The life of a high class escort has undergone a revolution in the past two decades and though not considered a viable choice of profession for a girl by mainstream society, it is certainly a valuable and lucrative occupation that I dare to say is respectable.

I’m a five foot eleven platinum blonde beauty, in her early twenties and I am a high class escort at Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s most reputable and opulent bordello. I am a high class escort by choice and perhaps this is the most distinguishing factor that makes my profession far and above any labelling as prostitution.

I have a body that could grace the cover of any adult magazine and a face that could pose in a high fashion photo shoot for a top label designer. When I’m wearing lingerie, my sultry legs, my sexually-provocative 12 DD bust, the sweet swell of my booty, the slender shape of my hips and the fine length of my body make men drool with uncontrollable lust. And the encounter I offer my clients has garnered sugar-daddy proposals and actual proposals of marriage in the after-glow of the consummation of our lust, from successful men who would be considered gorgeous in their own right.

I always politely refuse and they always make arrangements to see me again, and always very soon. I don’t take up these offers of confirmed relationships because I enjoy being a high class escort companion. I see the joy I bring to men, the satiation of their lust that brings about a sense of a satisfaction in myself that I’ve never felt before in my life, and I know I’ve chosen the right profession without any second-guessing or regret. And the autonomy, financial freedom and independence that being a high class escort brings to my young life, are aspects that elevate me to levels of happiness beyond measure.

Some pockets of society believe that high class escorts are all beauty and no brains. This is so far from the truth that to think this is laughable. When I completed high school, I was in the top two percent of the state and was easily accepted into a law degree at one of the top universities in Australia. Why didn’t I become a lawyer? I realized I was devastatingly beautiful, and being a lawyer, or perhaps any other profession except actress, would not allow me to live up to my full potential. Then why didn’t I choose to become an actress? Well, there’s still time for that, and even still time to go to university and get a degree if I choose to later in my life. However, at this moment in time, I’m enjoying the high life as a high class escort, while other girls my age are slaving over study books or working in offices while never having enough money to do or get what they want.

The life of a high class escort has evolved over the last twenty years

Post 60’s sexual-revolution, and moving fast into the 21st century, women are being celebrated not only for their beauty, but for their strength as well. Professions that were deemed unsuitable for women are now paths to equality and success within a formerly rigid patriarchal world. And professions and roles that were once deemed illegitimate, taboo, or wanton, are now finding themselves on par with other more established occupations and levels in the hierarchy.

Our world has seen pornographic movie stars and adult magazine stars become celebrities or legitimate movie actors

Polygamous relationships have found respectability with the likes of Hugh Heffner and the Playboy mansion; and alleged high class escorts have found fame, celebrity and unspoken respectability in high profile scandals like the Tiger Woods/Rachel Uchitel affair. Sexual liberation has come full circle and sexual excess is no longer a concept of taboo, but has become the norm. Being a high class escort is an elite profession that requires qualities of beauty and erotic attractiveness that make a girl who chooses to be a high class escort, distinct from other females in society.

It is well-understood that celebrities, the rich and even aristocrats date high class escorts

This very fact vindicates the profession as a legitimate, if not misunderstood choice of occupation. Disregarding levels of respectability and misguided assumptions about a high class escort, the remuneration a high class escorts receives has sky-rocketed with some high class escort companions reportedly receiving from $10,000 to $40,000 a night at events like the Cannes Film Festival, Ibiza, Wimbledon, and Monaco. The fact that these beauties are so well-received at celebrity functions like the Cannes or Ibiza demands that society acknowledge that being a high class escort is a profession like any other profession, simply because most people choose or would like to choose, an occupation that is immediately lucrative and genuinely autonomous.

I’m a high class escort and I like to see myself as the modern day equivalent of a Renaissance Era courtesan to kings and royalty, or a Feudal era Geisha who also entertained the elite classes with her beauty and feminine charm. In another sense, I’m also a business woman whose primary asset is her body and her beauty. And I’ve got the brains to manage myself in the most elite circles. If you’re given a gift, then you should use it. I was given the gift of superior feminine attractiveness, and by choosing the profession of high class escort, I am fulfilling my potential to its utmost as a valued member of society, which is really the aim of any person in this 21st century, don’t you think?