The Tale of a Gold Coast Escort

We all know the slogan… Gold Coast ‘Famous for Fun’. But forget the beaches, and forget the theme parks… I’ve got a Gold Coast escort adventure waiting for you that no other can compare with. This ride only admits one… so what are you waiting for?

I’m not your typical Gold Coast Escort. But then again, LePenthouse Suite is not your typical Gold Coast brothel either. My pride is your pleasure. I know, that’s cliché… but I truly mean it. Even sitting here, typing, I am so wet… and hungry for the next sexual encounter. I long to meet and give you everything you dream of, give into your every desire and fantasy.

I’m adventurous, flexible and kinky to boot. I love adrenalin, and jumping into the unknown. Speaking of jumping into the unknown… are you about ready to jump onto me? I love to Bungee Jump… I don’t know what it is. I think the feeling of the ropes and cords being tied around my ankles gets me off… knowing that I am helpless, at the control of someone else. Wow, here I go again… I’m very wet, dripping actually. I guess you should know. I love to be restrained, tied up, dominated. 50 Shades me… give me the full experience, or perhaps, I could give it to you? I’m open to giving and receiving. Nothing is off limits to me…and I mean nothing. I am a gorgeous woman, a must have Gold Coast escort and also a very experienced dominatrix.

My collection of lingerie will blow you mind, well amongst the other things that will blow you. I also have wardrobe of outfits, too many to count. So perhaps we can dress up and play pretend? Or do you want the ultimate porn star experience? I’d be on my knees begging you for that, literally. I relish the opportunity for my inner sexual temptress to rear her head. I’ll let you treat me like a rag doll, be the king I need. Just promise me you’ll be sure to give it to me doggy style at least once. It’s my absolute favourite. Want to hear why?

Well, it happened not too long ago. A Gold Coast local wandered into the Brothel, looking for an Escort. He picked me, and boy, was I in for a treat! Never judge a book by its cover, let me tell you that. I took his hand and we made our way to Room 2. He pushed me onto my back, head hanging off the bed, unbuttoned his pants and gave me something to remember. Lucky for him, I know how to work it so I didn’t even gag. I took him all. Loving every moment. But what came next was a happy surprise. He pulled himself out of my now aching jaw, and threw me into doggy style, powerfully, like a man should. He grabbed my hair, slapped my ass and in one thrust, entered me. He rode me all the way to heaven and back, and at one point I swore I saw stars… I’m not religious in any way, but boy oh boy was I screaming out for Jesus when this happened! I still look forward to our visits. This Gold Coast local still frequents the Brothel and often chooses me as his escort. I look forward to these days and often pleasure myself to the thought of this experience to this day.

However, as I mentioned before. I’m flexible. Not just in the bedroom sense. I love clients who seek the Girlfriend Experience. Maybe you want a date first, a movie, perhaps you want to wine and dine before throwing down for some fun under the sheets? Anything is possible. As I said, my pride is solely measured by your pleasure.

Have you read enough to come and visit me at our premium Gold Coast brothel? This Ex-Byron girl has made the Gold Coast her home; though my fun-loving, flirtatious and flexible side have remained. All I have at home to keep me company are my two pussies… the cat variety. They are well cared for, well-fed and never go a day without a stroke, but what about mine? She’s hungry for you. She is missing the feeling of a man and weeps for you to come and visit. Her tears are soaking my panties in anticipation of your arrival. Please, don’t be long. Men of the Gold Coast, this lonely Escort needs company, say it will be you?