, Basic love-making starts at $180 for half an hour, $220 for 45 minutes and $250 for one hour. The money exchanged is really just an acknowledgement of a service that will leave you blissed out for days, and after a session with one of the escorts you will feel like proposing marriage or signing away half your wealth just to be with the girl again. That’s how good they are. And that’s the only problem here, they just might steal your heart!

It’s the touches of class that add to the edge LePenthouse Suite has over other bordellos; the sculpted female statues, the granite marble spas, the rococo style soft furnishings, the combination of classic and nouveau paintings, and most of all the mirrored ceilings. When in the throes of love-making, and you glance upwards for a moment and see the most gorgeous back and bottom riding you like you were a sex-monster from a Roman orgy, you could almost believe you were starring in the hottest porn-movie ever made.

Variations in mood-lighting from strategically situated lamps and pastel-shaded walls, or artful nouveau-baroque prints enhance a suspenseful tingle in your pants that only heightens the love-making you will soon engage in. Enclosed in the most luxurious and comfort-laden surrounds you could expect, your love-making will reach heights of passion hitherto unknown to you.

Elegant design that meets a subdued raunch in the interior architecture of the suites perfectly complement the escorts’ style and grace. These ladies expertly and always contain their passion on the slow sensual walk to the boudoir you’ve chosen, and then surpass your expectations as they reveal themselves to you in the glorious sex the heavens blessed them with.

The number of rooms in LePenthouse Suite’s palatial complex make the Molendinar bordello establishments north of the border seem like run-down flop-houses, and the rooms at LePenthouse Suite boast spacious interiors that will see you cavorting and romping around the room playing kiss kiss, chasey chasey like a hyperactive teenager, with your chosen escort in wild foreplay before the love-making begins.

Size does matter, if not in terms of client endowment, certainly in the dimensions of your suite and a big room accommodates big sex. LePenthouse Suite’s boudoirs boast marble spa baths, gold-trim showers and king-sized beds that allow the client to enjoy his escort in a shower-sex, spa-lust fantasy, or engage in the best sex on beds that firmly support the pounding pulse of twin heartbeats in total synchronicity. Single elegantly designed sofas cater for daddy enthusiasts as the escort of your dreams sits on your lap for that much deserved spanking.

And, yes, LePenthouse Suite offers services for role-play advocates, fanatical fetishists and couples who fancy open love and the occasional menage-a-trois. And if the client can think of anything else that might range from kink to pink he can have a quiet word to his chosen escort and the smiling receptionist who can negotiate an arrangement that just might fulfil a lifelong desire. Don’t be shy, this is their game and they aim to please.

It is almost heaven as these angelic babes display bedroom prowess in touch, taste, feel, sight and sound. You will wonder where does LePenthouse Suite get these girls from, and you will think twice about what it must mean to be a woman and the concept of the Madonna.

The only fault I can find is that these girls are too gorgeous to select only one from and a few momentary second-guesses about your final choice, before the love-making starts, makes you wish you had asked for a threesome. Maybe next time?

Unlike some bordellos that are culturally specific, LePenthouse Suite offers a selection of elite escorts from across the cosmopolitan spectrum, catering for tastes, or fetishes, that favour a multi-cultural perspective. Vanilla to exotic, purest blonde to Mediterranean delight, blue-eyes to brown, foot fancy to cosplay, a client can indulge his wildest fantasies in the comforting arms of the babe of his dreams. The world can be your oyster without traversing the globe.

Open round the clock, the 24/7 business model LePenthouse Suite prefers, allows for morning glory, afternoon delight, or rendezvous by night; a non-stop sex-fest for the client that can handle it. The $10 discount for day rates is an added enticement to visit and return again. The client could buy the escort of his dreams a bunch of roses on the way there.

Definitely do yourselves a favour when the full-moon finds you a little frantic and visit this 5-star pleasure-palace. And if that bulge in your pants just won’t go away and you don’t want your boss at work getting the wrong idea, take a day off and pamper yourself with a sexual tryst that will leave you wanting more. Rest assured, you’ll be planning your next visit to LePenthouse Suite even as you say goodbye to your new squeeze.

You won’t be disappointed.

Located just over the border in Tweed Heads, in a tree-lined block that offers seclusion for the discreet client, LePenthouse Suite still provides access to shops, restaurants and transport if you fancy a bite after all that sex, or a drink to celebrate losing your bordello virginity. Just don’t ask the girls to join you after your first date, they don’t give themselves up that easy.

Situated only four minutes from Coolangatta Airport, Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite offers an invitation to out-of-towners or overseas players to visit its premises and delight in the height of female charm and beauty. LePenthouse Suite just might be the Gold Coast glitter strip’s greatest drawcard. Or, if you’re a local wanting a taste of the high-life, don’t hesitate to make a booking with this finest of fine establishments in the adult industry,

Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite also offers an outcall service for those clients that think they might like to please their best girl with a night out, and perhaps thrill them with a private pad in the hopes of snatching the glittering prize. Watch out though, those pretty receptionists who took your booking and arranged the girl of your dreams, can be like protective sisters when it comes to the escorts at LePenthouse Suite.

All humour aside, outcalls are professionally managed, licensed and exclusive to LePenthouse Suite. The five-star service at this Gold Coast bordello is carried through to private visits with an escort directory that lists such a range of elite beauties the website could almost double for an adult site. Punctuality, professionalism and perfection should be LePenthouse Suite’s outcall service motto.

Party celebrations, management events and boardroom functions are also a specialty of LePenthouse Suite’s escort service. The 5-star bordello beauties will grace your social or professional event with class and style, as well as please you with that promised private encounter with the hottest of honeys. These babes are truly the most gorgeous to have ever emerged here on the sun-blessed Gold Coast. If you’re a hot-blooded male at a buck’s night, or a CEO with a penchant for high-end private engagements, LePenthouse Suite is the establishment of choice.

So, set free your inhibitions, step into the 21st century sexual revolution and visit LePenthouse Suite. Let the amazing receptionists welcome you into a fantasy like no other. Let them introduce you to an array of young, gorgeous female beauties you never even guessed existed. LePenthouse Suite is 5-star class all the way, a treasure hidden in plain sight, with a guaranteed reputation that will surely make the Gold Coast a dream destination for lovers of love-making and lustful desire.