I’m 170 cm tall, slender, with baby blue eyes, an erotically charged physique and long platinum blonde hair; it would be a fair estimation to state that men find me extremely attractive, if not irresistible.

I’m a high class escort working for the glitter strip’s premiere bordello, Le Penthouse Suite, and recently I’ve engaged in a great deal of introspection to see what qualities I possess that make me one of the most elite babes in the industry.

Firstly, and of course most obviously, physical attractiveness is a key attribute all high class escorts possess.

In the 19th century a female author first stated that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, meaning that beauty is subjective; but even before this the famous Romantic poet John Keats wrote in his “Ode on a Grecian Urn” that “beauty is truth, truth beauty” which expresses the notion that beauty is a definite quality based upon the scientific principles of elegance, symmetry and unity.

Without taking the emotional allure and erotic mystique out of human attraction, beauty is an objective quality recognisable by the majority of people and this is supported by the ‘cult of beauty’ that has existed throughout human history.

This fascination with especially feminine beauty has seen the rise of the fashion and cosmetics industries, the emergence of Hollywood female superstars, the popularity of adult erotic entertainment, and the celebration of women in all aspects of society.

After all, what hot-blooded male and even female, can resist the soft glow of a flawless complexion, the sexual sway of shapely hips, the pout of sensual lips, the gleam of a seductive gaze or the flow of silken and lustrous hair.

A high class escort is the epitome of physical beauty, which is also coupled with the next quality an elite erotic companion possesses, sexual charisma.

Sexual charisma is the combination of a female’s internal energy, their libido or sexual drive, their individuality including their physical and emotional traits, and their social capabilities or their deportment in societal human interaction and encounters. A female with high sexual charisma can overcome any imperfections in their physical attractiveness to find themselves pursued my males relentlessly.

High class escorts have both beauty and sexual charisma exuding from every pore and fibre of their being

This is what places them at the pinnacle of the semi-clandestine yet highly refined industry of first-class escort companionship.

High class escorts also possess a quality that I call a certain deference to male inclinations and urgencies, which by no means being submissive to men. Without giving up her own innate dignity, a high class escort knows how to please the man she is with. In conversation, in body language, in choice of clothing, in proximal body space, in physical touch and shows of affection, a high class escort knows not only how to turn a man on, but also how to make them feel desired and respected.

The dynamics of a first class encounter with a high class escort finds its greatest expression in the minutiae of human interaction

This resides in the precision of words within strategically chosen topics of conversation, the well-timed accidental contact of a hand across a thigh at the beginning of an encounter, the promise of intimacy given by a momentary look of seduction or the positioning of an erogenous zone such as the inside of a wrist, the small of the back, the nape of the neck to elicit a frisson of lust from the male. High class escorts are highly attentive to a man’s conscious and subconscious desire for the female.

The final quality a high class escort possesses is intelligence and the ability to mask that intelligence with a self-effacing

Even her self-deprecating charm that downplays her cognitive capacity to run circles around the male she is with. The male ego is really quite sensitive and a first-class companion doesn’t want to bruise her man’s sense of superiority, does she? High intellect is a requirement for a high class escort to reach the heights of her chosen path, firstly, to recognise and enhance her own erotic qualities; secondly, to self-manage her encounters and choose the most appropriate and financially rewarding interactions; and finally, to counter-act any sense of impropriety a conservative society may hold about her chosen profession.

High class escorts have the beauty, the brains, the confidence and the erotic animal magnetism to enchant and entrance the male of her choice at any given moment

They are a secretive asset to a world that runs on power, yearns for love, is consumed by lust, but still recognizes the worth of a beautiful woman.